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  1. I liked the drama as a whole mostly because of the action scenes and KNG. I was imagining Hyukie doing KNG's flying kicks and I was on cloud 9. But it does not seem like JH will be doing a lot of action in his new drama based on his character description. Or maybe I missed something. Found this comment on a website for kdramas under Tell Me What You Saw page. Everytime JH has a drama coming out, we always see comments like this: JangHyuk pls come back again in voice 4..we really need you bcos the villain is still alive.
  2. I absolutely agree with this. I had high expectations with WOL since she wrote Miss Korea, one of my favorite dramas. But WOL was such a disaster, it was so disappointing. Have you guys watched The Fiery Priest? I watched it to calm myself from all this Hyukie obsession. LOL. While watching it I kept on thinking that maybe this is the type of action comedy Hyukie was looking for when he did WOL. I mean, I also love Kim Nam GIl and he did amazing in this drama. But as a Hyukie fan, I can't help but think about him doing all those comedic and action scenes . Plus the drama has it all, comedy, action, drama, character development, except for romance and I thank the writer for that. I watched it with a friend and she said "why was Jang Hyuk not casted for this role? He would have been a perfect fit". I just told her that he was busy preparing to be the King of Joseon. So in summary, I wanted to watch something without Hyukie in it, but still ended up wanting him on my screen.
  3. I am one of those readers. But... This time I've decided to watch it while it's airing. So I can join the discussion with you guys on the other thread. And I also have this feeling that I will see spoilers everywhere, not just in this forum.
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