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Guest thunderbolt

SJS had an autograph session with fans on 18 September 2004. Here's a behind-the-scenes look at what happened that day when SJS was delayed because of very bad weather:

Title : Unforgettable day... Sep/18 Jinjoo sign meeting...

written by office man of Jisub's company. Date 2004/09/20 (18:15)

There was a 2nd CASPI CONUS sign meeting in Jinjoo city at Sep/18.

It was supposed to be started at 2:00 pm. but it was started at over 5:30pm.

That day... I really appreciate you all who waited such long time.

The flight was cancelled due to the bad weather.

I and So Ji Sub got on and off airplane 3 times....

At first, there was no seat at Jinjoo airplane, so we bought tickets to Pusan, Pusan to Jinjoo by car.

It was 10:00am flight, we had enough time.

Suddenly, they say the flight is cancelled, so we had to get off.

How shocking!

After that, So Ji Sub himself was running here and there to get ticket.

He also checked the KTX (Express train to Pusan) schedule.

The fastest flight to Jinjoo was 4:40pm, flight to Ulsan or Pohang city are all cancelled.

We were SO speechless, also felt impatient thinking fans waiting for Jisub.

We ran around 1st floor (arrival), 2nd(ticketting) 3rd (riding) floor of airport building.

Finally a 2:30pm flight to Pusan was ready to take off.

We earnestly prayed for not being cancelled again.

We arrivied at Pusan, the traffic was heavy from Pusan to Jinjoo.

Finally we arrivied at Jinjoo, we found so many people were still waiting for us.


While on the way to Jinjoo, Jisub kept saying

" How should I do? I feel so sorry to the people waiting. I made them wait too long."

He just worried and worried, never felt hungry at all. Actually he didn't eat at all all day.

After sign meeting, on the way to the Jinjoo airport, he first said he feels hungry.

He wanted to stay more there with fans, but he had schedule at Seoul at night time.

Anyway, at Sep/18, So Ji Sub was touched very much with your love. He says he will work harder.

Many fans.. especially who came from Japan, Taiwan...

From Seoul, Pusan, Daejeon, Daegoo... Jisub really appreciates to all Youngsosa friends.

We shall not be delayed again, NEVER! (no more natural disaster)

Jisub goes to Australia at 25th of September.

We will make a great drama and come back to TV at Nov/8.

Please wait for him, keep support him.

Thank you all! It's been a hard day to you all...


saturn's comment : It was not that hard at all.

We 35 people (including fan from Japan and Taiwan) left Seoul with one rent-a- bus,

arrived Jinjoo at 1:30pm.

As soon as we arrived, we recieved a phone call from that officeman.

He said, if we can wait, Jisub will come even at late time.

We all answered 'WE CAN!' Waiting for Jisub is a part of my life.

Each of us recieved the waiting number ticket, then went to have lunch, then went to a movie.

(Superstar Kam Sa Yong, it was great movie!) After movie, the time was already 5:20pm.

We ran back to the event location, and in 10 minutes, Jisub arrived.

So we were not tired at all, just enjoyed our time.

(credit: Saturn, Soompi)


*sigh* Will someone please post after me so that I can post the next looooong article? I can't post consecutively because the two posts become one!! Please help. Thanks.

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Guest skyelee21

hey! lee.... you did!!! you remember what i told you about this article!!! Hmmp!!!

where did you read it???small-smiley-026.gif

cause its 1page i keep on tracking and keep reading all over again back in SATURN resource pool

It's posted here in the thread, sis!

Didn't you see?

I think page 1...

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Guest thunderbolt

Thanks, skye. :P

< InStyle DECEMBER 2004 >

So Ji Sub is like a reversible jumper.

He has bright smile but if I turn it over, I can see his loneliness.

He seems to speak out an careless word, but a heavy load in it, cannot be ignored.

His character Inwook in 'What happened in Bali' looked like himself.

Many people were excited by Inwook's eyes which were like injured beast and lonely devotion.

They have been missing him for long time.

Now he came back, with exceptional change.

He explodes his rage and dream of revenge. Cha Moohyuk will be his another self.

Q: It's been hard to see you after 'What happened in Bali. What did you do?

A: I've traveled Las Vegas for 20 days with close brothers.

It was such a sweet vacation for me, because with close freinds.

Q: Tell me about Cha Moo Hyuk of 'Sorry I love you'.

A: Abandoned, a guy like a stray dog.

Full of rage, has bad mouth. but has fatal love in his heart.

Q: You are known as very timid. Don't you have any burden for acting totally different personality ?

A: I feel rather funny. Yes I am not that defiant, I just endure my anger.

I feel a emancipation, when I'm acting Moohyuk, who express his feeling immediately.

