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100% Perfect Girl

Guest puls707

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Guest Jooliyah

Chapter 82 came out, and now it's officially over =[

I was so looking forward to seeing Jarte's reaction to the child's gender, but oh well xD

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Spoiler warning!

I just finished this manhwa today and it is now the best romantic series I've ever read. Just ... amazing. I was about to give up because the whole "amnesia"-ordeal was FAIL and Luigi pissed me off, but I'm glad I kept reading. Jarte had his scary moments but I never thought of him as a bad guy that she should definitely leave. What's scarier than Jarte's psycho fits is definitely the fact that I was still in love with him even when he was being a douchebag, haha, though I got pissed when he saw the "old Jay" in the maid and made Jay feel insecure and lonely. Rather than battling his own guilt, he should have glued himself to her side despite her harsh attitude.

Ahh, but besides that, Jarte was dreamy and so loyal that I wished he was real. His protective and jealous (not scary WTF-possessive) side was the most adorable thing ever, like when he got raging jealous of the gay designer, the cat and then his own future son. I'm so glad J & J stuck together, they truly deserved their "happily ever after". Makes me think twice about my solution of leaving a lover once things get messy, sometimes it might be worth it to stay and fight for the relationship even if it's incredibly exhausting? Anyways, I was rooting for the two of them since the beginning so I'm extremely pleased with the ending. :)

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Guest happy_star

Spoiler Alert:

I guess I'm a little late in adding this, but the end...rushed and could have been done waaaaaaaaay better than it was. I was left unsatisfied and somewhat felt stupid that this was the ending that we had been waiting for.

not impressed....

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I started reading this just the other day, and danggggg!~ It was soooo addictive and intense~! ahhh X_X

I finished it in less than 2 days! 2 days of sleeping in the wee hours of morning [5 a.m.] lol~

It was that good, well at least for me :P

ah Jarte, where can I find someone like him?! V_V haha xD

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