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  1. their interactions made me i can feel it both already know each so well if i remember lee dong gun said ""he met with cast in location (shoot location), not like MS & HS they met up couple times before shoot begin" so sorry if i miss heard about what ldg said in the interview. i hope not delulu... omg my shipper heart... RIP
  2. alright choose danyeon dimpled babies or soosun dimpled babies? me: of course soosun dimpled babies well, my wish if writer -nim can make happy ending for our couple danyeon. please make soosun couple happy ending. it will be satisfied
  3. so what they did? fight like hubby and wifey? L dont like hyesun called him "the kid" they married now... my song2 couple...
  4. lets liking Soosun couple as well. they more and more intimate more than danyeon couple and yes, this thread slowly become shipper thread of SooSun Couple
  5. seems hyesun like to hit his body and the way L said "its hurts" really funny lol it could be like that way wants to know about her more and study in same univ coz they can't reveal the truth
  6. hooh, i got it both complement one another. enough said. take a look off screen chemy so good. well know, the ans is their know each other before drama begin? she seems super familiar with L maybe not only L more like infinite as Boyband (idol) ah, where? link pls?
  7. well enjoy more easy to ship pym & psj coz their not idol. but what we are facing now is IDOL. i hope IF and IF SOOSUN couple truly dating in real life. please please no bash no fan war and be chill yoo we are here as international fans. yes, in twitter so many inspirit support them. but i don't have clue in SK. and i can still get over about sungmin case when married his wife long time ago. i hope some of u know what i mean. but well, i ship them and i dont want to give up
  8. Well, i had this tot about them.. what if hye sun learn violin (30 but 17) from BE MINE (infinite song)? make sense right? coz, she really know this song.. and seems play over and over in her head i hope u've got what i mean it why she knows about L from reality show to infinite singles its can be the prediction about them was right
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