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  1. Be careful what you ask for, O @jakey09 Inspired by these comments, and of course Ep 8 (15,16). Trying something I've never been inspired to do before, I translated all of the comments I saw from couple hours ago. Thank you @Liting1 truly this is the most appropriate gif if you read the comments.There are great insights by the SK viewers and it's so satisfying to read them express what's on all our hearts. Like some of you @Nymeria289 and others have expressed I actually think the writer producers are having great fun at our expense. I think they knew Ep 7 was the weakest one, so they threw everything in to promote it. Ep 7 there was a trash can fire, and I wondered if they knew the American expression, "a real dumpster fire" - to describe what a disjointed mess it was, and they were poking fun at themselves. So I laughed right along with them. And then this, this Ep 8. I thought it was great sheerly in contrast to the previous one, but if you read the SK fans' reactions, I have to agree it was one for the annals of drama heaven. Much more to say, but I spent all my 2 hrs left of my week on this post, so you all carry on! To 200 pages and beyond, Crazy Dan-Yeon and KangWoo-Matile shippers!!
  2. Good morning from my abode to all you crazy wonderful bunch of ... kids! O my, how these couples*** have brought out the fairies among us. I am speechless, unable to read thru so much silliness and faith and hope and love , o'erflowing this virtual space with a sweet aroma of incense offered up and pleasing to the 'dramagods' of the mishmash koreojudeobuddhocristovariety. I am happy beyond expression to see the labor of love, or perhaps a simple exuberant and youthful frenzy of infatuation over what ALM:L hath wrought here. It is beyond classification, what I am privileged to witness herein. We SHS fans have marveled at her continued ability to 'have her cake and eat it too' (an American English expression baffling to many), but in korean it would be 꿩멱고알먹고, eat quail and egg too, meaning her insatiable appetite for 2 for 1 deals -- always demanding and getting roles with 2 male leads fighting over her. ***couples -- but we have here her legitimately playing in 2 different love affairs with 2 separate angelohumanoidsofthealphaandbetamalevariety, and again, I am speechless. As usual I will not be able to partake in the livestream, but my heart and my 'fighting' shall be with all you crazy meechin chingoos! +
  3. Hello and welcome to @Friendly kitty @Leneyleney @Josh Marquez @Hannah Tabunan @soesje @smileyw @1amawesom3 @Nabila @joanie_ha @Melissa Add @jaemin's friend @shamrockmom and everyone! Now I just went thru about 15 pages to catch up. I'm out of breath. Such great fans and posts here, and everyone is quite respectful and good at communicating, clearing up misunderstandings when they happen. It's positively heart-warming to see so much invested into this story by so many. Even the disappointments and criticisms are mostly coming from super high expectations, and it feels like we learn much from these moments. With all of us being so absorbed into this and so much energy invested, it's hard to be objective or 'just enjoy the show' I know. But none of us could have it any other way, once we're all addicted to this place, can we? I am grateful to EVERYONE contributing here, truly.
  4. Hello Mano-a-mano @Man-O-Man So like, you don't sound like you're in love with her, at all! LoL. Just teasin. There are just so many celebrities in SKorea that she's not quite yet a household name. We the audiences have a short attention span. And she doesn't titillate, at least not us the female audiences yet, LoL, so it'll take longer for her to become that household name, but even then she is not likely to be on the top of social media driven 'lists' - that's mostly by under 30 audiences I think. Her reputation is growing fast everywhere, though, thanks to scenes like these below, and she's making everyone take notice, not just the more thoughtful and sophisticated audiences such as the fine chingoos who've gathered here. I can tell this is @immorethant's own creation. Perplexing to me why she's not posting here all her beautiful presents but only in the drama thread. Please, girl, post all your stuff here! I am almost unable to function here lately becoz of personal RL matters that are driving me ka-rrrrazzy (yes like how Mathil said it in ALM:L) but I am banking on you the SHSsavant @immorethant to post everything here, all the gifs on twitter and everywhere of our incomparably beautiful Shin Hye-Sun, the one all the girls and boys and lumberjack men alike are in love with, please. That's 6 out of 16 episodes you have done this 35-pic collage, so I expect ...um... a 100-pic EpiCollage by the time 16 eps are done - ooh gives me chills and bumps just imagining it. As for the drama itself, it's fun to see @jakey09 and @Ni Wen especially rabidly chewing up the pages, but I'm already about 20 pages behind, I think. I love it though. I saw couple of looong tomes by @titania1000 to provide spice and her own counterpoint and controversy that makes it more fun too. I hope this doesn't turn out to be a drama I watch for the crazy 100 different faces of SHS while cursing at the writer (like MGL was known for), but if it lacks in really well constructed story telling becoz of the requisite borderline makjang suspense hangers every 50 minutes (this is the juggernaut that all kdramas need to navigate thru without blowing up by episode 8 or 12 out of the ending at 16 - becoz of something called ratings and advertisers and ability to make big-budget productions on multi-locations all over SKorea if not Asia or lately, Morocco or Cuba or some place more exotic) - I haven't had to curse at all so far becoz of the pure eye candies and becoz well if they had 16 hours of disjointed vignettes with SHS doing every scene, I would pay good money just to watch that, too. Who needs well constructed story lines and well developed characters when it's SHS, right? That's a wink, wink, ok @titania1000 ok, so don't respond to that. Happy to know we're all still so dependent on Shin Hye-Sun's successes for our own personal well-being, chingoos!
