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  1. LSK both had great chemistry with his female leads in both dramas. But IMO, Miss Korea has a better story. But Pasta has better chemistry between LSK and GHJ . Both dramas were written by the same writer so they have the same vibe.
  2. The way he looks at those kids is so adorable. What more for his children right? They are so lucky to have him as their dad. Have not watched a single of episode of My Country. Still waiting if Hyukie's role would be more prominent as the drama goes on. I hope it does.
  3. @widala so glad you started watching it. Yeah, his character gets better and better every episode so you should be patient. When I rewatch it, I usually skip to episode 5. Hehe. How about Miss Korea? Same writer but at least his character in MK is not really a jerk but a loser I guess? A very handsome loser. I will be watching When The Camellia Blooms after the last episode airs. Romcoms usually make me lose interest if I watch it week by week. And yes, a lot of people say that GHJ's character in that drama and Pasta are the same.
  4. Me too! Was very happy to see them together. I still watch Pasta at least once a year.
  5. Nostalgic indeed!! Really loved his chemistry with Gong Hyo Jin.
  6. Yeah famous for Dear My Friends, Live, It's Okay that's Love, and many more. Romance Melo is a big yes for me. Like how she casted Lee Kwang Soo thrice in her dramas. LOL. BM is still my favorite Hyukie drama I guess. The character development was so awesome. I hope My Country won't waste his talent and make him shine as LBW.
  7. Jo Seung Woo in SF season 2!!! OMG!! I am so excited about this!!! I hope Bae Doona will confirm as well.
  8. Hi all.. does anyone know where I can watch Nobody's Daughter Haewon with eng subs? Been trying to find a link but I can't see any.
  9. What I love about him is that if he plays a certain character, people will always say that there is no one else that could do better than he did in portraying that character. Unlike other actors, you can imagine others playing the certain role but not for Jang Hyuk. That's what makes him brilliant. I am really glad that the other first choices for lead in BM rejected the role, because no one can play Dr. Lee Young Oh better than him. Plus BM has one of the most amazing character development I've seen in all the dramas I've watched. Now I am thinking of watching it for the 4th time. I hope someone out there will be an angel and do english subtitles for all episodes of Hyukie in Real Men. I am missing a lot.
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