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  1. @Nodame I do agree with your comment. Some of the storyline do not match and a bit blur too. Like you, I also hoping to get happy ending for this drama. They have good actor and actress in this drama but a bit disappointing a very slow pace in their storyline. 

    I'm waiting for the episode 14 sub but still unavailable. Need to wait longer to watch it. By the way we might experience delay this drama finale since one of the supporting actor tested positive with COVID-19. 

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  2. I’ve been watching a lot of drama starting from Hong Kong drama, Japanese drama, Hollywood drama, Hindi movie, telenovelas and now moving to K-drama. (You can guess how old I am.. lol). I found that shipping in k-drama kinda toxic and dislike about obsessive shipping. I also ship PMY-KJW but careful about the limit of obsession. Maybe because the k-drama is so good and makes everyone go crazy or go mental (in British slang) to ship their lead actor and actress. 

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  3. 4 hours ago, cheeserat said:

    whether they're trolling us or not, another thing that I see from them posting almost simultaneously is the fact that they are both online! Which could mean that they could be chatting and sending "Anyeong" to each other :wub:


    PMY is just so pretty in her latest IG post.. meanwhile, I can't understand KJW's post :sweat_smile:

    KJW post about the gadget with good design. BRAUN TP1 is a music player 

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  4. I seldom follow actor/actress ig, but from what I observed here from the fellow Soompier posts about all the actor/actress of HPL, I can see the keep good relationships with each other. PMY even call his on-screen mom as ‘mom’ in her IG. Even KJW, Bo-Hyun too call her as mom in their ig. I know they want to keep the onscreen chemistry during filming but this is so nice. Even their co-stars supporting each other.  

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  5. 19 hours ago, LoveMY1224 said:



    I start loving Min Young from Healer, and my university’s roommate (my very close friend) who is a Korean & becoming MY’s bean since City Hunter till now. All my memories (MY & LMH) according to her, she kept crying a month & shared me those haters’ messages from twitter, she translated to me:   

    [Haters started sending messages to MY, when those antis saw Min Young posting ring picture (MY wore a ring with a happy face), crazily attacking her twitter & MY’s agency asked MY to delete that tweet, finally MY deleted all other tweets. At that time her agency – KingKong had to take initiative to protect it’s reputation & try to minimize non-stop hate circus of MY, KingKong announced the breakup story between MY & LMH (MY left for US at that period), without discussing the matters with MY, LMH & his agency.]  


    Do you know that feeling (keep receiving tons of hate messages)? “Hopeless & Painful!!!!”


    Last October, my Korean best friend attended Min Young’s 1st Fan meeting at Seoul, MY wrote a letter & spoke to her fans (MY & most of her fans cried):

    Here below is simple version of MY’s letter to her fans, told by my Korean friend:


    To my dearest fans,

    I want to be an actress becoz I love watching TV when I’s a child, then I dream of becoming an actress. ………….. I get to know that it is not easy way to be an actress, starting from my 20s, even I showed my happy face outside, when I came home I couldn’t sleep on uncountable nights, kept crying, felt painful, hopeless & kept asking myself why THEY hate ME.


    Not because of being in love/ alcohol/ travelling, my heart is healed just because of my great love of Acting & continuous supports from my Fans. I knew all of you cried, felt stress & painful with me, Korea has plenty of good actresses, why u all choose & love ME. Sorry to tell you all after 13 years & appreciated to you all showing supports/ stand by me these years. I’m brave enough now, I’ll become the actress you’re all proud of. I won’t feel pain anymore and feel grateful every day, much appreciated to let me know your caring, I love you all.


    So last year is another tough year for MY & her fans - THAT SILLY 3 YEARS DATING EVIDENCES, (Actually she learned a lesson won't leave any evidence on her ig/ msn) we know that MY’s really upset on its rumors overshadowing the hardworking of whole WWWSK team!!!!! Glad that both agencies did very well to stop rumors spreading out again & again. I know everyone can have freedom of speech, but as a responsible person, should do/ speak something carefully without hurting others; u may know that some of MY’s fans wrote something on MY’s ig, requested some shippers to stop tagging both igs (MY & PSJ).          


    We love Min Young, more than we can express. I wish her to feel happy & satisfied and thank you for anyone who like & showing respect to her. I cannot stop those who try to tag KJW or other male leads’ names on her ig pictures, I cannot stop those who keep leaving messages to MY & asked WHY U ARE NOT posting U & KJW’s picture on your ig/ msn/ weibo etc. I dislike those who asking “D magazine (Dispatch), to follow & to take picture of MY & KJW.


    Once again, thanks for all of you here warmly showing your support to Min Young & HPL, you’re all calm, mature & intelligence, showing support to MY & KJW but won’t disturbing their private life.


    Finally I hope Min Young won’t be too focus on working & take more rest. [just my own comment, be a Labbit shipper, the only way to protect them is try not to tag/ disturb them, give them spacious to keep their friendship/ potential to build up their relationship]



    Thanks for this post. I really hate to see so-called PMY fans with another co-stars cannot move on and technically their obsession destroying their favourite actor/actresses career by boycotting their next project with for me are very immature. These people need to continue their work/project and if you want them to succeed you need to support whoever their co-stars is. It is a very unhealthy phenomena in the k-world entertainment industry. I love Labit couple but if they have another greater chemistry with another co-stars in the next drama/movie so be it. This is how entertainment industry work. Annoying as hell reading fans tagging whoever co-star in their personal ig posts but who are we to stop them. 

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  6. What I like about PMY in this drama is she really look like the girl in Japanese anime/manga at the first half of the drama. Maybe because of her hair style that makes her looks young and sweet. She is really supercute during the writer cabin house (with less makeup) and waking up next to RG. That’s one of my favourite part of this drama. 

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