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Lee Si Young 이시영

C51236C51236 U.S.Posts: 1,077Member


edited April 2011 in actors & actresses
upcoming movies 'Couples' & 'Dangerous Meeting'
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Lee Si Young


Profession: Actress
DOB: 1982-Apr-17
Height: 169cm
Weight: 48kg
Star sign: Aries
Blood type: B
Talent Agency: GnG

Mischievous Kiss 장난스런 키스 (MBC, 2010)
Birth of the Rich 부자의 탄생 (KBS2, 2010)
I Love You Ten Million Times 천만번 사랑해 (SBS, 2009)
Hateful But Once Again 미워도 다시 한번 (KBS2, 2009) cameo
Boys Before Flowers 꽃보다 남자 (KBS2, 2009)
The Kingdom of The Winds 바람의 나라 (KBS2, 2008)


Couples (2011)
Dangerous Meeting (2011)
Hong Gil Dong's Descendants (2009)
Ogamdo (2009)


Click to enlarge v8mt0o.jpg

credits GnG


[2009-Apr-23] Lee Jin Wook & Lee Si Young Do Levis credits Allkpop
[2009-Jun-19] Jun Jin & Lee Si Young Are In Love credits Allkpop
[2009-Jun-24] Lee Shi Young Dropped from MBC drama credits popseoul
[2009-Jul-28] Lee Bum Soo, Lee Si Young, Kim Suro for Hong Gil Dong movie credits Allkpop
[2009-Aug-23] Hong Gil Dong's Descendants Carry on the... credits javabeans
[2009-Aug-25] Lee Si Young is InStyle & Looks Darling credits Allkpop
[2009-Sept-02] Jun Jin and Lee Si Young Break Up credits Dahee Fanel
[2009-Sept-05] Lee Si Young on her break up with Jun Jin credits Allkpop
[2009-Sept-13] Lee Shi Young Responds to Detractors credits javabeans
[2009-Sept-18] Lee Si Young & Ryu Jin's Upcoming Drama Kiss credits jazzholic
[2009-Oct-06] Lee Si Young starved for three days! credits Allkpop
[2009-Oct-22] Lee Si Young's bizarre kiss scene with Lee Bum Soo credits Allkpop
[2010-Mar-26] Lee Si Young Parodies Paris Hilton in 'Becoming a Billionaire' credits KBS Global
[2010-Mar-28] Lee Si Young shows off her bikini body credits Allkpop
[2010-Mar-31] Becoming a Billionaire: Lee Si Young Shows off Hourglass Figure credits KBS Global
[2010-Apr-24] Lee Si Young celebrates her 29th birthday credits Allkpop
[2010-May-29] Lee Si Young Heats Up the Maldives for Ceci Korea credits popseoul
[2010-Jul-09] Lee Shi-young cast in two-episode MBC drama credits javabeans
[2010-Jul-10] Lee Shi Young sings againcredits javabeans
[2010-Jul-19] Lee Si Young is obsessed with boxing credits Allkpop
[2010-Sept-29] Actress Lee Si Young has only 4.7 kg of body fat credits Allkpop
[2010-Oct-17] Lee Shi Young's new comedy credits javabeans
[2010-Oct-28] Lee Si Young competes in a boxing championship credits Allkpop
[2010-Nov-27] Dangerous Meeting between Lee Shi-young and Song Sae-byuk credits javabeans
[2010-Dec-02] Lee Si Young earns a win in the boxing ring credits Allkpop
[2011-Feb-05] Posters for Lee Shi Young's Dangerous Meeting credits javabeans
[2011-Feb-24] Lee Si Young shows off her boxing trained figure for “Body Guard MW” credits Allkpop
[2011-Feb-25] New Teaser Poster and stills for Dangerous Meeting credits javabeans
[2011-Mar-16] Actress Lee Si Young advances into amateur boxing finals credits Allkpop
[2011-Mar-16] Lee Shi Young kicks butt credits javabeans
[2011-Mar-17] Lee Si Young wins her second championship belt at amateur boxing finals credits Allkpop
[2011-Apr-01] Cast of new romantic comedy film Couples credits javabeans
[2011-Apr-15] Lee Shi-young and Song Sae-byuk for Cosmo credits girlfriday

Lee Shi Young Catrinet 2010 Shoot


2010 KBS Drama Awards: Newcomer Actress Award (The Birth of the Rich)


GnG Official site
Profile (nate)


  • celena8899celena8899 seattlePosts: 1,112Member


    she's jan di's friend right?
    she kind of remind me of a person, but i don't remember who.

    Credits: Lilazinprincess, for icon ~ Me, for banner
  • janeeeeejaneeeee CanadaPosts: 811Member


    yup, she's jandi's friend.
    i think she's so pretty, and her acting i think is pretty good.
    she's got the whole cute act down.
    thanks for the profile.

    image image
  • huangsyhuangsy Posts: 5,758Member


    edited January 2009
  • C51236C51236 U.S.Posts: 1,077Member


    she is Jandi's friend, just not her best friend Ga Eul (portrayed by Kim So Eun). Lee Si Young is the one who portrays Oh Min Ji (Sanjo Sakurako), the girl who pretends to be Jandi's friend. OMJ is the girl who's been in love with Jun Pyo since kindergarten, the girl who JP called ugly so she had to get surgery to get the face she has today, the girl who framed Jandi with those pics of her and a guy in a hotel room, and the girl who gave Jandi a teddy bear.

