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  1. Thank you , I am a sucker for an authentic storyline and in this drama I am getting that. Yu Tu's ep 16 "never occurred to me that I should return your love " to the x was priceless. With her innuendos and snake (sorry snakes) conceited /arrogant and mocking verbiage , he denied her the possession of his past and present so succulently and precisely that it left no doubt whatsoever on the future of their relationship. Jiayou YuTu /JJ team .
  2. subbed up to 16/32. 15&16 sees our hero back where he belongs in the space age endeavours and our JJ is not playing any games . This was a second time that she wanted to be his girlfriend and he could not accept that offer, this time for a more valid reason then in high school....BUT they do say 3rd time is the charm (I hope) and JJ, just drag him to the marriage office and get the deed done, forget dating or being his girlfriend.
  3. looking forward to these two....Actually @minglanfan2he has to struggle , since deciding that he will stay as an aerospace engineer he would be stationed away for months in the remote area , highly classified, while JJ needs to be where she is , in the city.....I too am curious how they will work magic in this situation and make us and themselves happy LOL
  4. ep 13 & 14 / 32 subbed ...and these ones were all about e-sports and JJ's proof that she can really play ..and she also introduced YT so subtly lol into her public orbit (I feel that both ML and FL are extremely competent in their respective fields) . YT fulfilled my wish and publicly announced that he is cosmo engineer and that tall, dark and handsome just became favourite with the fans .
  5. This morning I read that this week ..... Solar winds have caused a crack in our planet's magnetic field..Earth's magnetic field is vital to life on our planet, as it protects the ozone layer from cosmic rays and harmful radiation. According to the outlet, space weather forecasters recently estimated that the speed of solar winds reached 400 kilometres per second as they battered the Earth. so Yu Tu I am very glad that you have decided to stay on as aerospace engineer
  6. I love dramas that could actually resemble some of todays issues of home, work, health, relationships , family ..and when done in an inspirational way , we all benefit. Overwork and quality time with family has been covered in many dramas, so what makes this one come out close to the top. Our genius workaholic YT and extremely successful JJ are doing their best, while at the same time I see them cautiously following their and keeping each other in the orbit of their life ... I just wish that JJ let him sleep a bit more LOL up to ep12/32 I like the human beings in this dr
  7. On my end ep 8 subbed or almost. Once I started that was it ...Yang Yang is generous and gorgeous , an amazing achiever so no wonder Dilireba loves him (and moi) . Her character is quite perceptive and common sense , and humorous as well when all others are summarizing her gaming flaws in diplomatic fashion lol... When they are together they are very comfortable with each other but also you can already glimpse that invisible something that alters the universe and changes them for the better. I am in. add ...just finished 9 & 10 and for somebody that knows next to nothing about 11
  8. We are the Champions, We are the Champions ...oh yah Thank you Falling Into Your Smile, I smiled throughout the entire drama ...Xièxiè
  9. Humanity has not invented anything original in the past 2000 years so everything , even my words are form of copy . I personally enjoyed this cute drama that dealt with 'old subjects' in a new way , or more co creative way , and I really liked that. The last 3 eps should be subbed in the next few days so by the time you go through 28 you will have the other 3 . Enjoy.
  10. ep 11 /12 is out today this is one drama that throws out such unhealthy and unsustainable practices in the music industry. How are we to enjoy music coming from compromised singers and dancers ...they should have optimal support instead of prostituting themselves for the right to sing and dance.
  11. Impatiently waiting for my subs for 29-31...But all teams are extraordinary , and the Korean players I love both of them ...the young guy that never gives up LOL and even kisses the pillow and Chessman's friend
  12. subbed up to 28...in 12 hours we get raw 29,30 & 31 . Our Chessman is a Complete Elite Man ..he can cry and laugh, he can play and quote the law like there is no tomorrow and our Smilie is his heart Lets go for that Championship now I always praise Lu Sicheng and Tong Yao, but I have to give kudos to the best housekeeper /manager Xiao Rui and God Yu Ming they are outstanding members and co creators of this team . Fatty, Cat , K and Lu Yue are doing fantastic job of being memorable teammates and kick a.. e sport players . I will miss this unexpectedly dear drama
  13. ep 23 & 24 subbed and the Kissing , and Kissing , and kissssing in ep 23 made up for all the hard work that they did and all the "monk" days . Our Chessman is making his moves and they are officially a couple and did I mention kissing lol.... on a bit of serious note here ..these days we are all on social media, thank Goddess that i am married and past the stage of every move , every morning or date being filmed or photographed. I love Chessman's mama, their relationship is a hoot (she must have been Smiling's age when she had him) and she is totally devot
  14. ep 10 was great ...such beautiful music fest for the first 20 minutes Thank you subbers for wonderful and instant translations ...it makes monumental difference to me hearing the song , but understanding it (seeing translation) makes me able to fully appreciate this beautiful little drama . 감사합니다 gamsahabnida
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