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[OFFICIAL] The DBSK, THSK, TVXQ! (동방신기) 5 Thread



  • lenalelenale hero... Posts: 1,390Member
    edited December 2010
    Back in the thread after a short hiatus and i just dont know where to start, as so many things happened.. so many events.. so many good news.. and to be honest, after seeing Jaejoong's Intermodulation pictures, I am just too excited to even think right.. I am exactly like in your gif Sayuri chan *love you too*.. ROFL.. dont we look crazy there.. Jae would laugh his head off if he could see the effect he has on us.. that man, he must totally know the effect he has on us.. he'll be the death of me.. nosebleed, heart skipping few beats, lack of breathe.. tonight he totally killed me and many other cassies, bigeasts and i-cassies along with me.. dying with a silly smile on the face.. lolz..
    After seeing those pictures, I have no doubt that fans who were still hesitating because of the price, will pre-order it right away (CDJapan's real time charts is here to prove it.. while its sold out on HMV).. Jaejoong is priceless after all.. everything about our boys is priceless...
    I so envy the fans who already got their intermodulation photobook.. and I want to know how they can have it before everyone?! and why I have to wait for after 31 dec. to get mine.. I'll probably only receive it in 2011.. how can this be fair?!
    thank you Sayuri chan, raikko, cecilia, senyae for sharing the Intermodulation pictures^^ he is driving us totally crazy.. i dont even know what i am typing anymore.. lolz..
    looolz Ceci.. after seeing the pictures, I know I want to keep it hidden for myself.. haha.. but if the poster is as hot as the pictures, I'll be very much embarassed, as I planned to hang this poster in my bedroom *dilemma.. if Jae is topless on the poster, I know I wont dare to do this..*

    Anyway, so Christmas is coming soon.. and soon is also winter break for me *starting tomorrow!!! yeah*.. and just like Ceci, i might spend a great amount of time glued on the internet, tracking the boys news.. lolz.. so lets start too.. Hi! I'm Lena.. so you can call me Lena.. I'm Jaejoong biased.. then Changmin.. then.. lolz.. I will leave it to guessing, as i dont want to make a top.. lolz.. do i need to say more?
    Reading and listening our boys Christmas greetings feel so heartwarming.. I so love their messages.. i wish they spend a very happy Christmas with their loved ones and family.. it seems like Jaejoong, Junsu and Yoochun will spend it together finally.. no wonder Jaejoong was so happy when he tweeted about it earlier.. lolz.. Jaejoong and Yoochun's drunk tweets were too hilarious..
    thank you Supernike and Amara for sharing the boys messages, with the translations^^
    thank you Yukarii chan for making those lovely gifs.. oh i so loved when Yoochun appeared in Jaejoong's greetings video.. lolz.. he needed to stop him saying "cjesdotcom" haha.. they're never far away from each other.. lolz.. how cute..

    thank you raikko and Sayuri chan for sharing the twitter pictures^^ JiJi looks so adorable, as always.. hopefully he is feeling better now.. probably tired after the surgery..
    looking as Jae's home.. i really love it a lot.. really cosy and beautiful.. he sure has great taste.. what a man <3

    Now there is also two great albums to look forward for the beginning of the year.. even though it means end of the winter break, but I really cant wait to be 2011 and have all those beautiful things in my hands..
    Both JYJ and HoMin will release their first korean album in 2011.. its awesome.. i am impatient.. its insane how impatient i am.. lolz..

    Anyway, its midnight here.. so i really need my beauty sleep as tomorrow is Christmas Eve, and I need to be in top form then.. lolz..
    thank you everyone for posting all the (hot) pictures, videos, articles.. everything about the boys^^
    forgive me for my nonsense.. after seeing Intermodulation pictures, i am not in my right mind :w00t:
    Wherever You Are, That Place Is My World
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  • gemsgems New York, NYPosts: 971Member


    Yunho and Changmin's 7th Teaser Pic!


    Credit: Osen
    Shared by:

    Their expressions are so funny :lol:
  • chdairkldchdairkld Posts: 2,334Member
    edited December 2010
    [News] TVXQ’s album jacket for “Keep Your Head Down” unveiled!


