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Charismatic, asian eyes vs ulzzang eyes



  • TVBuddyTVBuddy Posts: 2,395Member


    I like Lee Hyori, Lee Yeon Hee, BOA type of eyes, not exactly small, but not roundish cute eyes like Ullzangs. IMO, small slanty eyes can look a bit intimidating and mean sometimes. ( I have those eyes, but some people have them and look like the have cat eyes which I am super jealous of!)
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  • Snowy-NightsSnowy-Nights Posts: 363Member


    I like both because they're both pretty in their own way.  But personally, I like the narrow, slanted eyes that give off that badass aura.  xD 

  • funkermanfanfunkermanfan Canada.Posts: 233Member
    I really like Big, wide eyes. Instead of eyes being more "rounded" I prefer a real "almond shape"...just bigger than the norm. I dunno..All eyes if you look at it are beautiful in their own way. I love Kristen Kreuks eyes...she's beautiful.
  • JnnJnn The only thing constant in life is change. CananananadaPosts: 5,013Member
    I think each goes with different faces. For example, "cat eyes" goes better with a bonier face structure and round eyes go better with a chubbier face. I prefer cat eyes just because we all want something we don't have lol, and I'd love to be able to look sexy. But, my face is really chubby so I don't think that'd work well. 
  • lovelyjinnylovelyjinny Posts: 48Member
    I think both are beautiful when they are natural. 

    The fact that almost all stars get surgery to make their eyes bigger because that is "prettier" is sad to say the least. 

    Just look at skater Kim Yuna.  
  • -inniie-inniie Posts: 1,089Member


    personally, i would want eyes that are just a little bigger than what i have
    but if you can rock slanty eyes then good for you :)
  • KizokuKizoku Massachusetts, USAPosts: 428Member
    *Natural* eyes. Simply put.
    Though, I must say I *hate* those creepy, Richard Simmons doll eyes. A girl in my college wore the stupid contacts that so many people on soompi lust for and all I could think about was how anyone could take her seriously, and how people could be attracted to that.
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  • XishuXishu CaliforniaPosts: 101Member
    big eyes are oovverrated :(
    small slanty eye, my mom calls "mulan eyes" are super pretty and unique :) I think they make someone face look softer.
  • jellie_kookiejellie_kookie 만두 ♥ Posts: 1,400Member


    edited March 2011
    If it's a guy, I think eyes like Yunho from DBSK is nice xD Like, big eyes on guys are strange for me. :/ I don't find it cute...

    But for girls, any is fine as long as other features balance it out. My eyes are rounder compared to other Asians, but they aren't BIG...yet they balance out my face. :P
    One of my friends, who's Korean, has tiny, slanted eyes and a flat nose, but every one fins her pretty. :3 I do, too. Her hair, lip shape and face shape makes it look nice.

    My friend said that when I squint my eyes, I look adorable. hahahaha. ^_^
    Another friend said that when I enlarge my eyes when I'm surprised is adorable. -_- meh.
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  • mochayeppomochayeppo Posts: 40Member
    Hmm, I have Asian friends with both the Ulzzang & "Mulan" eyes. I say, it's not the size of the eye but the spark or twinkle behind them :)
  • hyunjoon18hyunjoon18 BlackJAcK U.S=HawaiiPosts: 379Member
    I like medium sized , double lidded (inside lid),pointy eyes .
  • VuJiEVuJiE Posts: 17Member
    i love big eyes just like Popteen Magazine models do theirs. Some girls I found on the net make their eyes like really really really big. That seems so fake and scary. 
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  • bbaumgulbbaumgul Commander Charmander /@6~`Posts: 874Member


    I prefer long, slanted eyes.
  • StupidCakeStupidCake In a cubicle xO!Posts: 106Member
    I'd rather the 'ulzzang' type of eyes. I have the asian kind and I always look angry -_-
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  • fabrications.fabrications. i'm a ghost noPosts: 3,534Member


    edited March 2011
    The narrow slanted eyes are a lot more interesting to look at for me. It's so...alluring. XD This is what I'm picturing right now:

    Yeah. Veryyyy mysterious @q@
  • jennychjennych Posts: 589Member
    on guys i prefer slanted like lee jun kis and on girls the ullzang type
  • lilaaherrlilaaherr Posts: 165Member


    i like big, rounded asian eyes because it makes them look super cute/adorable.
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  • wharrgabbrllwharrgabbrll Posts: 89Member
    edited March 2011
    I think uzzlang eyes are cute, but I prefer my slanted eyes cause they're sharp and reminds me of cats. :3

    I have sharp, narrow, eyes. But it depends on the girl. Some are super duper adorable with round eyes.
  • epicpwnageepicpwnage Posts: 1,027Member


    edited March 2011
    As long as their eyes look beautiful, not tired and full of life, any eye size is awesome =)

    I really like narrower eyes, it gives off a really sexy, handsome vibe from guys. I love Vanness Wu!

    For girls, maybe medium sized eyes? Smaller eyes can look intimidating on girls.

    Team Peeta <3
  • loversixteenloversixteen Posts: 2,955Member


    i still like those moon shaped eyes, it's pretty to look at when you smile (for example, Tiffany).
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