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[OFFICIAL] WooJung Couple Thread ♥

firefly.dreamsfirefly.dreams Posts: 62Member
edited February 2013 in shippers' paradise
Lee Jang Woo & Ham Eun Jung (T-ARA)
Welcome to Woo Jung Couple Thread!

Couple Profile

: WooJung (Friendship) Couple
1st Episode: April 9th, 2011
Show: We Got Married Season 2

Individual Profile

Name: 이장우 / Lee Jang Woo
Profession: Actor and singer
Birthdate: 1986-Jun-01
Height: 184cm
Weight: 68kg
Blood type: O
Star sign: Gemini
Hobbies: Basketball, watching movies
Skills: singing and playing the violin
Misc Info: He is related to Hwan Hee & was part of a project group called 24/7 under SM Entertainment.


      Name: 함은정 / Ham Eun Jung
     Profession: Singer and actress
     Birthdate: 1988-Dec-12
    Height: 167cm
     Weight: 47kg
     Star sign: Sagittarius
     Blood type: O
     Company: Core Contents Media, Mnet Media
     Education: Dongguk University (Performing Arts)
Hobby: Movie, Fashion magazines, Reading
Specialty: TaeKwonDo, PanSoRi (Korean traditional narrative song), Horse riding

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credit: _snowflake_@soompi + allkpop + Dramawiki


  • never_ribetnever_ribet Posts: 280Member
    Let me be the first replied. hahaha
    Looking forward to their 1st episode! :D
  • kimchi23kimchi23 Posts: 17Member
    owh...i don't know..why i want to watch this couple...
    i can't wait for 1st episode
  • ena123ena123 Posts: 591Member
    edited March 2011
    Hm, I don't know that guy ..
    but i will watch 2 see if they are good as couple ..
    I really wanted Kwang Hee 2 be on wgm XD
    I'm so glad that it's not Idol x Idol LOL xd
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  • sillyvivsillyviv Posts: 1Member


    Hope that they will creat a sweet loveline.
    Love Eunjung so much!!!
  • sujudiehardfansujudiehardfan Posts: 65Member


    will give this couple a chance...
    will wait for the 1st ep....wink.gif
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  • MountainMadmanMountainMadman Posts: 302Member


    I'll definitely be watching their first episode. I've always been a fan of Eunjung, so it'll be interesting to see how this plays out. :)

    Also, as a side note, Eunjung has always reminded me of Ga-in for some odd reason. Heh.
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  • miyalxmiyalx Posts: 27Member
    edited March 2011
    Hello everyone!
    First time posting here in soompi, although I've been checking WGM couple threads since the beginning of the show :blush:

    I've started as an AlShin fan, then also a Lettuce Couple fan, then GunDam couple, and finally a Khuntoria fanatic hehe but in general I've been a fan of all the couples because I'm able to laugh so much when I watch the episodes and I hope that the show lasts for many years to come... I'm always curious about new couples coming even though I'm sad when old couples leave.

    Can't wait to see what these two will bring to the show, maybe later in the day or tomorrow we'll have pics of their first recording, since I read they're recording today!

    I'm curious to wether he really knows how to drive a motorcycle and if he will take her on a ride, that would be hot :wub:  I find him hot and cute all at the same time ^^
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  • ancaemma10ancaemma10 Posts: 34Member
    Can't wait for the new couple. Definetly going to watch them!
  • HeyDheeHeyDhee Posts: 7New Member
    EunJuuuung! Finally you accepted WGM! *cries*
    Damn, I can't wait what this couple will show to us.. maybe spreading some sweet and cute moments... lol XD Fighting for you two!
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  • ena123ena123 Posts: 591Member
    edited March 2011
    MountainMadman wrote on 30 March 2011 - 03:39 AM:

    Also, as a side note, Eunjung has always reminded me of Ga-in for some odd reason. Heh.

    YEAH, THATS WHY I LIKE HER 2 ^^she is a tomboy ^^ sexy hair and style
    I hope this couple can be a good comedy couple XD
    Jokwon: Be strong, because i’ll always be by your side.
    Ga In: Whose side should you be by, if not mine?

  • gauri92gauri92 Posts: 689Member
    i can't wait for them!!! they are a little older (i really wanted a couple even older than then to b honest...) but atleast the guy isn't an idol in this case....and these 2 seem soooo cuuuute!!! i can't wait!!!
  • SeychanSeychan Posts: 132Member


    edited March 2011
    In terms of their face and appearance, they seem pretty similar and look good together.

    Hopefully they will have many good memories together. From today, they begin a journey of their happiness like Adam couple, Khuntoria & my best couple - YongSeo :wub:

    Lee Jang Woo & Eun Jung couple :wub: fighting

    Love from YongSeo couple's shipper,

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  • firefly.dreamsfirefly.dreams Posts: 62Member
    edited March 2011
    T-ara’s Eunjung has been confirmed for MBC’s “We Got Married“!

    According to information revealed by her representatives, Eunjung has already begun filming her first segment on March 30th.

    As for the new ‘bride’, Eunjung shared, “I will take part in the recording with a dream of becoming a real couple, just like Hwang Jung Eum unni. I  want to provide a new sort of entertainment to the viewers of ‘We Got  Married’ with something that sets us apart from the other couples.”

    Stay tuned for more updates on her partner!

    Source + Photos: Nate + allkpop

    Eunjung’s husband for “We Got Married” revealed!