    The jacket cover for TVXQ’s comeback album has just been unveiled. On top of that, it’s been announced that the two boys will be releasing a special edition of their comeback album prior to the original edition’s release! On December 24th, a representative from SM Entertainment stated, “After 2 years and 3 months, TVXQ’s comeback album, ‘Keep Your Head Down“, will be released as a special edition on January 5th.” The special edition will contain a total of 10 tracks, including their title track “Keep Your Head Down / 왜 (Why)” In addition, it will contain a 100-page photoshoot album, containing pictures of Yunho and Changmin. The original edition album, to be released on January 12th, will contain one track that is not included in the special edition. Meanwhile, TVXQ is scheduled to celebrate their comeback by having an autograph signing event in the middle of January.

    Source + Photo: Newsen
    Translation by: maestro-J@allkpop
    Shared by:

    +13 Days left until January 5th!

    Not my favorite shot of them but hey haha at this point, i'll take anything!! it's been way too long. I don't how I'll come up with the money for a 100 page photobook...*panics* plus albums???
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  • pinkypeachpinkypeach Posts: 9Member
    [News] TVXQ’s album jacket for “Keep Your Head Down” unveiled!

    The jacket cover for TVXQ’s comeback album has just been unveiled. On top of that, it’s been announced that the two boys will be releasing a special edition of their comeback album prior to the original edition’s release!

    On December 24th, a representative from SM Entertainment stated, “After 2 years and 3 months, TVXQ’s comeback album, ‘Keep Your Head Down“, will be released as a special edition on January 5th.”

    The special edition will contain a total of 10 tracks, including their title track “Keep Your Head Down / 왜 (Why)” In addition, it will contain a 100-page photoshoot album, containing pictures of Yunho and Changmin.

    The original edition album, to be released on January 12th, will contain one track that is not included in the special edition.

    Meanwhile, TVXQ is scheduled to celebrate their comeback by having an autograph signing event in the middle of January.

    Source + Photo: Newsen
    Translation by: maestro-J@allkpop
    Shared by:

    omg i can't wait!!!
  • Natsumi_sshiNatsumi_sshi ? Hope to the End ? Posts: 2,867Member
    edited December 2010
    hjj1326 wrote on 22 December 2010 - 07:16 AM:

    JYJ - 2010 Calendar Limited Edition

    Thanks for sharing those! The calandar looks sooo awesome! And although it may not have been as lovable as previous calandars (I.e past year) I really love this one. It's so cute. Plus these dorks really know how to strike a pose.

    Hoodwinker wrote on 23 December 2010 - 12:30 PM:

    Thanks for re-sharing that. I don't know if it's just me, or that I'm slow, but I never knew JYJ couldn't swim! :w00t: The question about who they would save if the other two fell into the sea was really entertaining. HAHA I can just imagine 3 grown wet men squealing around in the water screaming for their lives. Junsu's realistic (and logical) answer was probably their best bet.

    [News] TVXQ’s album jacket for “Keep Your Head Down” unveiled!
    conitaemina wrote on 23 December 2010 - 04:22 PM:

    Keep Your Head Down- sounds in-your-face SMP-y already :D Can't wait! And the album jacket looks amazing of course. Yunho's growling expression is LOL. For some reason Keep Your Head Down makes me feel like the song will be very "Hey! Don't Bring Me Down" like. I'm all for supporting HoMin in their album endevours as well as the news of JYJ releasing a Korean album as well. But will JYJ be able to perform their songs?? :mellow: Nevertheless even though the albums are both scheduled for "early next year" I know they'll be different, but I'm not too sure about them "promoting" simultaneously. For me of course it's great, I'll take it as though my DBSK are promoting together once again, but for others, I know that other fans won't think the same. But I suppose that doesn't matter now because the important thing is that they've got albums lined up. Their music.

    Keep Your Head Down...will it evoke the same response as Mirotic?
    가지마 . 거짓말. 사랑해
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    Credits: gracestarr at Soompi
  • BitterLemonBitterLemon Leon ik hou van jou The White Moat where I dream to be with youPosts: 760Member
    Annyeong friends...long time no see..

