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  1. The long awaited director's cut Blu-ray/DVD set is finally here. I wonder if Soompiers who did send in an order would report back.
  2. The Japanese got their DVD set with translation and all? Wow! And they were wondering if they had enough order to include English translation? How many orders did they receive from Japan exactly?
  3. Yes, to all you said. It's such an honor to be part of a team invited to Cannes. But a lovescene? Where did you read that? I just hope there's some kissing because I think LSK needs to get over his fear of kissing his co-star already
  4. @widala, I read the comments from the Cannes screening on your Twitter. Those are crazy superlatives! This is one movie I would want to see in the theater. Hope it comes to my area.
  5. Glad he decided to look the part to match this huge stage. And what a reception! 8 minute standing ovation! He was lucky the talented director chose to cast him. I have been anxious to check out the reviews out of Cannes but at the same time trying really hard not to run into anything that would spoil my watch. Hope to see the movie before too long. Here's one more shot:
  6. Cine21 always has the best photoshoots.
  7. New Parasite trailer for Cannes focusing on Song Kang Ho's family:
  8. Thanks. One English review didn't recommend it either, again because of the contrived ending. Can't wait to see it myself.
  9. @widala Have you read any reactions since Jo Pil Ho was released on Netflix? It seems that people are actually enjoying it?
  10. You are completely right. My Ajusshi winning Best Drama of the Year is a recognition for ALL involved. And it all started with Park Hae Young's concept and subsequent script. I am much comforted already.
  11. No!! Did that really happen? So unfair and must feel embarrassing to him and in front the rest of the cast. I don't think he has offended anyone given his real life low-key and easy-going personality. It's probably a case of the cameraman not being a fan of his and thinking My Ajusshi is all about Ji An, which strangely many Koreans seem to think. And like the class act that he is, he would just shrug it all off, realizing he'd never reach any kind of popularity no matter what he does, and move on. I watched Mr. Sunshine in its entirety and completely agree with you. There was no comparison. You both have made me cry real tears now.
  12. Thank you for saying what I am feeling. I am doubly sad because I am afraid nothing as good would come in the future. The upside is he looked very handsome with his hair properly done like that. Hahaha... And also looking very much in shape. But maybe the suit was a bit stiff and not festive enough. Perhaps he already knew he wasn't going to win. If you come across video clips, would you post them on the drama thread, please? Thanks.
  13. It's such a bittersweet thing watching My Ajusshi take home the big prize. I am so damn proud. To win against the blockbuster Mr. Sunshine and the very recent mega hit Sky Castle, especially when this show finished its run almost exactly a year ago, was no small miracle. I thought the win in the 2nd Seoul Awards a few months ago had a little bit to do with the fact Mr. Sunshine was not even nominated. But last night proved that this show has made a deep impact on the Korean viewers as well. Wow!! But Lee Seon Kyun lost to Lee Byung Hyun again!!! I get the award giving body tried to spread the love around (not really, but whatever), but I am very upset that LSK did not get to be formally recognized for his Park Dong Hoon in the form of an acting award. But big congrats to Park Hae Young to take home the only other award they were able to give to our show. I knew the Baeksang would be the last official hurrah for My Ajusshi, and that's the bittersweet part for me. I guess I should try harder to move on, too.
  14. I haven't watched it, but it looks like it: https://www.netflix.com/title/80244640
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