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C Dramas Gems in my Crown or Dramas that I have watched and rewatched over and over 

1. 10 Miles of Peach Blossom 

Favourite Crown Prince:  Ye Hua 

Song: Eternal Love :heart:  

2. Nirvana in Fire

Favourite Strategist :  Mei Changsu 

Song : Faded Beauty :love:

3. Story of Yanxi Palace 

ONE totally optimal and amazing woman :   Wei Yinglou :star:

Phenomenal  costumes and cinematography 

4. Arsenal Military Academy 

Same director as Story of Yanxi Palace

Phenomenal  costumes and cinematography 

All the women in this story are optimal  ..Fell in love with Qu Manting:star: Xiaoyu Huo , Xiaojun 


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