    From CDJapan (when I was about to put my order there)..I am sure that the amount of order surprised them that they have to make it in their front page.


    Surprising alright, I was not all that surprised at the half naked pics but somehow it's the smoking daring lol :w00t: Yes and it's still number one.
    Anyway, hugs to all of you here in the thread.. :wub:
    you can't hurry love
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  • ElizabethB.ElizabethB. Posts: 229Member
    edited December 2010
    I havecalmed down a little bit since the last time I posted here, but I’m still sohappy!

    Anyway, Ijust saw the pictures of jaejoong photobook and I have to say: I need this bookin my life. The shoots are so intimate, about simple things he enjoy. I likethe smoking pic a lot, he looks really good. And even Jiji is there! That isone lucky kittie.

    The coverof HoMin comeback is cool, but I liked the other teasers a lot more…

    gems wrote on 23 December 2010 - 11:19 AM:

    Anyways, I'll start: Hi! I'm Cecilia, you can call me Ceci. I'm Jaejoong-biased and Changmin and Yunho are close seconds. I come here to spazz and read news (as well as from other sites but sometimes Soompi is fastest!) I'm on my winter break and will be glued to the internet for sure! XD

    [font="'Book Antiqua"]
    Cecilia, I like your idea! My name is Elizabeth, can call me Liz. I’m Jaejoong biased too, my second fav change between yoochun ….and Junsu…and yunho… and changmin. I’m actually only Jaejoong biased and all the other members are my #2! But with Yoochun drama 

    he is becoming my second.

    I was a user of soompi before, but since it was always full of drama I decided to leave for a while. But I like spazzing here, and I like how we can cheer each other, like last December, remember? I wish for Soompi to be a peaceful place so we can all spazz here! Let's make in 2011, a better soompi thread 
    [font="'Book Antiqua"]
    [font="'Book Antiqua"]
    lenale wrote on 23 December 2010 - 03:06 PM:

    Hi! I'm Lena.. so you can call me Lena.. I'm Jaejoong biased.. then Changmin.. then.. lolz.. I will leave it to guessing, as i dont want to make a top.. lolz.. do i need to say more? 
    [font="'Book Antiqua"]
    [font="'Book Antiqua"]Hi lena~ I you have a pretty name! I always like the way you write your posts, so nice and heartwarming![/font]
    [font="'Book Antiqua"]

    I’m sure is Christmas time for some of you darlings, so let me wish you a merry dbsk Christmas!

    Do you remember this video?


    DBSK in Christmas Concert- Magic Castle

    Because we still have you
    And you still have us
  • sheilapigletsheilapiglet Posts: 3,696Member
    edited December 2010
    I personally don't like any of the guys "fully" naked and promoting smoking, but other than that, JJ looks great as usual...*nose bleeds all over keyboard* These should have been in his AnAn photoshoot! That one was weak compared to this

    I'm not feeling Homin's new comeback photo either....but I find it kinda humorous's as if YH is making a loud ruckus and CM's expression is like: "wwhhhyyy mmeee??"=P I can't wait for their autograph signing event in January=D

    stuff to share:

    [TRANS] 101223 TVXQ Has A Surprising Sales Record in Japan Totaling Up to 129 Billion Won

    TVXQ has been placed second on the DVD and CD sales chart in Japan.

    According to the "2010 Artistes’ Sales Ranking" provided by Oricon on the 6th of December, TVXQ is ranked second, after Japan's popular group Arashi. TVXQ had been ranked above AK848, EXILE, and other Japanese groups, gaining more pride for Korean groups.

    In January, the "Break Out!" single broke the 250, 000 sales record within 5 days, making TVXQ the first foreign artiste to have the most singles sold and being the first on the Oricon charts (7 times).

    In February, the "Best Selection 2010" album was released and 413, 000 copies have been sold in a week. Additionally, the "Tohoshinki History in Japan Special" DVD and other DVDs were also very popular.

    Even though TVXQ's members YoungWoong JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu have a dispute with their company SM Entertainment, TVXQ’s popularity has not dropped.

    Source: TVXQbaidu
    Translation: (L) @
    Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
    Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!