    image image
    from Kingdom of the Winds as Yeonhwa (credits to GnG Management)

    image image
    Lee Si Young as Oh Min Ji (Sanjo Sakurako)
    (pics from BOF thread)
  • C51236C51236 U.S.Posts: 1,077Member


    Lee Si Young and JunJin Confirmed For We Got Married New Year Special


    Now barely 24 hours after the PDs of We Got Married had announced that they would be keeping the identity of JunJin’s bride on the New Year Special a secret until the actual broadcast, they have now (flip-flopped) revealed the name of the girl. Actress Lee Si Young, recently seen in KBS Boys Before Flowers as Geum Jandi’s (Goo Hye Sun) friend, Oh Min Ji will be JunJin’s partner.

    No other new information was available.

    (credits coolsmurf @

    here's the preview shown after ep.41 regarding JunJin (credits video to haruekorea @ YT)

    -- i should've noticed the curly hair!!! LSY currently has that hairstyle for BOF! how I didnt put 2 and 2 together!!!

  • MittsiMittsi Posts: 100Member
    haha she was mean to jandi e.e i don't like her too much in BBF
    but she's really pretty~ o.o

  • huangsyhuangsy Posts: 5,758Member


    edited January 2009
  • snowy22snowy22 credit:sayluncu outerspacePosts: 513Member


    she acted well in BOF, i feel pity for her in that drama and she is quite pretty.
    credit: lyptika|Avatar credit:dainielly
  • huangsyhuangsy Posts: 5,758Member


    her new sexy look
  • monstermonster malaysia~Posts: 511Member


    i saw her in WGM special together with junjin...
    i reallly curious about her background...
    her home is so spacious and she got so many toys..
    did she come from a rich family???
  • kirra12kirra12 Black Fire Gods HomePosts: 1,112Member
    XD this girl,
    iono i just love the eyes,
    i dont love the whole face,
    but props to her acting. ^^
    i can't believe a cute girl face like her can turn into the evil girl. XD
  • jingjunajingjuna NYPosts: 1,069Member
    edited January 2009
    shes a really good actress in my opinion :]
    in bof the part where she tells junpyo about everything was really impressing.
    also in we got married she is really funny XD lol her and junjin are cute
    you can see that she looks at junjin differently as they spent more time together
    in the beginning she looked at him like a stranger but later she looks at him brightly
    credit--- sana
  • selvaspeedyselvaspeedy SOMEwherePosts: 2,478Member


    great that you started this thread image
    the 1st time I saw her was in Kingdom Of The Winds. Her role there was tremendous image
    She was YeonHwa, a palace maid who falls in love with Prince Yeojin of Koguryeo. But the prince dies later. When she finally tried to forget her heartbreak over the death of her lover, she starts to build feelings for Maro (a general in the Koguryeo army) and he also loves her so much. But again, he dies later (a horrific death) image poor yeonHwa now after she's left alone commits suicide image
    her role there is totally different than her role in BBF image

    Lee Si Young Is Cover Girl for Maxim Korea February 2009
    source: coolsmurf

    Promising actress Lee Si Young, recently seen in Kingdom of the Winds and Boys Before Flowers, will grace the cover of one of the best selling men’s magazines in the world, Maxim Korea for the February 2009 edition.


    Lee Si Young’s personality is completely the opposite of what you should expect despite her demure feminine appearance. During the photoshoot, Lee Si Young was pretty much behaving like a tomboy and often pulling pranks on others which in turn lightened the mood considerably. More shots below.




    Can’t get enough? Check out We Got Married New Year Special shown on 25th where Lee Si Young plays a make-believe married couple with JunJin.

    Junjin with Si Young on “We Got Married”:
    source: seoulbeats

  • bryangbryang NjPosts: 278Member
    kinda reminds me of Lee So Yeon hmm...
    looks pretty though.
    IPB Image
  • bitter SOOweetbitter SOOweet ??? ???? NOVAPosts: 5,497Member


    i liike her haha
    she acts well, shes pretty (yes i am quite aware that she got surgery, but who cares haha)
    and i LOVE her personality in WGM haha
    shes really different. ic an't wait to see more of her and junjin!
  • <enter name here><enter name here> khuntoria! GUNDAM <3Posts: 382Member
    lol. she's awesome.. she got me addicted to gundam again! LOL. i use to build them too, but gave up cos i got too poor. man, she must've been loaded to get so many of them! so jealous. she's even got the 'freedom' from gundam seed . ahhh. so jealous!! LOL
    and , i really like the gundam couple. gonna stalk that thread. LOL image
  • xiam9xiam9 Aspire for nothing soompiPosts: 3,010Member


    edited March 2009
    I didn't know she already has her thread. I was waiting for someone to make it.
    Anyway, I've only seen her in BoF and I thought her acting was really good.
    Although there aren't any news going around, I really hope she'll make a final appearance in BoF.

    Inoo Kei JUNE 22 Jung YongHwa
  • junefourteenjunefourteen Posts: 64Member
    she's my girl-crush image i don't get tired looking at her face. and she seems a great friend to be with image i find her and junji cute too!
  • MarcusMarcus Posts: 78Member


    ahhh.. awesome to watch on WGM. junjin is one lucky man....
    Lee Si Young... can't get enough of her.
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