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  1. @Heedong yes I saw them posting about the copy of firstlook. It was April issue but usually online shop still has several leftover stock but not this one. Even in Korea, I can't no longer get anyone buy it for me because out of stock. So saddddd


    But I do place order for the ost like @inaho101 but using personal seller. I hope I able to secure one copy. 

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  2. This song first appear when Hye Sun meet Jea Jin in the campus. It's really love at the first sight song!!


    @Heedong Yes when Woo Yeo carrying coffee I think everyone are swooning when this song plays at the background.

    I think the photoshoot are good because both of them love camera so much!!



    I have missed buying this magazine. It's already sold out everywhere :bawling:



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  3. @Heedongwhich photographer do you refer to? The one who did the 1stlook shoot? Maybe it's too good that he unable to share it? :lol:


    I'm still hoping Hyeri and Ki Yong will do another pictorial shoot soon. At least to wrap up MRIAG interview because so many fans waiting for it. 

    I'm watching clips from MRIAG. I really love this scene where Woo Yeo falling in love with silly Dam. They interaction very cute too. Ki Yong looks super hot!!! 


    And I'm loving this song too (pink cheek) but it is not part of the ost. The director must love this song so much because they keep using it when the couple fall in love.



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  4. To be frank I'm really glad each Twitter/IG fans account for Ki Yong, Hyeri, Kang Ha Na support each other very well in their posts. They are also amazed by the chemistry of the MRIAG cast. They keep updating info and share between each other without fail. Even k-netizen follows their account as well


    For Ki Yong the most active in instagram including

    Cute Ki Yong




    and Twitter account



    For Hyeri

    Fans twitter account


    sfuzz2020 - but this also include all Girl's Day members


    For Kang Ha na




    FoxDam/HyerixJKY ship account

    ssohyn.k (instagram)

    shinwooyeo (instagram)


    and many more but these are the most active updating stuff in the social media


    Kim Do Wan want to do photoshoot too with Kang Hana :D



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  5. @syahirannsyakirann I'm not sure if this kind of marketing strategy to check/test the popularity of MRIAG. I haven't see tvn compile the whole bts but IQIYI seems taking effort to do so. If you check bts for early episodes, not many views as the recent one. Maybe they tried to increase the viewership. 

    @Heedong I guess I'll stick here for a while and see if any new updates/interviews regarding MRIAG. Who know we might another surprise from tvn/IQIYI or the production itself. 

    @YuSanSeul it's hard for me to move on too. Hihihi

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  6. I guess it's time to say goodbye to this thread? It's really fun ride with you guys here especially my shipper buddy @Heedong, webtoon enthusiast @inaho101, fans of MRIAG @syahirannsyakirann, @Archey, @YuSanSeul, @realistic2280a, @agenth, @backstreetboysfan and my avid likers when I posted anything about MRIAG @lolly84

    I'm going to miss you guys so much for making this thread fun, lovely and informative!! We have shared so much love especially for FoxDam couple, JKYxHyeri. I'm glad both of them finally recognised for their excellent work in MRIAG. I've seen JKY new photo, why I see him a bit lonely now? Sob sob sob. Many fans unable to let them go because both of them so lovely together and I hope we are going to see both of them work together again. 

    @HeedongI have read Heli-can major twitter post and one fan mentioned that this drama is unlucky because low rating. What should I said shout-out to all the cast, crew for actively promoting this drama in the instagram!! I really love how well they work together to beat the odd (lack of promotion in IQIYI and tvn internationally or locally) because they didn't do more promotion like other drama including behind the scene narration from the cast (like Hospital Playlist and Mr Queen) but is ok you guys managed to lock as one of the most buzzworty drama and also actors!! Kudos for them!!!

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