    No matter what, they're still the gods of the east!=D

    beginning at 10:10....chinese music program promoting THSK CDs...they're so pretty and brings back alot of memories...then the host talked about Homin's comeback in January + Sm Town concert in Tokyo=) It's cool how he used an iPad to show Homin's new album pics! He also talked about the article I shared above in regards to THSK being no.2 in Japan only to Arashi=D

    [music] athena, Secret of OST ('아테나' OST의 비밀)
    this talks about Homin singing the Athena Ost I believe..and it actually shows the actors at SM Town concert!...Boa is going to make a guest appearance in Athena..wonder if we'll be able to catch a glimpse of Homin?=P
    Credits: gracestarr at Soompi
  • gemsgems New York, NYPosts: 971Member


    edited December 2010
    I like the Keep Your Head Down jacket cover but let's have some fun with it too:

    credit to the maker (not mine)

    credit: gems@soompi

    Hi Liz and Lena! Thanks for jumping in girls :) Let's make 2011 fun and spazzy :lol:
  • senyaesenyae Posts: 343Member


    edited December 2010
    [TRANS] 101223 Privileges of Being a JYJ Member at


    JYJ Members Guide

    At the end of January, you will be able to start to apply to become a JYJ member at C-Jes in order to receive JYJ fanservice.
    If you become a JYJ member, you will be able to view unreleased photos as well as videos.
    You will also have the privilege of receiving invitations to fan meetings only meant for JYJ members as well as all kinds of events.
    With regards to the application for membership, the guide will be released in January as news on the homepage.

    Translated by: christabel88@DBSKnights
    Credits: JYJ Official Website C-Jes
    Shared by: DBSKnights
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  • petiteange22petiteange22 Posts: 1,671Member


    edited December 2010
    JUNCHAN <3


    why so sexy yah!!


    do visit the website when you have time <3 lots of goodies on it =)

    i like this picture.
    absolutely beautiful :wub:

    and the teaser pics from jae's INTERMODULATION!
    i died a little!!!!
    it's dorkiness + sexiness + gorgeousness (is there such a word? haha!) + manliness all in one. :wub: :wub: :wub:

    v afterglow
    hehehehe. go to cjesdotcom, under multimedia, there's a dropdown menu: images or video. click images. and then the links will show up :)
    let me know if you still can't find them!! <3
    ♥ JYJ ♥
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  • sweetdecembersweetdecember Posts: 122Member


    Please kindly read the signature rules.        
  • KumeihinaKumeihina Posts: 395Member
    edited December 2010
    Jaejoongie photobook is just full of nosebleed worthy shot! :wub: I love that its so personal and intimate!~ I'm kinda happy that he feels like both him and his fans are at a stage where he doesn't have to hide the things he does from us (it's not like we didn't know he already smoked)...If these were published in a magazine then it would have been a different story but since its a private photobook from him to fans its just perfect!! He just loves to tease his fans~ :blush: I'll order this as a late Christmas present to myself since I've already cleaned out my bank account this holiday :sweatingbullets:

    Trust is hard to gain, easy to lose...
  • jduongdojduongdo ColoradoPosts: 117Member
    Nice idea Cecilia! I call too!

    Hi everyone! My name is Jeannie, but some people call me Jean or weeeenr (lol Long story short, it's a play off of jeannie weeenie, which you can also call me that if you'd like). My member bias is Yunho in first place, Junsu in second, and the other three tied for third. I started off as a silent reader here around the loving you/doumini coopere era but left right around the lawsuit before coming back this year. A lot of times, the drama in this thread make me want to leave, but I keep finding myself back here. There's something about these five that turns me into a fiend when it comes to them haha.

    Goodness. I usually skip over photos posted because I often times see them posted EVERYWHERE, but these intermodulation photos stopped me in my tracks. Jaejoong is one good looking fellow and I'm glad he knows it because he sure plays it up well for us. :D As for Homin's new album cover...I'm not sure what to say about it. The facial expressions are perfectly summarized by the macros posted earlier. haha. SM has the craziest concepts and this one reminds me of Shinee's latest one, for some reason.
  • afterglow.afterglow. Posts: 1,682Friend of Soompi
    edited December 2010
    edit// petiteangel22: where did you find those pictures? i'm looking under multimedia but i don't see them. T_T looool thank you. <3 x) btw it's my first time visiting the website. it's pretty <3 lol.

