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[Drama 2013] You're The Best Lee Soon Shin - 최고다 이순신



  • evokevok Posts: 2,711Member


    edited April 2013
    edensor said:
    From preview episode 14, Soon Shin get chasing by her mom now... GOOD. Cause I really getting annoyed by mom behaviour. She need to learn her lesson too. Her jealousy toward MR make her blind about Soon Shin.
    Before I said I understand she felt betrayed by her husband and I still do, but thru ep 13 I can't stand with her anymore. Her face is all gloomy thru the ep. Its getting irritates me. she is like whinning all the time, angry. Just not the mom I used to love before.
    But well... when she talk to her friend, that chicken ahjumma, I'm glad she finally burst it out. I hope that'll make her feeling better -which seems NOT, cause she chasing out Soon Shin.

    yeah, she acts annoying now but ıf I put myself to her shoes, I can understand her behaviours! she is about to lose her daughter. she raised that girl like her own daughter then suddenly she is in situation to lose her! but as a viewer I also think she acts so selfish whatever happens she wont stay alone, let allow her to meet her real mother! ıts not fair for SS!

    Also I really wonder after SS unite with her real mother, she will learn his father died bc of her mother and also she didnt help him, they run away with leaving him behind! after she learn the truth what her feelings gonna be? will she stay with her real mother or come back to her step-mother?

  • marie67marie67 Posts: 2,889Member


    YEAH chase her into JH arms! By telling SS to go out of the house, she will only bring SS and JH closer :D I cant wait for more cuteness and hopefully an accidental kiss scene. I feel we will soon get a kiss scene to let JH confirm his feelings. I say bring it ON!


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  • marie67marie67 Posts: 2,889Member


    There is a scene in the preview SS has a blue bag with her and when she and JH sit together she has already been chased out I think ;)


    All time favorites: Kim Soo Hyun, Joo WonLee Min Ho, Lee Seung Gi, Lee Jun Ki, Kim Woo Bin

  • smmrsmmr certified dramaholic Posts: 414Member


    ahoxan said:
    phoung said:


    More cat-fights. 
    Good thing the girls are having fun acting out the scenes. LOL...

    Love how Joon Ho's actions as Soon Shin's CEO consistently looks like that of an ardent suitor... :)
    ... maybe because he's not so clear what his role is with regards to her. :D =))

    Yoo Shin is sure making it easy for Chan Woo.
    She must have been waiting in her most secret heart for him to step up and actively pursue her. :D

    Mommy is jealous of birth mommy.
    The slap & situation is exactly the type most often seen from jealous girlfriends. :) :D LOL...
    Oh, the preview got me more excited!
    Yes, I agree that Joon Ho's actions do suggest those of a suitor, the way and the times he touches her, the way he gets irritated (cough.jealous...cough) at the doctor, the way he fusses over her, how worried he was of Soon Shin when he learned that Mi Ryung was only being nice to her because of Yi Jung.... oh, what an ardent admirer he would be! Unknowingly his feelings are starting to change! 

    By the way, in their scene at the preview, does anybody else think that they were in Soon Shin's practice room? The room seemed different from the ones we have seen.
  • phoungphoung IU's star candy dreamlandPosts: 1,154Member


    Me too im bored with SS's mother and the birth secret. Whenever her scenes come out I sit here thinking, she can just do a simple DNA test. I mean she can easily get SS's DNA and her other children's and just do a quick DNA test then she would know if her husband cheated on her or not. drama drama ~~
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  • Shorti InjiShorti Inji Posts: 727Member


    DNA tests costs money.  Her mom's pretty broke right now too.  (Anyways this is the realistic side of me when I watch dramas.  I wonder if mom would know about DNA testing but Chicken Ajumma does...)
  • edensoredensor I'm Her Star Candy Posts: 5,720Member


    I find it interesting how we all know that SS's father is not her real father while his wife still doubts him. I know it's easier for us as we are not in that situation, but shouldn't she know him better than we do? And her husband's friend keeps telling her that he didn't cheat on her.
    Ikr... well maybe because this is her first ever doubt on her husband. Even more it happens when he is already dead. She can't even angry to him.
    But still... I don't like the way she is now. Seeing someone's gloomy face is tiring.
  • cavewomanjayacavewomanjaya Posts: 14Member


    Hey, I really want to stream this drama live but i can't seem to watch it from the link given in this forum despite downloading the plugin. Can anyone else give me another link that i can stream smoothly? I really do wanna watch this drama !

  • HueeeHueee Kim Ji Hoon fan AUSTRALIA QUEENSLAND BRISBANEPosts: 714Member


    any live streaming links tonight?

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