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  1. http://www.newskorea21.com/266504 JTBC Drama Inspection Civil War, All Location Shooting in Tongyeong Following Lee Bo-gum, Lee Sun-kyun and Jeong Ryeo-won meet Tongyeong [The News Korea = Reporter Kim Doo-yong] The location of the JTBC drama 'Prosecutor's Civil War', which tells the stories of life prosecutors, will be held from the 24th to January next year in the background of Tongyeong. Prosecutor Civil War is based on the best-selling book of the same name by current prosecutor Kim Ung. And re-combination of creator Park Yeon-sun and lead actors Lee Sun-kyun and Jung Ryeo-won are emerging as anticipated works in the second half of this year. Probe test proceeds from Tongyeong to all-location shooting. It will be filmed in various places in Tongyeong, including Yi Sun-shin Park, Jungang Market, and Yeondae-do. In addition, more than 150 actors and staff will live in Tongyeong, which is expected to be a big help in the region's business district, and dramas are expected to help local publicity and attract tourists. An official from Tongyeong city said, “I think that the impact of attracting tourists through drama photography and vitalization of local economy is great. Meanwhile, JTBC's Korean War Drama Protest is a 16-part series that will air for the first time this year. <Copyright ⓒ The News Korea (www.newskorea21.com) All rights reserved.
  2. PRODUCTION CREW UPDATE https://www.instagram.com/p/B1lOK1plx0Z/ https://www.instagram.com/p/B1ht4s7jUoB/ https://www.instagram.com/p/B1iEAfOpynn/ https://www.instagram.com/p/B1iXGbbJ3-K/
  3. well, it happens now... between inspirit, element, and hoya' fans
  4. he need to graduated from college after that he can go to enlistment don't worry. i think he still able to attended KBS Award
  5. why sad? be mine is one of popular song from gen2. like sorry sorry from suju or gee from snsd. everyone know about it. actually not only be mine there's a numbers of infinite popular song, like The Eyes and Back. so i think is logic, hyesun must be familiar with that song.. and she still remember about Infinite is one of popular BB from gen2.
  6. just asked my friend about what the meaning of Hajima. Hajima. Najunge she said "no (not now by situation of vid).. no(not now)..later (adverb)"
  7. guys i think i need you to concern about this... please watch it carefully my friends said (she fluent korean lang) "hajima. Hajima. Najunge" watch her lips move...
  8. alright, shin hyesun just edited her ig caption from last year too just check out her ig now maybe, edited ig is common things lol but for me this is so funny... for info, hyesun already busy with shoot thing. her new movie.. so still able to edited her ig caption
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