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Uneven Eyelids

reikurenaireikurenai Posts: 129Member
Does any one have this also?
I have uneven eyelids... Does anyone also?
Does it look okay? I mean is it really noticeable?
Any make-up tips so that it won't look weird?
When i use eyeliner i always line my eyes thick so that my eyes won't look weird... I end up looking like a punk or gothic.. Really...



This is the pic when i tight line my eyes... I swear I lined it with the same thickness but it looked like the other one was lined thicker.

Tips are love... ^^
In your eyes... I see nothing...


  • lovemoolovemoo San Francisco, CAPosts: 13Member
    I have the same problem! i notice my own but i don't think anyone else would notice it as much unless they look at you very closely! What I've been doing is using eyelid tape to even out my eyelids. I put it on the night before and pull it off in the morning. Seems to be working ok. I think applying false eyelashes would make it less noticeable too! I hope I helped.
  • screamxlovescreamxlove 702Posts: 1,234Member


    I know a few people who have it, but I think it makes them look nice, in a way =)

    I have uneven eyelids too, only... I have 3 on one eye, and 2 on the other.
    It isn't really that noticeable though, unless you stare at my eyes for a long time or something, lols.
    always and forever seven
  • kimmi.kamikimmi.kami Sunshine Posts: 2,048Member
    omgsh,,, i have the same problem
    i noticed it after my friend said i had a triple eyelid on my left and double eyelids on my right =0=
    now im thinkin of wearing eyelid glue or maybe glue..

  • naholo.ssaengshownaholo.ssaengshow claire Posts: 17Member
    edited June 2009
    My problem is that even though I have double eyelids on both, the actual sizes of my eyes are different. The right eye is noticeably bigger than the left image
    With your eyes, at least the actual eyes are the same size.. trust me, you're way luckier than me...
    Unfortunately, the only solution is that you have to line your eyes different thickness.
    I hate closing my eyes for any reason, because it looks so funny when I do (one is like, double the thickness of the other) but when they're open, doing it that way is the closest to having them look even and normal.

    My friend had the whole one double eyelid one single eyelid thing though, and she had surgery on the one without just to even them up.
    The doc did such a good job that they're actually pretty much identical!

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  • haneulhaneul Posts: 345Member


    edited June 2009
    I have this right now! My eyelids change when I don't get the same amount of sleep every night. I used to think they changed based on how much sleep I got, but it's not, it's if I sleep the same amount of hours, more or less, every night.

    I took a nap yesterday and when I woke up my left eye was single and my right was a double. It is still currently like that. I hate it when it happens. I think it's really noticeable, but that's because I'm in the same boat as you. I'm not sure what to do with the make-up, because my eyes usually both stay double, but you can always try eyelid tape. It will most likely get your left eyelid to a double.
  • naholo.ssaengshownaholo.ssaengshow claire Posts: 17Member
    ^ oh yeah, that does happen to some ppl aye.. my dad's eyes do that, he's single lidded but when he gets really really tired a faint line appears almost like he's got double eyelids... I know quite a few people experience that too.. must be something to do with fatigue..

    :: love is a gentle sigh of completion; an echo of a world forgotten ::
  • MelettaMeletta Geek <3 Posts: 98Member
    I am single/double (crease but no actual fold) on one eye and single on the other. ...I usually fake the double by drawing a line using a lightish brown eyeshadow and do the area underneath with a bright cream color (but not so much that it's obvious)
  • JAMIEEJAMIEE CaliforniaPosts: 913Member
    i have uneven lids too.
    and it looks reallyyy uneven when i put makeup on.
    i hate it image

  • BLOO♥BLOO♥ ❤❤ ❤ Posts: 769Member
    edited June 2009
    !!! i have the same problem! it's so annoying applying eye make up.. image
    when i told my friends they all said " oooh.. i didn't notice `till you told me." so maybe it's not that noticable..
    i thought about using eyelid tape but i noticed that the non-double-ish eyelid was more saggy, so i didnt wanna risk making it more saggy. image

    im not help.. haha sorry. ^^
  • CakdelCakdel Posts: 404Member
    sometimes when i wake up have uneven eyelids XD. but it eventually goes away
  • 0051200512 Posts: 69Member
    I notice it, but others don't. For me, it's caused by a lack of sleep. It's been there for over a month, maybe 2 months? I've been piled on with homework image
  • Manyhx3Manyhx3 Wonderful <3 Wonderland ^_^Posts: 6,114Member


    edited June 2009
    I have double eyelids on both, but hten the other one is really small so it looks like singles.
    not that it much help, could be lack of sleep. unless you were born with it
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  • bonbonsbonbons The MUA D.C. baby&#33;Posts: 5,754Member


    my eyelids are slightly uneven, but it's not like a huge difference.
    but I've come to accept it, can't be completely symmetrical xD haha
  • zhujializhujiali San FranciscoPosts: 1,199Member


    I have uneven eyelids and one eye is bigger than the other, sucks for me ):
  • angelofdeathangelofdeath Do you ever think of me? Posts: 358Member
    HAHA. I love how everyone thinks it's due to the lack of sleep. Which it partially is, but it's also a genetic trait. In chinese, it's called having inner doubles, which basically means that you have the concept of double eyelids, but they're not really even. My friend told me that this usually happens when traits cross where one parent had double & the other has single. There's really no way to treat it except surgery, or make up, but as we all probably know, daily make-up is SOOOO not good for the skin. LOLs we love it anyways.

    make-tip: most people don't really notice since people of this generation mostly scan than observe, which is why all over gorgeous people are more obvious than those who have just one or two good traits, so there's really no reason to overload on make-up because you think it look uneven. A thin liner can actually go a long way with a little mascara & it's more natural looking! :]
  • andy_solbi_wonder_girlsandy_solbi_wonder_girls USAPosts: 431Member


    edited June 2009
    OMG~ I thought it was just me. Lolz~ My right eye curves like Bi's (Rain's) [chinky {single lid} but like bigger than chinky eyes {does this make sense?}] and my left eye is like those uhlzzangs (big without the help of cosmetics) but with more space between my crease. That's why I hide my right eye under my bangs ^^ MAC concealer really does a good job of making the space between my left eye smaller so they look even
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  • jocey_xoxojocey_xoxo Posts: 27Member
    I DO!
    i hate it!
    my left is a double eyelid, but my right is like double but its not tucked under so you can see the flap. ..
    is that hard to understand? ha ha
    anyways, eyelid glue, is really good! they have double eyelid tape but its just like normal tape and its pretty apparent.
    i think the eyelid glue has betterr results once you learn how to use it!! it's a bit tricky in the beginning! =]
  • babiloveyoobabiloveyoo New JerseyPosts: 6,222Member
    Yeah I have it too; one eyelid has the crease while the other one doesn't it bothers me a lot :/.
  • wingfaithwingfaith ncPosts: 450Member
    edited June 2009
    QUOTE (haneul @ Jun 16 2009, 03:17 AM) »
    I have this right now! My eyelids change when I don't get the same amount of sleep every night. I used to think they changed based on how much sleep I got, but it's not, it's if I sleep the same amount of hours, more or less, every night

    lol i thought its just me.....
  • kurayzeexivykurayzeexivy TexasPosts: 793Member
    I have this too!
    My right is double and my left is triple. o_o
    I think it looks weird, but nobody seems
    to notice..or do they? O_o
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