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  1. omg! im addicted with this drama. soo good. lead cast acting so good too. omg! i ship them!!!
  2. I CAN'T ACCEPTED THIS!!! KIM JUNG HYUN TREAT TO GOLDEN MAKNAE!!! COME ON!! she's SNSD membeR! legend! she's our maknae.. and u treat her so rude. i'm so mad! BABY SEO FIGHTING! SONE ALWAYS HERE! SUPPORT U! WAIT OUR FOOD TRUCK SOON SEND IT TO U! Seohyun MBC "Time" Press Conference Fan Support (Rice Wreath) she's our golden maknae always smile and love her unnie's so much no matter what keep smile and love sone. but deep inside her. we naver know. i don't like lead male. thanks god, he already deleted his IG account if not. he will get bash from sone. he got bash from SONE all over the world the power of SONE. king jung hyun already apologize to Seobaby. but we can't accpeted this. her PRIDE. she's SNSD member! million of people outhere wanted link arms with her. even Korea President so happy when shaked hand with her. but him.. it's like throw her away... SNSD PRIDE
  3. after did some research. now, i want to LOL. guys, please.... jrw stylist name is lee be friend with stylist_kk_h. stylist_kk_h is junho stylist (not only junho she collaborate with others male actor like park hyung shik, siwon, jang dong gun, ect) so, for info sometimes both wtylist got same sponsor so this mean is they will got same wardobe too. including accessoris. and this is do hilarious
  4. i saw it too! and yeah fan war with others shipper. lol. that's necklace is farewell gift. woo jinah got it too like jrw.
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