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Goo Hye Sun 구혜선



  • sukreensukreen Posts: 3,616Member


    edited April 2013

    sorry double posting, with meow

    "True love never dies it gets stronger with time"
    ♡ Perhaps good day will come soon, blessed are those who waits

  • mritamrita Goo Hye Sun Forever IndiaPosts: 155Member


    edited April 2013
    oh noooooo i missed to see the video it got blocked..........
    from the pictures i can see both r very cute
    with seo in guk mesmerised in GHS beauty
    love u unni saranghae

    :(( :bz
    all time favorite couple: lee min ho and goo hye sun (minsun)
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  • jazz_10jazz_10 ♥ MinHo ♥ HyeSun ♥ Posts: 644Member


    GHSforever wrote: »
    @cheerkoo I'm glad i made the copy of it for me hehehehe I posted it on my dailymotion enjoy its too cute :) MBC is quick to block their video all the time :( again guys for posting it :)  

    Thank you so much! @GHSforever you're morethan quicker than MCB LOL
    =)) You really know their style, keke

    @cheerkoo ~ Thank you for the Cine France and now I'm waiting as usual for your translation on SIG and GHS interview. :)
  • myonenonlymyonenonly USA & SpainPosts: 1,538Member


    Hello Sunnies!

    We have a lot of awesome news here lately! Thank you all for your continuous updates. Now we know, Hye Sun doesn't need to be on twitter to be connected with us. :) These news just keep coming! :))

    SIG is so playful with Hye Sun, dangerously, I say. :p  He's good looking too. I will react the same way as Hye Sun. :)) I'm looking forward to the song & MV together.

    GHS is probably in Brussels by now? We didn't see airport photos. :) She's so sneaky. :)) Can't wait for more news.

    Hope you had a nice weekend. Have a blessed Sunday!- to some sunnies.


  • meow13meow13 ♥ Minoz ♥ Sunniez ♥ Hong KongPosts: 2,930Member


    edited April 2013
    cheerkoo said:
    meow13 said:
    @sukreen, I should be the one to say sorry, you posted before me :p

    another video to share
    Ku Hye Sun @ CineFrance Opening Ceremony
    cre mediaconan
    Meow13!! thanks so much!!!
    GHS basically said she feels very honored to be designated as ambassador to CineFrance and that she will do her best for her role. She also said that she did not know that the weather will be that cold. (That is why she has a jacket on.) She asks the people to love French movies. Thank you.

    Oh NOOOOOO! I came too late!! The video clip of GHS and SIG's SectionTV interview has been blocked! I never got a chance to look at it!! I am so sad! But, meow13, Thanks so much!! If you ever find it again, please let me know.
    Thanks for the translation!

    here's the video on dailymotion, enjoy~

    130407 Ku Hye Sun & Seo In Guk @ Section TV Interview

    cre inguk seo

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