    Ever since we announced that T-ara’s Ham Eunjung was picked up to be the new ‘wife’ for MBC’s “We Got Married“, the site has been buzzing over who her lucky husband would be. Unfortunately for all you “Dream High” fans, it’s not her former co-star, Kim Soo Hyun.

    In fact, Eunjung’s husband will be none other than actor Lee Jang Woo (25)!

    A program representative stated, “There were over 100 candidates  who auditioned and we were in the midst of finding a good match of  characters. As the show progressed, new couples came in for interviews.  Lee Jang Woo and Ham Eunjung were 2 out of 100 that were considered and  chosen eventually.”

    Lee Jang Woo debuted as an actor back in 2006, and is currently starring in the KBS2TV daily drama, “Smile, Donghae“. He was also a member of a 2009 SM project group called 24/7 (no longer active), whose members included Hyun Woo (a current ‘Music Bank‘ MC) and actor Noh Min Woo.

    Interestingly enough, Lee Jang Woo is a cousin to singer/actor Hwanhee, who had participated previously in “We Got Marriedmag-glass_10x10.gif” with singer Hwayobi.

    The new couple began filming on the afternoon of March 30th, and  their first episode will be aired sometime in April. They will replace  the outgoing Jung Yonghwa and Seohyun couple.

    Source: SPN via Nate + Newsen via Nate + allkpop
  • _snowflake__snowflake_ Posts: 1,052Member


    We still don't have any pics from their first Shooting. :(
    I'm dying to see them together :D

    The Next “We Got Married” Couple Revealed

    After endless rumors and speculation, the final member of the new MBC “We Got Married” couple was finally revealed today. Actor Lee Jang Woo, currently starring in KBS drama “Smile Donghae,” will pair with T-ara’s Ham Eun Jung to take over the enormously popular Goguma Couple (Seo Hyun and Yong Hwa) for the next season of WMG.

    The two started filming for the show today, according to local media, but MBC has not made anything official yet. “Lee Jang Woo is confirmed to be T-ara Eun Jung’s husband on WMG. But perhaps, no one is commenting on it because the production crew does not want to reveal it yet,” an official from MBC told local media. “Lee Jang Woo and Eung Jung look like a perfect match. I’m sure the producers thought a lot about it but I personally think the two look great together,” the official added. Up until today’s report, rumors abounded that Eun Jung’s “Dream High” cast mate Kim Soo Hyun or actor Kim Young Kwang would play her husband.

    Eun Jung said through her agency, “I would like to work on this show as if I’m really married, just like Hwang Jung Eum did. But at the same time, I want to make it more fun and different from the past couples.” Eun Jung made her first acting debut in 1995 through KBS youth drama “A New Generation of Adults.” She also starred in SBS drama “Coffee House” and KBS drama “Dream High.”

    Lee Jang Woo now plays the role of Do Jin in popular KBS drama “Smile Donghae,” which is enjoying a 40% TV rating. He was a member of singing group “24/7” before debuting as an actor in 2006 through MBC drama “90 Days, Falling in Love Days.” He’s also starred in MBC sitcom “Tae Hee, Hye Kyo, Ji Hyun” and KBS drama “Three Brothers.”

    By: eugenekim222 - Soompi News

    T-ara’s Eunjung hints at what kind of husband she needs

    Recently, allkpop reported that T-ara’s Eunjung was confirmed as the new ‘wife’ on MBC’s “We Got Married“.

    Since the identity of her ‘husband’ has yet to be revealed, Eunjung posted a cheeky tweet about her preferences for her spouse. She wrote, “I need a person who can give me strength. If I give him strength, then I need a person who can give me more strength.*”

    With her first broadcast scheduled for the 30th, it is only a matter of hours until she will find out if her ‘other half’ fulfills her needs! Stay tuned on updates about this new couple!

    Source: Eunjung’s Twitter+ALLKPOP

  • ifieyifiey Posts: 24Member
    I can't wait to watch them too..i watched Three Brothers..i started to like him after three brothers.. he is so sweet...anyways i like EunJung too.. :)

  • _snowflake__snowflake_ Posts: 1,052Member



    Isn't he so handsome? :D

    Lee Jang Woo played in

    JeA's ''Because You Sting'' MV

    Davichi's Kang Min Kyung & Beast's Dong Woon ''Udon'' MV

    Lee Jung woo & Noh Min Woo & Hyun Woo - Gee cover

  • chrryfulchrryful Posts: 42Member
    OH!! His hwan hee's cosine. I hope he wont treat EunJung like how hwan hee treated his wife. heheh although it did entertain me. 
  • seafoodseafood -walkingman USAPosts: 4,465Member


    ^Oh no please, I hope he do not act like his cousin. Sorry but the dude was a totally jerk and when you watch his WGM day you feel so bad for his wife (well I do) So please don't be a jerk, also I'm sure Eunjung is a strong will woman to let him walk all over her. Anyway I love Eunjung so let see how this couple will do :)
    Baby I'm sorry
  • diefandiefan Posts: 369Member


    edited March 2011
    :w00t: ohmy!! this is it... can't hardly wait to see their new 1st episode for WGM. :wub: I think they are perfectly match.  the fact is that  Lee Jang Woo is couple years older. I'm sure he is the one who will gives EunJung the strength that she needed.   so Awesome!

    thank you snowflake for putting up a new thread for this new couple. 
    count me in,  I'll be looking out for them and will be a forumer here daily. hehehe :lol:
    Lee Jang Woo and Ham Eun Jung fighting!! wooohoo :P
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