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Dearest all:


As all of you know, JUNJIN and ANDY are coming for KPOP concert in Singapore! Thus, shinhwachangjo international (shinhwachangjo.net) are doing some projects for JINDY as well as SHINHWA. One of the projects include a JIGSAW PUZZLE cum SCRAP BOOK.

Details about the JIGSAW PUZZLE:

The picture of the jigsaw puzzle is the 10th anniversary logo


The puzzle(A3 sized) will be made up of 6 pieces, each piece given to each member.

Messages will be collected from fans for each member and binded (using ribbons) behind each puzzle piece

Message requirements:

- cards/notes that are 8CM BY 8CM(no less or bigger), LEAVE 2CM GAP ON THE LEFT

- please write 1 card/note to each member. Do not combine all the things you want to say to all of them on 1 card/note

- please do not have anything popping out of your card/note

WHAT YOU CAN DO AS AN OVERSEAS(non-singapore base) FAN?

There are 2 ways you can contribute to this:

1) You can email your messages to ng_trsh@yahoo.com.sg for each member. We will either hand write your messages for you or print it out and bind it together (please indicate if you want us to write or print for you)

2) You can write your messages on 8cm by 8cm paper(decorate it etc), scan your message, email to ng_trsh@yahoo.com.sg and we'll kindly print it out for you and bind it together with the rest of the messages


For more details, please feel free to visit our forum,


P.S: If you are a fan who's coming for the concert, please also visit the forum for more details about what we are going to do for JINDY.

NOTE: we're NOT the official fanclub for Shinhwa in Singapore

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Hi, I'm a new fan of Shinhwa and Junjin. But I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this. Please tell me if I'm not allowed to, I'll take this post down.

I came to know that Junjin acted in drama before with this supporting actor called Park Jun Hyuk or something(I'm not sure if I got the name of the actor correct, but it's something similar to that). Can anyone tell me which drama is that? Sorry, I know this isn't much infomation, I don't even know the year of when the drama was released, but any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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Guest grumpynomore

i hope he's fully recovered from this accident!

i still can't believe he's part of infinity challenge! remember when shinhwa were guests on that show...he was the second runner up for their sixth man? that was so hilarious!

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Hello every one, you guys have amazing thread here. I would like to share some Junjin dream team cut with you guys. Sorry if someone has already posted them or you have seen these videos before, I have uploaded 5 or 6 videos i hope you like them.







Because these videos are old, the quality may not be that good.

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Guest incarnadine

wbutt02, I see you here at last!!! Thanks so so much for the uploads, watching old clips of young jinnie is always very delightful :)

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On the upcoming 23rd Feb episode of MBC’s Come To Play’s Type B special, Junjin revealed his competitive streak through an interesting incident.

“I was very short when I was in elementary school, and there was this really tall girl who teased me, “Choongjae ah, why are you so short?” and I was really hurt. From then on to grow taller, I drank 1.5 liters of milk everyday for 4 years.”

He continued, “When I got to high school, I had my growth spurt and quickly grew to 180cm. When that happened, I called up that girl’s home and told her, “Listen up well, it’s Choongjae here. I’m 180cm tall now” and then just hung up on her.”

Other Type B guests on this episode include Im Chang Jung, Moon Hee Jun and Park Hyunbin.

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[09.03.01] Lee Shi Young, “Hubby Junjin is better than Gu Junpyo”

Here’s a short excerpt from one of her TV interviews where she was asked about Junjin and WGM…

Recently, actress Lee Shi Young, who rose to fame after appearing in hit drama “Boys Before Flowers”, began ‘married life’ with Junjin on MBC variety show We Got Married. Junjin had said in an earlier interview that he felt the the charm of his ‘wife’ lies in her candid personality. What does Lee Shi Young think Junjin’s charm is?

“His charm… it’s his lack of sense. I initially thought that was a really bad thing, but I realised later that he was just pretending to be like that. Now it seems that it’s a good thing, pretending to not notice things but he’s actually taking care of the other person.”

It seems that she likes her ‘husband’ quite a bit. Then, between Gu Junpyo, who her character Oh Minji liked in ‘Boys Before Flowers’, and Junjin, who would she choose if she had to make a choice?

Objectively speaking, Gu Junpyo owns many things and is good at many things, but no matter what, now I would choose my husband. Isn’t Junjin more attractive and charming?”

[09.03.01] Lee Shi Young: Junjin is a partner who takes good care of people

An excerpt from yet another of an interview with LSY… She’s really hot property these days…

(non-related info omitted)

“As for Junjin… he’s a partner who really takes good care of people. Actually whether it’s me or Junjin, the two of us aren’t the talkative types. But being on variety shows requires us to talk a lot more, and Junjin is very considerate and takes care of me. Right now we’re getting to know each other better, and although you can’t see it from the show, but we are getting more familiar with each other. (laughs) Frankly speaking, when I’m on WGM, am I thinking of Junjin every minute and every second? Sometimes it’s like that. There are moments when I can’t tell if Junjin’s sociable ways come about because of the show, or because of his 10 years of showbiz experience, or if his personality is more outgoing to begin with. When I get lost in my own thoughts, Junjin would ask me, “What are you thinking of?”, and I’d tell him, “Nothing.” That really gets him panicking a little. Haha.”

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