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Got this off of Sojisubar FB page. Reposted from a Korean fans IG. Translated it into English for you guys. The fan was lucky enough to have caught Ji Sub at his office at 51K on February 3. She

A love story for Valentines. Hope you enjoy this John Kim version and cherish him once again! Love him!!! Love you all, my dearest friends!!! OH MY VENUS   It t

Hello all Jisubbers! Finally done the translation from Japanese magazine RIVERIVER released in January 2016. As usual, translated based on http://tieba.baidu.com/p/4241387189 by 移动的荷尔蒙. Interview i

Hi everyone here^^

Finally i am back to this THREAD!!!!

Well, we have to rebuild our home :(

First of all, thanks to 9ucci for starting this thread^^

thunder , cholo, sonickim, Dahee Fanel, Thursday's Child, Goy, ramcee, lee ji woo, watsoncrick, izzat...etc for reposting the news and pictures of ji sub :)






credit naver

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Guest thunderbolt

“So Ji Sub, Give me flowers on my Graduation”



I want to receive flowers from So Ji Sub for my Graduation!

Presently, the most popular talent So Ji Sub is running first place in the Survey “From which male star would you like to receive flowers on your graduation day?”

The star entertainment popularity site VIP (www.vip.co.kr) ran a survey during the 2nd week of February and So Ji Sub got the first place by receiving 11.9% of the votes.

Last year, So Ji Sub brought the audiences’ hearts to tears by his moving portrayal in “I’m Sorry I love you,” and after that, his popularity is exploding, touching the hearts of his fans with his unique charisma.

In 2nd place, following right behind So Ji Sub, is Kam Dong Won (9.0%), who revived the maternal instincts in women with his peculiarly timid smile.

In 3rd place is Jo In Sung (8.6%), who is presently filming “Spring Days,” as the audiences are approving of his explosive acting skills.

Following behind, ‘killer smile’ Kim Rae Won (7.3%) is in 4th place, and from the movie “Blood Type B Boyfriend” Lee Dong Gun is in 5th place respectively.

After this, “Flower-pretty” Wonbin (6.2%), from “Kwe Gul Choon Hyang” Jae Hee (5.9%), the very popular Hyun Bin (5.3%), are in between 6th to 8th position.

WaWooET.com /Reporter Lee Na Young

Translated by Priscilla

(credit: hotelier2002.com)

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Hi everyone here^^

Finally i am back to this THREAD!!!!

Well, we have to rebuild our home :(

First of all, thanks to 9ucci for starting this thread^^

thunder , cholo, sonickim, Dahee Fanel, Thursday's Child, Goy, ramcee, lee ji woo, watsoncrick, izzat...etc for reposting the news and pictures of ji sub :)

Hi '^(b)EAncRU(d)^

Yes. Let's start rebuild our lovely home ;);)

Hi watsoncrick

can't wait for yr next MV. I watch them everyday







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Guest watsoncrick

Japanese magazine: Korean TV & Cinema: First Exclusive Interview with So Ji Sub in Japan (Feb/2005)


So Ji Sub has been in Japan shooting a music video and a photo book.

This interview came at the end of his 18-day schedule of official engagements in Japan. The day before, he had a meeting with fans where he was apparently delighted by the fervent welcome from about 1,000 fans and enjoyed himself enormously, even getting a bit carried away. When I approached him saying “I’m sorry to disturb you, but may I interview you?” his eyes widened, as if saying “What are you talking about!” and he replied “It’s all right” in Japanese, readying himself for this interview. Keeping with the reputation of being a man of few words, his responses were scant, but still I could see the silent fighter in him.

What were you thinking when you won the ‘Best Actor’ award at the KBS Drama Awards?

Jisub: My mother, rather than career-related things. Feelings of gratitude towards my mother which I’ve been harboring in my mind flashed through me like strobes. I’m pretty sure she cried witnessing the moment on TV, and I was equally happy”

How did you land your roles in It Happened in Bali and I’m Sorry, I Love You? And what prompted you to accept those roles?

Jisub: The scriptwriter who wrote It Happened in Bali also wrote my previous TV drama Ten Thousand Years’ Love. He told me that he began to form images of In Wook in his head while watching me in it, and wrote It Happened in Bali based on them. Therefore, he said “Only you can play him right.” I was flattered and immediately accepted the offer. As to I’m Sorry, I Love You, the storyline was superb. If it had been offered to somebody else first, I’m sure he would have said he would do it.

