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[OFFICIAL] WooJung Couple Thread ♥

Guest firefly.dreams

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Guest _snowflake_


this is the link to the couple's first ep preview for next week :lol:

WGM - Eunjung Preview

aaaaaaaaah~ and please tell me how can he be so cute..............:wub::wub:

I fell for him already kkkkkk ^^

Sorry, I didn't see your post. :)

They look comfortable with each other. I think husband have a funny personality just like Eunjung. I can't wait for 9th. :wub:

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Guest scatterbrain

"friendship" couple, liking the name already. i think i am going to follow this couple ^^.

there are so little info on the groom, Lee JangWoo. i found this old episode of Star Golden Bell. JangWoo was in it and it was from last year.

My link

credit to the uploader

well, at least we can learn a bit more about him (:

He whistles really well, blush.gif and sings well too... hope he can serenade to eunjung :wub:

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Guest star235

hahaha.....w00t.gifw00t.gifw00t.gif....both of them looks so cute...

see jang woo and eun jung...blushing wub.gifwub.gif...

YES!.. excited to watched ,  even just 17scs of preview 

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Guest pseudonykkaii

Hey everyone! Im a goguma. And im hoping to like this couple too~ they look cute and the preview looks promising so.. Good luck to us!!!!xD

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Guest icegabrielle

Hi everyone.. I've just seen the preview for WGM's new couples.. And I'm liking this couple.. Anyways.. I'm a Goguma fan also..Fighting!

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Guest wikeee

This couple will replace YongSeo right??

I wish they can build a strong relationship just like YongSeo (oh no, i bringing back the last eps again :sweatingbullets:)


Ham Eun Jung & Lee Jang Woo fighting!!

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I didn't watch the trailer because I want the anticipation to get me K.O. before my trembling fingers click on the PLAY button in EunJungXJangWoo WGM Episode 1.

But I wanted to share my thought with you X)  although I never saw them together,I feel like I'm already fan of this couple...that's plain crazy ! And I love it !

I wrote this(below) on my blog : HERE And I wanted to know if The Adam couple lovers feel the same as me and how the potatoes couple fans feel about it.

My guy friend (yep there is guys who watch WGM too) who was an adam couple fans highly anticipate this upcoming couple.  I'm not a native english speaker so I'm sorry If I made some mistakes -_- 


I just hope for it SO much. When Adam Couple stopped airing, after a last episode which let me all teary and broken hearted; I felt … EMPTY. Like something was missing each week. I, suddenly, was conscious that I could be drama starved, like I’m currently (nothing thrilling to watch nowadays) and take it more or less well. But couldn’t stand to be We Got Married starved and even less Adam couple starved.


tumblr_lecdqpvwu71qb8av2o1_500.jpg?w=500&h=375ahhh  the good days …


Okay, All My Love is here to comfort me. But still, a drama is still a drama and although I feel lucky for at least having All My Love to make my heart less cry. The thrill and laugh, that was coming with each Adam Couple episode is now gone. I did My JoKwonXGaIn mourning,  but my situation still worsened.

Trying to get over My Adam Couple Addiction, like a girl trying to get over a break up, I was looking for something to fill the emptiness in me.

Only one thing, can get you over a We Got Married couple, it’s another We Got Married Couple ! The same goes for guys and dramas.

I, first, thought than MBC will quickly add a new couple to fill the place Adam Couple let vacant. I was expecting a lot although I was in the middle of my mourning. But MBC was really really bad ! *sob* One week passed then another, until this week. But at this time, after 3 weeks without news from MBC I lost all my hope in a quick switching.

So I tried to watch the two (at this time) other couples. I had two choices :

2pm___wgm___khuntoria_no_1_by_shakri.jpg?w=300&h=187Khuntoria Couple


5473282720100327170527046.jpg?w=300&h=199YongSeo Couple


I find the first one, too serious T_T and the other one too cute.

