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  1. I'm visiting this thread again in 2021 after watching HPL maraton. I really hope KJW working new drama so that I can move on from this couple and this drama. Even pmy do have new drama after HPL and I found it very boring and cannot beat this one. What I can say that this drama and labit couple hold special place in my heart. Doesn't matter they are not dating but I really love their chemistry in this drama
  2. Just curious, in webtoon, do they potray Jung Kyeong family like in the drama? I really love the dynamic of the family. They really close like real family
  3. I'm really glad that all the friends reunite again during their teacher's wedding. Such a hilarious wedding scence! They really celebrate life here.
  4. One thing I really like this drama, the production team really highlighted all the actors and actresses by giving them chance to shine. Not many drama give chance for main lead or second lead to do OST for their own drama (maybe I don't know much). They even promoting two another couple, teacher and sister, brother and Seo Jun sister in their tvn youtube and social media.
  5. Choi Jin Hyuk just posted picture in his insta. Meaning the ending of Mr Queen is he back in the present time?
  6. Am I the only one screaming like 15 years old girl watching tvn clips?
  7. Fun fact about the kings right hand mans. Both of them work together in Dr Heo Live Up Your Name starring by Kim Nam Gil.
  8. Am I the only one thinking the Queen waiting for morning kiss from the King? SB didn't quickly withdrew like last time. Anyway excited for episode 14!
  9. I think even Seo Jin decide to bully Ju Kyung, she still have Su Ho. Well Su Ho knows how Ju Kyung bare face so he still love her!
  10. I'm a bit curious about Bong Wan and his mum relationship. When the queen delirious after acupuncture, he keep saying that his mom always wanted a daughter not son? And he said are you happy now mum? The king heard this and thinking that the queen missed her mother (the queen lost her mother at very young age).
  11. @Raffles I think you are right. I saw some picture of final shooting in youtube with Queen wearing like a man. Probably some rebellion happen and definitely more politic scence after this.
  12. Chill out guys! I just put the theory based what I'm thinking. Feel free to agree or disagree. It just a drama to enjoy anyway
  13. I don't know why I'm thinking the ending of this drama is the king and queen leaving the royal palace and lives like normal people. The queen open a restaurant somewhere and bring the korean dish to another level. Because historically the queen and king are died young right? Maybe they fake their death and live like ordinary people. And I think the cousin will helped them escape because he care with the queen so much.
  14. This drama deserves good rating. Although Choi Jin Hyuk just a cameo but I could feel he is part of this drama since he done most of the Queen voice over. I'm pretty sure he will be back from time to time in this drama to conclude everything. Can't wait for the next episode
  15. As someone left school almost decades ago, I really love this drama. The characters in this drama really resonates how the school children behaves (usually in public school, with parents from various background). Loves all the characters Suhoo, SeoJun, JugYeong and their friends. Teenagers can be nasty and can be good as well, it has been shows clearly in the drama. Remember this is 18 years old teens. Conflict do happen and all the actors and actresses including the support actors and actresses are very good! The JugYeong mother is also actress from Parasite movie and CLOY. I love the oldest
  16. In my opinion, Lee Yeon never being reincarnated because he still retain his name and age. When he jumped in Samdeon with Imoogi, he is in the limbo (just like in Goblin when Kim Shin died and he is somewhere between heaven and earth). So most probably Lee Rang sacrifice remove Lee Yeon from the limbo and back to earth. He might lose his power temporarily (that's explain why he is like human) and gained back his power later on. I'm sure it is also part of Granny Talupia work because she seem very fond with Yeon. This is just my theory.
  17. I just finish watching this drama and although many people hate it at least it do justice to Lee Rang. He finally get the family he loves the most and Yeon still precious in his heart. That's what family do even we make a wrong choice. And this make Kim Bum rise as a very good actor even he didn't get any recognition for a very long time. Even others sacrificed to get Yeon back, I don't think the storyline will be better. Love to see the relationship between Lee brothers which actually the best part of this drama.
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