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  1. Director Kim Ji Woon enlisted the help of Im Pil-seong, another director, to shoot episodes with dense "psychological tension": Unlike directing teams A and B in other drama production systems, director Im Pil-seong is in charge of specific episodes and sequences. Director Im Pil-seong, who directed 'Antarctic Diary', 'Hansel and Gretel' and 'Madam Pup-duk', is known to be in charge of episodes in which psychological tension is densely drawn in the six-part 'Dr. It is rumored that this production method was suggested by director Kim Ji-woon to build an effective system
  2. Very whimsical poster released for Killing Romance, to be released "first half" of the year. Yeah, right! I'll believe it when I see it. LHN seems to get the top billing. https://extmovie.com/movietalk/63741955
  3. News came out yesterday that this series will be released by the end of the year. Yay! What the director said about the theme and subjects sounds really intriguing. I hope we get more information on the other characters soon. https://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/art/2021/03/398_305538.html Director Kim Jee-woon's 'Dr. Brain' to be released on Apple TV+ this year By Kwak Yeon-sooDirector Kim Jee-woon's new sci-fi thriller series "Dr. Brain" will be released on Apple TV+ this year, the streaming giant said Monday. The Apple TV+'s first Korean-language project is currently
  4. After toying with different titles such as Mr. Robin and Alpha Romeo, I wonder if the production team finally decided to stick to the original title from the webtoon itself Dr. Brain? I hope so. Here's one more blog post anticipating this series: https://movizark.com/2021/03/07/dr-brain-i-saw-the-devil-director-bring-trippy-sci-fi-thriller-series-coming-to-apple/ ‘DR. BRAIN’: ‘I SAW THE DEVIL’ DIRECTOR BRING TRIPPY SCI-FI THRILLER SERIES COMING TO APPLE!! March 7, 2021 · by Mirza Baig · in Features, TV. · What if we could access our memories and br
  5. Reactions to LSK casting news on Reddit. Seems like a unanimous
  6. Oops! Sorry about that. You're right that a researcher and a detective don't mean the same thing. My mind merged the two roles automatically. But if the original source does have these two female characters permanently featured, then yeah, SJH might be playing the detective. I can certainly see how that role is a great fit for her. I don't know why this summary made me laugh. Sounds so "screwy."
  7. @SexyDolceVita I think Lee Yoo Young will be the one playing the female detective per her character description below. Maybe SJH will play the wife? Even though I imagine she is dead for most of the series, there will be a lot of flashback scenes as the doctor accesses her memories through her brain?
  8. I have no idea how to watch an Apple+ show. But trust me, I will pay to watch this. haha... I am impressed this cast gets to be the first from Korea to do this with Apple TV. I hope it's a successful venture.
  9. Hi @SexyDolceVita and @janeozten! It looks like this drama has begun filming. I had been afraid this was going to be a dry CSI-type drama with the doctor solving a different case each episode by accessing the brains of his patients. The latest synopsis made me breathe a sigh of relief. I can't wait to see an angsty Lee Sun Kyun again. No one does "emotional" as well as he, IMHO. https://appleinsider.com/articles/21/03/03/apple-signs-order-for-dr-brain-based-on-popular-korean-webtoon The series is described as "an emotional journey that follows a brain
  10. Finally we get some exciting news! https://variety.com/2021/tv/news/dr-brain-live-action-tv-series-apple-1234921151/ ‘Dr. Brain’ Korean Webtoon to Get Live-Action TV Series Adaptation at Apple By Joe Otterson Apple has ordered a live-action series adaptation of the Korean webtoon “Dr. Brain.” The series will be the first completely Korean-language project at the streamer.
  11. Koala's playground description of the show's premise: "a genius doctor solving crime through the brains of the deceased" http://koalasplayground.com/2021/01/22/apple-enters-k-dramas-with-medical-thriller-mr-robin-with-top-notch-casting-of-lee-seon-kyun-lee-yoo-young-yoo-yeo-and-seo-ji-hye/
  12. I see "Bernie" everywhere these days but never thought he'd appear with our gang too. He actually looks kinda cute sulking at the end of the table while the four are making merry. At least Sang Ho tries to cheer him up a little.
  13. Now my curiosity is piqued to the 9th degree. Can't wait for the cast to confirm (has anyone confirmed?) and can't wait to hear a little bit more about any aspect of this production. Here's a tiny bit of info on Lee Yoo Young's character. It sounds quite generic (candy type) to me. https://zapzee.net/2020/11/27/lee-yoo-young-to-join-parasite-actor-lee-sun-kyun-in-apple-tvs-new-series-mr-robin/ Lee Yoo Young to Join ‘Parasite’ Actor Lee Sun Kyun in Apple TV’s New Series’ Mr. Robin’ According to a media outlet, Lee Yoo Young has been cast to play one of t
  14. Thank you @larus for creating this thread. I really wonder what they mean by "confidentiality provisions." Here's a link to the webtoon if anyone wants to take a peek: https://page.kakao.com/home?seriesId=49214012&page=1
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