Adam Couple strength and main seducing point was that they were the funniest couple EVER. Always funny, unpredictable, crazy and enchanting, but at the same time touching and adorable. They were like my light in my week ! I’m not joking ! If I was feeling a bit down or tired, I was watching ( THANK YOU VERY MUCH SNJEUNG) the last episode of Adam Couple. But I understood how much Adam Couple was a crack for me only when the show ended and that I found myself with nothing to turn too to light a bit my heart.

I have to add that the end of Adam couple happened at the worst time possible : The Drama Sahara( a desert in Africa). I will call this period like that !

Because since the end of Secret Garden and My Princess, little boy , there is nothing  addicting to watch ! Not even talking about the K-Pop scene meh ~

Is it a Conspiracy ? Some kind of forced K-REHAB ? :

  • K-Drama Rehab
  • K-Show : We Got Married Rehab
  • K-Pop Rehab

No music to listen, No dramas to watch, No WGM crack …. 그게 뭐죠?!!!

But the End is soon my friend, in each Desert there is an Oasis ( at least in mine). An end to our suffering, something to fill our body and in this case the empty space left by Adam Couple!

The time as come to WGM NEXT Generation ! * round of claps *

Will the Hybrid-couple idol-non idol EunjungXJangWoo be able to makes my eyes sparkles ? YEP, I think so !

ON MY LEFT SIDE, Ham Eun Jung - 함은정 !


Well know for being one of the main vocals in the K-POP girl group T-ara. Her popularity skyrocked after« Dream High »(KBS2) airing.

She won already two good points with me. I tend to really love T-ara songs and although I was never part of the « Dream High Feverish Fans « , I still watched the drama until episode 4 and she was alongside Kim Soo Hyunthe only reasons which made me watch that far.

When I saw that she was casted on WGM, I jumped from happiness. After having haunted all the Eunjung videos available on YouTube, I was even more convinced that she will be great. Nor she is shy, nor she is too much of a lady. I feel like she will bring some kind of fresh wind to WGM.

So that’s a big YES for Eunjung !

ON MY RIGHT SIDE : Lee Jang Woo - 이장우


What I know about him ? Almost nothing, I never watched any drama in which he stared. But I can say that the guy must be someone.  Got a lot of luck, a lot of talent or a lot of charisma ! He jumped from a drama in which he was almost invisible : Three Brothers ( KBS2) which by the way, was one of 2010 HIT, going over 40% in ratings. And since channel always use a trend until the end, they even produced Three Sisters as the drama gemini but it was a flop. Other examples : Temptation of Wife / Temptation of an Angel – He who can’t marry/ The woman who still wants to marry. Anyway .. To one of the main leads in is current drama : Smile, Dong Hae(KBS1). I’m sure, I can even bet my  most beloved shoes on the  future explosive popularity of his drama; after his WGM start to air. Still, I’m worried for our little guy , how will he manage WGM shooting and his own drama shooting, which will have more than 100 episodes ?! But hopefully, I think that I will end soon.

I think that somewhere I’m pleased with the fact that He’s a non-idol, this way we will be able to discover this Really cute guy bit by bit.

Last thing, that I think is important to recall to some people who thinks that He doesn’t deserve EunJung… *_*

We Got Married 2 always cast their bride and groom based on their tastes. If you remember well, MBC ask their potential casted star to write a list with the one they would like to be with on We Got Married.  Ga In putJo Kwon on her list and Jo Kwon put Ga In in his list. The same goes for Victoria and Nichkun. May be EunJung was watching « Smile, Donghae » when she put  his name on her list and may be Lee Jang Woo was watching « Dream High » whereas he was putting a name on his list. Either way, these two persons choose to be with each other on We Got Married Boat. End of the Discussion.



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Guest onehundredpercentasian

they could have picked a different guy!! like a better looking one!! man nichkhun and her would have made a cute and sexy couple!!! but damn nichkhun ended up with victoria!!!

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I'm definitely going to ship WooJung. :D I was really interested in this couple when i first read who the new couple was on allkpop. Owh, just so you know, I'm a Khuntoria fan but i don't really keep in track with the release of their videos now cause of my slowwww internet connection. *sigh* But i hope that when the first episode of this couple airs, the link would be posted here for easier access. (:

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