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  1. Hi... just want to say hi to you all. And just want to post in here. Kinda miss this forum and all discussion. Anyway, I watch it again, the whole 16 episodes in 3 days. This drama really hooked me up once, and I got hooked again. What a drama. Have a nice day all
  2. I think, it's the (co)pilot who left the aerosol there. He was the person in the lavatory before the bad guy enter it. Why I am thinking like this, because the phone call he got before take off in which he spoke in Spain. He mention something like 'he (another pilot) doesn't understand what I am saying". But I don't know what's the deal behind that since he also died in the crash.
  3. The subs is available, yeay! . Btw, looking at the shilloutte in RG dream, I am thinking that the woman who abandoned him in front of the orphanage was DM mom. Maybe I am wrong.
  4. You should watch! The last 4 episodes (24-28) are so funny and good.
  5. Congratulation My Ahjussi! Best Drama and Best Script and also popularity award for IU. Thank you for being my muse more than 1 year. I still feel the warmth that left by My Ahjussi in my heart until now. Lastly, thank you all for your beautiful insights and discussion in this thread. PS: do you have any current drama reccomandation that has active soompi forum like my ahjussi? I find almost all drama only have page less than 50. Thank you.
  6. I just found out about the nominations. I was like checking the wikipedia page of My Mister every 2 days to check the nominations. I'm sooo happy, I am crying now. Few minutes ago my heart was beating so fast because (anxiety of) my thesis and now it is still beating at the same speed because happiness. So sorry for being exaggerating, but I'm sure you know how I feel about this drama. I watch all nominees drama, and I know it's hard. But I hope all the best for uri My Ahjussi.
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