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  1. @Nodame I do agree with your comment. Some of the storyline do not match and a bit blur too. Like you, I also hoping to get happy ending for this drama. They have good actor and actress in this drama but a bit disappointing a very slow pace in their storyline. I'm waiting for the episode 14 sub but still unavailable. Need to wait longer to watch it. By the way we might experience delay this drama finale since one of the supporting actor tested positive with COVID-19.
  2. I keep following this drama but feeling a bit frustrated with the old lady drama. Very annoying to see her keep interfering their life (I know it's part of the story) but why only the third past life is highlighted. How about 200 years ago (the first past life) and the second one? Did that Mrs Kim in their story too?
  3. Hello everyone! Love this drama. The latest one even has the scene and background music from cloy. Love both main lead.
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