You have been blessed with a lot of good works. How has this come about?

Jisub: Certainly luck played a part in it. But, I always rely on my first impression of reading a script. Work I decided to take in because I loved their scenarios luckily turned out to be hits.

Which one is easier to play? The type that lets his emotions out like the ones you played in Glass Slippers and Ten Thousand Year’s Love or the type that keeps his emotions in check, like the ones you played in It Happened in Bali or I’m Sorry, I Love You?

Jisub: (Sighing lightly) there is no easy role for me to play. But if I have to choose one, it’s the latter. When you have lines, you can fill and deliver them with emotions, but when you don’t, it is quite tough to find a way to convey your feelings without saying anything.

You said you are more like In Wook in It Happened in Bali. Given that, isn't it challenging to play the type that lets all his emotions out?

Jisub: Because he has qualities that I don't have, it's more interesting to play him.

Do you think such roles affect your psyche, causing you to develop similar characteristics?

Jisub: To some degree. When I'm playing a cheerful and lively character, people tell me, "You’ve become much more lively." On the other hand, when I'm playing characters like In Wook who keeps his mouth shut, I don’t even feel like hanging out with my friends. This must be surprising to them.

What did you gain from your different experiences in Glass Slippers, Ten Thousand Years' Love, It Happened in Bali, and I'm Sorry, I Love You, respectively?

Jisub: In Glass Slippers, I had lots of action scenes, of which I had done very few up until that time, so I learned how to act in action scenes. Ten Thousand Years' Love was a drama with historical elements mixed in, and I learned things like combat skills including how to fight with a sword and ride a horse. It also had a fantastical element in it, where I had to ask myself whether it would be comical and funny if I did it this way or that way. That was very educational. As to It Happened in Bali while shooting, people began to tell me that my acting skills had drastically improved. It enabled me to listen to the feedback of those around me while playing my part. In I'm Sorry, I Love You, I started out with fabulous reviews, but eventually, they began to take their toll on me in the form of stress, and from the middle of the series, I was totally at a loss as to how I should act. I was torn by the question of how I could do better than what I was doing. Through the experience, I learned to embrace such stress and to use it to achieve better performance."

You played the part of a tragic lover many times. When you fall in love with somebody, how do you behave?

Jisub: (Without hesitation) I tend to watch her. I could never be the one to ask her out first.

Then if she doesn't ask you out, will nothing come of it?

Jisub: I try to somehow get her to ask me out first.

What? Have you been successful with this method so far?

Jisub: Successful? (After reflecting for a while as if trying to remember past experiences) Yes, I have been…. (Smiling shyly)

Assuming the relationship goes well, are you an attentive and caring boyfriend, doing such things as calling her frequently to keep in touch?

Jisub: I tend to be devoted to her from the moment we become a couple.

You know, there are some guys won't feed bait to a fish he has caught.

Jisub: Really? I'm the type who is committed 100% once I begin a relationship with a girlfriend. (Firmly)

What type of women do you like?

Jisub: My ideal woman changes often, but for the time being, I like them attractive, gentle, and sensible.

Can you name any such person among those around us?

Jisub: (After pondering a while) Even if you ask me, I can't think of one at the moment. You never know unless you actually meet her, and I haven't yet come across such a person...

You seem to think that personality-wise, you are not compatible with the showbiz industry. Still what makes you to continue your acting career?

Jisub: Probably my ambition. I think I can continue my acting career because although I have few close friends, am an introvert and not good at speaking, I'm ambitious towards my work. It has been 10 years since I made my debut, but I still kind of feel awkward except around TV cameras and still find myself at a loss as to what to do.

Really? I was struck by how professional and self-assured you looked at the preceding photo shoot.

Jisub: Because I would be mortified to hear "Boy, you have been doing this for ten years, and this is all you can do!" I try to give my best at work and be recognized as being good enough, in a sense, pretending to be strong. I want to be credited with being able to adequately express all kinds of emotions.

May we talk about your friendship with Song Seung Heon, Kwon Sang Woo and Park Yong Ha, with whom you are said to be very close?