    ENG SUB - 101224 JYJ Official Site - Merry Christmas From Junsu (준수)

    ENG SUB - 101224 JYJ Official Site - Merry Christmas From Yuchun (유천)

    ENG SUB - 101224 JYJ Official Site - Merry Christmas From Jaejoong (재중)
    ElizabethB.janehotgasusu bb
  • SolTOHOSolTOHO Posts: 281Member
    edited December 2010
    OMG!! The pictures of INTERMODULATION are killing me!! XD

    Jaejoong is so ... oh God .... He is so PERFECT XD ... Yeah  that´s the word !

    Beautiful, talented, friendly, nice, cool, adorable, dorky Jaejoongie <3 

    I´m totally crazy for him!
    JACE - join us!                                          
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    They said I'd have enough someday.
    I said to them, that is not true, you know why? "when does ever a person had enough if her love is true.."
    JYJ  shine  forever <3
  • newnewuhcnewnewuhc MalaysiaPosts: 65Member
    I know Jaejoong and Yoochun smoke for a while now, but Yunho also picked up the habit (from uMax_JC's picture)? Since when? I don't really like people who smoke (no offence to anyone here who smokes), so I just hope that all of them would stay away from those cancer stick as they're a health hazard to the body. :mellow:
  • gaynessgayness DONG BANG SHIN KI HoniPosts: 3,166Member


    edited December 2010
    HOLY VAJAEJAE!!! Jaejoong naked~!~!!! woooo~! I'm getting a headache! *nosebleed*! I feel so lightheaded!
    homin's new cover looks alright, I was expecting more, but I love their expression! LOLOL YUNHOOOO SIMBBBAAA!! <3 <3

    thank you thank you thank you for the new pics~!
    I'm glad there are pictures of jaejoong smoking. I really hate it when fans deny the fact that they smoke.
    Credits: gracestarr at Soompi
    411 MOFOS~!MY SHOP!
  • sheilapigletsheilapiglet Posts: 3,696Member
    edited December 2010
    [Info] 101224 Special edition of TVXQ’s new album WHY (Keep Your Head Down)

    January 5th of next year they will release new album special edition including the title song “WHY” and show TVXQ’s mature musical abilities and 10 sexy songs!!

    In particular, it will include 100 page photobook showing Yunho and Changmin’s new looks in their new album!!!

    Also, an regular version of “WHY” will be released on January 12th, a new song that will be included in the special edition.
    There will be a total of 11 songs.

    In addition, to celebrate TVXQ releasing a new album, they will have close contact with fans through an autograph session during January of next year!!!!

    credit: baidutvxq
    trans+shared by

    I guess fans will need to choose between the 100-page photobook or the additional track...I'd personally go for the eye candy=P

    [Trans] Yunho’s message for CHEERSYOONHO BAR‏


    Congratulations on the opening of your site.
    Thank you for always give me love and support even from outside the country
    Because of you my heart feels reassured.
    In the future I’ll continue doing my best to be U-know ^^

    credit: Cheersyoonho bar
    trans by:

    Am glad that new sites are opening up for Yunho..wonder how he finds out about them tho and how does he choose which ones to write to?
    Credits: gracestarr at Soompi
  • yoishiyoishi A.Xiah &#33;&#33; ^_^Posts: 365Member


    omg... i don't even know how i am going to take comments one by one anymore.. i'm just too excited.. year 2011 are going to get rockin' !! We got these five guys all over the place !! The photobooks, the albums, the photoshoots and possibly another tour and concerts !!! We are going to get broke reaaallll fast....

    Get ready world !!! Because JYJ and Homin are coming your way in year 2011 !! Get ready to be hypnotized once again.... :lol: I'm too excited, i can even typing right anymore....

    Though destiny is keeping us far apart for now...Our memories that we have fused within are so deep that I could not trade them for the world..
    Credit to : Junsu's twitter &
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