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  1. @hello210 Wallace was adorable in Best Time but the storyline and dubbing were bad. I f-forward a lot. My Sunshine is still worth my rewatch.
  2. Hihi, Go Ahead top my drama list for 2020.. pleaseee give a shot. For now, i m going back to My Sunshine for more HouYeh.
  3. Agree.. their romance is so sweet and touching. Love all the small talks they had after getting together... SHN confession of love ... LZ said i want to hear it from you, no more hear say. The short time at Harbin during new year was really sweet. We didnt get enough, right?
  4. @miaka fy ya i still listen to the ost everyday on spotify so will rewatch slowly in between other dramas. Agree Hyt is funny in Detective drama but cant really enjoy that genre.
  5. Can't believed am rewatching this drama so soon. Of course i skipped the 2nd n 3rd liners stories. This is the best HYT drama for me. Character flaws aside, he impressed me here. Never a fan of his, not even DT-Appledog. The way he brought out SHN vibes is believable. HBQ is more season and she did a great job as LZ too. As for the likeable ZMR, the young actor Zhang Yi Jie is perfect. I cant get enough of the trio yet
  6. I love the OST too...so sweet and touching. I get goosebump listening to it again. I also love the casts for SHN, LZ and ZMR. Its not an open ending. We just want more. Its still a beautiful love story. I m fine with character flaws. No one is perfect esp SHN.
  7. Ikr we want a bit more. Baili is not with anyone. In between she has another relationship ended and she is not longer bother by those messages from Gebi.
  8. Hihi, me too a little disappointed with the final plot. Anyway, i still enjoy the drama a lot. Slow brewing romance and great chemistry. Even the final scene touched my heart though its brief... I m now watching GGS2 and Unrequited Love 2019 back to back. Up to epi 3 on UL 2019, yet to get any romantic feel.
  9. Ya glad to have company too The developments in episodes 15 and 16 were both sad and touching as well. The friendship is so heartwarming. Their support for each other is beyond friendship. By epi 17 and 18, NS is now a stronger lady but more to come for SS. It seems that her relationship with the rich boy is not going anywhere and i like her being realistic enough. 2 episodes a day is not enough
  10. The story and cast got me hooked. Both Nini and SiSi are so beautiful. I like Tung Ziqian snd Tony Yang too. The shooting and acting are so natural and believable. Up to episode 14 and cant wait to see the evolving of their characters.
  11. Haha...remember we were joking about his ears turning red doing kissing scene and hoping he will do a romantic drama. And now here our YWY did pretty well with his new leading lady lol. By the way, ZLY praising his new drama on weibo and he still address her as Zing Er. Paging @gentlelily12 @yueyyo
  12. Glad that more are watching. What happen to LGX fans? He's been MIA for too long til now tt his thread is archived.
  13. Haha..its all over weibo today. Some said its a promotion and LGX claimed that he is drunk. Glad that you are starting the drama soon. The chemistry between the leads is definitely great. I find it refreshing as both their characters and the storytelling of this drama are very unconventional. I enjoyed the initial episodes more on how they hooked up.
  14. Thank you @pad-hari. I have been waiting for this thread. Been missing Lin Gengxin a lot and found his thread already in archive..lol. I watched up to episode 10 raw. So far find the places of shooting very nice and flashback story telling is very different.
  15. Hi, i accidentally started this drama while waiting for the final episodes of another drama. I got so caught up til i finished this drama in a row. Gosh i cant wait to read the reviews and watched the bts and i m here now to share my enjoyment of the rollercoaster and sweetness overloaded by the otp. Seen ZLS in Tiger and Rose and first time watching LYS. I m totally mesmerised by every bit of his acting and expressions. Agreed that LYS is so manly and sexy both physical and voice. As an overall, just a bit upset on GSN's naivety act with LZ towards the end and lack of showing her
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