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Phone protection - Silicon or Hard case?

hellolovelyhellolovely rainyplacePosts: 735Member
edited October 2009 in general discussion
So what is better for phone protection?
silicon vs Hard case.

Im deciding whether to get one or the other, which is better?

or this one [this one is actually hard on the outside and silicon on the inside I believe]

(pic credit to those websiteees)


  • deeismdeeism Posts: 1,000Member
    but if i had to decide on one, i'd go with silicone. all the hard cases i've hard always cracked which scratched my device even more.
  • ipaulipaul Posts: 414Member
    if you had to choose between the two, go with the hard case. silicon cases are harder to slip into your pocket and take out.

    also, go with the invisible shield or bestskinsever
    doesn't add bulk
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  • tirahbunnytirahbunny ? ??? ? ? ?&#44 Orange County, CAPosts: 1,591Member
    the silicone doesnt feel as good but if you get a really good form fitting one that'd be alright. i choose that over the hard case cus the hard case cracks so easily when i drop it and it tends to scratch my phone, even though the case looks and feel better.
  • bebexlovebebexlove Posts: 3,059Friend of Soompi


    edited October 2009
    I've used both.. and I ran into this new type of case.. made from some kind of "resin" which is a hard but rubbery case that works like a silicon but hard as a plastic but won't hurt/break/scratch your phone. image

    Super cheap on the bay. (:

  • RekidaiRekidai Ritsuka Fan ? CanadaPosts: 2,288Member


    i used both but theres gel cases now i find their alot better image it doesnt slide around, and you can get it in and out of your pocket easier, also it doesnt break its like silicon case but it doesnt stretch out image and their see through so you can still see the back image
  • onetwothuyonetwothuy Everything is Beautiful and Nothing Hurts Posts: 4,545Friend of Soompi
    I'm using a hard case right now, but I just ordered the Otterbox silicon case the other day. (:
  • ChairmanLMAOChairmanLMAO London, UKPosts: 569Member
    I've recently purchased a hard case and it looks great and all but it scratches the hell out of the back of my iphone, thats £15.00 down the drain.

    I've been looking for silicon cases and found a gem of a site with allows you to customise the "skins". Thought I'd share it with you guys:

    Gela Skins

  • moomoocowsmoomoocows Posts: 450Member


    neither...only cause i think getting a case would ruin the beauty of phone. why cover it up when the purpose of getting a nice phone is partly for looks.

    but since it's an iphone it's better to get a case i choose the hard one.
  • pandalovepandalove i can fly. Posts: 271Member
    I've used both and I prefer silicon cases. When I dropped my phone using a hard case, it broke the case and scratched my phone.
    But with the silicon case, it kind of cushioned the fall and I didn't get a single scratch on my phone.

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  • juju&lt;3.juju<3. TKQHAE'S SOUL Posts: 2,213Member


    edited October 2009
    i believe getting a silicon because it wouldn't really harm anything to the phone but i heard using hard covers can get a little scratch and all this stuff on the back of your phone or something. idk, someone told me .. so silicon if i were you. act i have one too, for my nokia e71x <3 ^^.
  • tinatran_tinatran_ canada! 8DPosts: 4,988Member


    i prefer the hard ones cause it's easier to take it in/out of your pocket.
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  • A m a r a n t hA m a r a n t h 티파니 New YorkPosts: 2,505Member
    QUOTE (moomoocows @ Oct 19 2009, 08:32 PM) »
    neither...only cause i think getting a case would ruin the beauty of phone. why cover it up when the purpose of getting a nice phone is partly for looks.

    but since it's an iphone it's better to get a case i choose the hard one.

    Exactly, despite covering the phone, cases obviously provide lots of protection. I don't want my 200+ investment to go down the drain.

    I say silicone cause they don't crack and scratch like the hard case.
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  • Toronto , OntPosts: 119Member
    I think ti's better to use a hard case..
    i started off using a silicon case for my itouch.. and dust got inbetween and scractched it up..
    but i changed to hard case it doesn't get scratched anymore..
    Also silicon cases makes it hard to take out of ur pocket and stuff.. mine woudl always come of fmy itouch when i pulled it off =l
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