Jisub: Song Seung Heon and I debuted together ten years ago and we have remained steadfast friends ever since. I met Kwon Sang Woo on the set of the TV-series Delicious Proposal, and our friendship has continued to today. Likewise, I met Park Yong Ha through work and, often spend holidays or leisure time drinking or eating with them together. In particular, Song Seung Hyun, who is one year older than I, is like a blood brother to me.

To become friends with you, I guess, the other person is the one who has to take the initiative?

Jisub: You bet. Though, when I'm silent, I’m told that I look intimidating, and others do not dare to approach me.

Which means that those three had the guts to approach you?

Jisub: Yeah, exactly! (laughingly)

What has been your happiest moment recently?

Jisub: Meeting my Japanese fans. Although I couldn't directly communicate with them, I could just feel how much care and support they had for me which made me very happy and thankful to each and every one of them. If possible, I hope I can come back to meet them sometime again soon.

I think your kiss scenes are always very beautiful. Do you have any special tips or study for such scenes?

Jisub: "Study...? (laughing) Regrettably, it's not something you can practice... (laughing) Although I can't say I do things which may qualify as "study," I make sure I do not forget to gargle with mouthwash and brush my teeth before those scenes.

You have beautiful hands and fingers and scenes in which you caress your leading lady's face with them are very beautiful.

Jisub: (in Japanese) Ah, Thank you.

Could it be that the director tells you to do so because you've got beautiful fingers?

Jisub: Without being told to do such things, my hands just find their way there, as if by sheer instinct. (laughingly)

Is there any place in Japan where you would like to visit?

Jisub: Yes, Sapporo. I would like to have an open-air bath while taking in a beautiful snow-capped view.

Please visit us in Japan again. Thank you for interview.

Jisub: (In Japanese) Thank you for the interview.

So tried to respond seriously even to those questions which deserved jesting and light responses, endearing himself to me so much that I felt the impulse to tease him. The thought occurred to me that even if he looks intimidating at first glance (^^), he must be a lovely darling to those who know him well.

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Guest snowhite


"a new thread for so jisub"

welcome home my dear chingus :)

i miss you all, though some change their usernames but you can really feel who they are because it is in my heart :wub:

hello thunderbolt(damo),L4ura(Laura E.),Prisci(Priscilla)Pocky(subsubi),luckycarrienew(luckycarrie) and do i miss anyone here?if it is i will in my next post since its my first post in our new thread ;)

i wonder if izaat2 change her usernames let me guess is it kangaroo?pardon me :lol: and rmc to ramcee is that correct?

hello to beancurd, watsoncrick,roaceica,sonickm,ripgal,goy,et al...

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Guest sophia76

I'm here, too! :)

Welcome home, dear friends!

This is a period of change (before Hotelier SJS thread, now soompi...). But every time we begin with the same happiness and wish to stay together speaking about our Ji Sub :D

Thanks a lot for the images and the interviews (Thunder you're doing a wonderful work)

One of my favourite images from Japanese MiSa promotion


and one of Ji Sub wallpaper made by me

Ji Sub Wallpaper by Sophia

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Guest Bioblue

Lovely Ladies of the Beautiful So Ji Sub..just love reading each word from the Super SexY SexY so Ji Sub himself..all of us ladies are just Lovely Lovely because you Know we all Adore Super SexY Sexy So Ji Sub..One pleasure that i can't stop looking At!! Those pixs are soo Hot Hot to look at! Sonickim..I didn't want to change my name..I am glad you didn't change it Either LovelY fan!! :D

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WOW everyone, this thread is THRIVING from all these beautiful and breathtaking pics of mr. sjs. OH well, time for an introduction.. cuz i doubt anyone actually knows me.


And its great to meet all of you, one thing is for sure, we all share the same interest... SO JI SUB!!! HAHA.


^ That is one of the most adorable pics of him because i just LOVE his haircut.. and okay whose not gonna fall for that innocent look.

Oh boy, i feel.. "wrong" staring at that picture for too long. haha.

Once again, thanks everyone for updating this thread with pictures and news!

--angela ^^

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Guest sincerelydolly

I really love him with the "shaggy" hair. He's a really good actor and I really got into after watching MISA. He's a very interesting actor....

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