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  2. Not a surprise at all, open secret. Their big Daddy..if the Daddy is sugar daddy? http://netizenbuzz.blogspot.com/2019/05/witness-claims-to-have-seen-yang-hyun.html?m=1
  3. Spoiler to the novel below if you are interested but be warn lol The drama probably diverge from the novel but so far I think it may be the same in terms of the background and some of the mysteries but I can be wrong lol Also since the novel is so long, I didn't read the entire novel, just listen to the last few chapters of the novel where the climax happened and everything is pretty much revealed. Forgive me if I got some of the details wrong since I am not 100% fluent in mandarin and I may miss some details so feel free to correct me
  4. It is always enjoyable to watch a show which end in many positive notes. But to me this drama started on the premise of bullying in school that almost caused the death of a boy. It initially showed the mix of complex relationships of juveniles growing up, parental expectations and school politics which all kept me holding my breath. Then it turned into the usual feel good, unreal nurturing almost noble family versus the cold rich family with a manipulative father and pill popping mother. It stopped being a complex show that deals with a grave issue to just another detective like show. Again I did enjoy it and my fault for forgetting it is a drama.
  5. Lee Kwang Soo's Coffee Truck for Lee Si Eon and Park Bo Young
  6. That's what I've been thinking so far too dear.... Just though that he's only a cameo there but an important role as he was in Ghost!!! But wow... Wiki says he's one of the leads & his name is among the casting list!! I really haven't watched the movie yet but I think he's is so praised by the audience for his harsh acting!!! By the way, is he only in this scene for the whole movie..???! I haven't seen any other costume rather than this suit he's wearing!!! And oops, he's smoking hot
  7. Thank you @deminni for the chapter!!! I really love reading it. Compared to my peaceful version of the grassland aftermath Chinese fanfic, yours are so exciting and make me pinning for more. I can see minmin having difficulty with accepting WJ again. In the past, it was her going after WJ and WJ hesitate. Now looks like it's her turn to turn him away haha. I am also pinning for @chipz03 dark fanfiction HSDS, hope it will be out soon :p, time for WJ to revenge on ming sect haha I agree that I really like ZSF the most in this series. He is really understanding and wise and he have the foresight and never judge stuffs by their book covers. I am happy because I am personally a taiji student under Wudang sect. And it's kinda cool to see Jinyong describing my forefather to be such a wise man.
  8. just love all your detective eagle eyes..just helps everyone to confirm their 'relationship'...PICHI is definitely doing a good job in not fanning any rumor flames with their quiet demeanour...but also means, i miss them so much!
  9. I haven't watched it yet! So I thought perhaps you guys would have watched it! I think he is one of the leads? I'm not sure! He did not appear for the press conference interview though... So I guess we all thought he plays a small role!
  10. official twitter in the oficial Count, I'm totally ure that the series going to be translated
  11. @packmule3 @minwooluv78 i wouldnt know either.... been really busy at work recently and on top of that i had been helping my sister maintaining and running over her house for the renovation.....so didnt spend too much times on lines browsing stuff.....hoping to have that settle soon.... im really bone tired ><" anyway back to the topic.....if they happen to find someone im happy for them....love seeing them together however i also want both of them to be happy with whatever course they are taking
  12. Thank you so much. I was trying to make the viewers understand NJ's motives. He is not totally evil, so I picked up all the good points in him, and analyzed all his motives. Even Suho felt sorry for him sometimes. - 2
  13. @nohamahamoud2002 you need to watch this -2
  14. Good Morning! As long as they are neighbors, I will always believe that they are real! Hope PMY will fill those PSJ’s emptiness. It breaks my heart upon hearing PSJ revelations
  15. -2 glad to see u are back, im a bit more busy too recently lols
  16. Thanks for the stills! Looks like OTP are doing some detective work
  17. Love this BTS so much.She leans on him when she's tired, and look at his smile when he sees it's her Fatherly Wookie credit to the owner
  18. Hahaha, you like them hot I prefer happily married guys like Tae Hyun, he is stable and I feel safe watching him I like smiling guys like Sungjae, and kim young kwang. Kang Ji Hwan is too disturbing, I gave him up, because I couldn't handle him, he is too much for me -2
  19. He is alright , not my kind of beauty you doing great with the blog , I am enjoying it -2
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