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  1. The downside for me is I don't have Apple TV. And is this only available to Korean audience via Apple TV also?
  2. This six episode series sounds like the Netflix Kingdom series with Ju Ji Hoon. Both are big productions helmed by great directors with high production values. Hopefully this one, too. Korean audience seems to agree this is better than Cross: https://theqoo.net/index.php?mid=dyb&category=48635204&document_srl=1680282061
  3. Yes, this sounds so much more exciting. At first I was almost disappointed when I read "Apple TV." I thought this was going to be a web drama, which would be a downgrade after TvN and JTBC. But I was wrong. This director turns out to be a huge name, on the same level as Bong Joon Ho and Kim Won Suk!! That got me super excited and I am very happy LSK is again courted by a such a great director. And after looking up the webtoon graphics, I can already picture him as the brooding doctor. LSK, please accept! Here's the link to the webtoon: https://page.kakao.com/home?seriesId=4921
  4. When does Cross start shooting? April? I thought they start at the beginning of the year.
  5. I was not sure if I wanted him to do this Hollywood movie or not, but now I am rather sad at the missed opportunity. Like you, I was also a fan of Ethan Hawke and really enjoyed a lot of his movies. My favorite was Gattaca, which coincidentally also was directed by Andrew Niccol. But I was also afraid the role offered to LSK is not a good one, and I wonder if that was the primary reason for his refusal to participate. I have no doubt that if it were a substantial and complex role, he would not have hesitated to fit it into his busy schedule. This movie is not shooting until next year, and by t
  6. Why did Jeon Hye Jin send a coffee truck to Killing Romance filming with this sticker of "John Na" on each snack? https://theqoo.net/square/1639959162
  7. I am glad you could use it. That is indeed insane, juggling two major projects at the same time. How is he going to do that when Mount Jiri only started two weeks ago? But I am glad for LSK continues to be kept busy with projects. Hope he has an interesting character to play here.
  8. I'm waiting for subs on Viki. Very happy that it will be available there. Regarding their big bed, 1. This explains why he kept falling off the tiny bed he slept in one one of the nights on the Russian trip. Now we know he likes to move and spread out during sleep. 2. Not conducive to intimacy. Neither is the big screen TV for that matter. 3. Maybe his kids like to come into his bed. See #2. But how did you interpret the "big bed," @widala?
  9. I don't recognize anyone in the pictures. Which one is the young actor playing the neighbor to LHN and LSK? I'm surprised they already finished shooting. Feels like they had just started not long ago. Weird that there hasn't been a single picture of LSK with anyone in the cast.
  10. I think superfans like us tend to be more critical. He's sung before (Petty Romance duet with Choi Kang Hee, for example) and I actually enjoyed it. So I agree that with proper coaching he can sing decently, and I hope he does in Killing Romance. I mean, if it is a musical, why cast him but not utilize it? As long as he only sits down while wearing it, I'll overlook it. The hat is cute though.
  11. Okay, that's not super nice, but I won't say he is wrong either. haha... I personally much prefer LSK singing in My Mister. Does anyone know if LSK visited the main filming set with the rest of the cast or only "Han Sung's house?" I know both filming locations have turned into coffee shops. What a nice way to preserve the longevity of this drama.
  12. Here's Koala's Playground on the reunion: http://koalasplayground.com/2020/09/15/memory-laden-first-teaser-for-the-coffee-prince-13th-anniversary-reunion-led-by-gong-yoo-and-yoon-eun-hye/
  13. I am so excited to see this, much more so than the different variety shows Lee Sun Kyun has appeared in recently. He looks so young in the very short clip. So does Gong Yoo.
  14. Hm... I am curious, too. This drama sounds like a huge project and may take at least half a year to finish shooting. On the other hand, Silence just cast its female lead, so there is activity on that front. Is LSK still filming the musical with Lee Honey? Strange that there is zero news from that production. When is the Hollywood movie supposed to start shooting? Thank you, Hodu, for this set of photos! Still getting used to his longer hair here.
  15. Thanks for the article. I thought this was going to be a regular disaster movie, but now it seems like it actually contains some supernatural elements as well?
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