  5. What is she staring at? Hmm? Thanks @turtlegirl for your recaps - a present for you. Wednesdsay's Episode 5 was mesmerizing. L's acting was so good, first time he's the one who made me cry. That said, Shin Hye-Sun dominated the screen with her physical movements, and L/Dan's (and JKW's) laser focus on her throughout this and every episode just magnifies this favorite actress of mine in a way I could have never imagined. She just spins about and sparkles from every facet, every angle. Each episode is such a feast for my eyes, every scene a gift. Welcome to the thread, @enigmatic_zephy @Ameera Ali and @philosophie and everyone!
  6. Hey Chingoos! Everyone must be exhausted posting to the drama thread and no energy left for Hye-Sun-ssi here. Episode 5 (9-10) she filled every second of the screen time on which she appeared. Waiting for her to smile again. Nice to have you back from your Secret Forest @Man-O-Man And @Nymeria289 too!
  7. Thank you! Actually, you're good. The double meaning is intentional, and the original song from years ago with the same title and another one that is about drawing you both carry more the 'drawing you'/'picturing you'/'imagining you' nuance. So as you can see from my quick translation below, it's really in the sense, "Picture This!" - draw or paint, less about missing, but both meanings reinforce one another. As always, great job, @immorethant you're getting scary good! And it's a beautiful song in any language, and the word are so powerful sung by L/Dan, knowing that it is of Yeon-Seo he sings so sweetly. I tried to convey the nuances of the beautifully poetic words! Enjoy!
  8. OMG these are to die for! Did you make them yourself @Jemrie? Put together like that, they really magnify new facets of her beauty I hadn't seen quite like that. They are so gorgeous, can I invite you to post them all separately in actress SHS's thread here? I can copy them there and make sure they point to you, but it'd be even sweeter if you can do the honors and post them yourself, pretty please?!! And you don't have hide (spoiler) any there since not too many people go there, just a devoted few. Hi to everyone else writing so many beautiful and thoughtful posts here. I knew it appealed to my sense of fantasy and possibilities when I first heard about this drama way back in November (not announced until December), but what I didn't anticipate was the number and degree of so many insightful soompiers here that the story would inspire - with the kinds of analyses based on really keen deeper observations (very specific things I hardly noticed), so much background info and knowledge shared, all the amazingly gorgeous visuals continuing to pour out from fans. I read the reviews on dramabeans and b**ches (thanks for that link @immorethant even though the reviewer there isn't a SHS fan at all) and between those and @briseis and @bebebisous33 and many others' insights there, it's clear that something about this story has triggered something - opened up and inspired many very astute writers and drama-thinkers to show us the probable depth and years' worth of background work the story and screen writer must have done to tell this story - could very well be her magnum opus she's been sitting on for a long time. And it makes me marvel at how the casting director could have foreseen these different elements to pick for us these perfect main leads - and to put it altogether in such a timely manner under pressure - to present a near-perfect (so far) piece of work in every way. Pretty mind-blowing. I just wanted to say, Thank you everyone! And welcome to the thread @lolly84 @Cecentre and of course once more @Jemrie and anyone else I forgot to mention.
  9. Note - this is how we 5x the frequency of 'accident' THE ❤️ KISS Part 1. And an invitation for completion of part 2. Welcome to the thread, @almldan , @mslilith, @Lawyerh and other refugees from HPL, @SC2019, @seteney, @Emzsmith and @aintnodrama and @Milady Himedere and @Melissa Add and all noobs - a warm spring welcome to all! And to @bebebisous33 for her treatise on the 4 types of Angels, a big applause and thanks! Happy angelic weekend to everyone!
  10. It says "Lee Yeon-Seo who can't forget Kim Dan". So pathetic, so pretty, so adorable and lovable. Reminds me of Woo Seo-Ri crying in the theater watching violin performance. It's amazing how each new role brings out something from her face that I hadn't noticed quite like how I notice it now. What an amazing face oori-baby has.
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