Q: Any episode during filming in Austrailia.

A: Well I'm not sure I may say this or not... We did a theft shooting in some places, without permission.

When we're passing a place, if we found a place looks nice, we prepared shooting very quickly,

shot and ran away. It was very thrilling experience. (laugh)

One more thing is... the weather was cold.

I heard Melbourn is warm, but when we're working, we had heavy wind, it made tent blow away.

Q: It seems your personality became brighter than before.

A: Yes, I hear it often.

When I'm working, I must be comfortable to make others comfortable.

So I'm trying to be bright. Maybe it worked.

My new manager and stylist are 30s women, my hair stylist is married too.

I'm working with all married women. I'm accustomed to women's chatter. (laugh)

Q: Your fashion is the topic.

A: Yes, the 'Grunge' look at episode 1 seemed unexpected.

Old neat, leather jacket, bright and colorful innerwear, wide hairband.

This is what I've never been before, so I really like it.

Happily people like it too.

Q: Your hair style looks unexpected too.

A: In this drama, I am doing all hair style I like.

Hip hop style, Reggae hair, perm using aluminium foil ... I am 100% satisfied.

Later Moohyuk becomes a venture enterpriser. Then he will have 'all back' hair.

Q: What is your favorite style out of screen ?

A: Easy to move. Actually I wear training suit most often. (laugh)

I wore hip hop style a lot before, recently I like blue jean pants, running shoes,

and stylish cotton T-shirt.

Q: Any item you never wear?

A: I don't wear things I don't like and doesn't go with me, such as tight pants.

Q: What do you wear at an official place without stylist ?

A: At fan meeting (Nov/7 birthday party) I chose my clothes.

Military cargo pants, white tank top and a stripe jacket which I bought in Austrailia.

I added point with felt hat, and small earing.

My stylist praised me! (laugh)

Q: The most item in your closet ?

A: Maybe running shoes most, then blue jean pants, T-shirts.

People misunderstand that 'So Ji Sub must have many clothes', but my closet is very simple.

Q: Any favorite brand ?

A: I see style first. If I like it, I don't care it's luxurious brand or from market.

For casual, I like Abercrombie. (www.abercrombie.com)

I bought some pieces of same design training suit in different colors there.

Q: Where do you go shopping ?

A: I like shopping a lot. but now I can't go shopping to a crowded place.

If I really want something, I ask to my stylist.

Or I pick up one at magazine, then visit the shop, buy it very quickly then come out.

After I became celebrity, I gave up my joy of shopping. It's so sad.

So I go shopping in every foreign country I visit.

Last time I went Austrailia, I got a jacket and two cotton T-shirts.

I wore it at fan meeting. The design is formal but the neck and collar are tattered, looks 'Grunge'

Q: Item you always have desire to get

A: Watches. I don't insist expensive one, 10 dollors OK. If I find anything I like, I have to buy it.

I like hats too. Because I always wear hat when I go out.

My favorite hat is hand-made neat hat made by a grandmom of New Zealand.

She wrote her autograph inside the hat. Its colorful fashion is really pretty.

Q: Most satisfying item you bought recently.

A: A Louis Vuitton leather backpack. I hesitated a lot, since it's too expensive.

But people say it's good, so I'm satisfied with it.

Q: Which part of you, you like most and you don't like ?

A: I don't like my small mouth.

My fans like my long fingers and side face. Well... I don't know.

Q: Have you ever considered a plastic surgery ?

A: Well If I say no, I must be lying.

I don't want to modify a point, sometimes I want to have a totally different face.

I imagine how will I be, if I have big eyes with deep double eyelid, and mild look.

Q: What do you think 'a dandy man' is ?

A: Who is full of self-confidence, has manner and care to others.

Looks like Brad Pitt of movie 'Snatch' or football player David Beckham.

Q: Who is your model as an actor ?

A: Edward Norton. I watch all his movies.

No other actor can be in both extreme of strong charisma and fragility.

He is double faced.

I like Mickey Rourke too.

But he had too many plastic surgery now. (laugh)

Q: How do you build your body ?

A: I keep doing health excercising. But I don't have trainer. I do it by myself.

I easily gain weight. So I eat breakfast a lot, simple lunch and small amount of dinner.

Q: What do you think a true love is?

A: Trust unconditionally. Become perfect one.

Q: Do you happen to have a special emotion to the partner actress when you act a love scene ?

A: Not special emotion, but I have good feeling to her while acting together.

It helps me to act more naturally.

I have no acting ability, such as, while talking and laughing loudly,

once director declares Shoot! suddenly burst into tears.

Q: Your ideal beautiful woman ?

A: Good looking is very subjective. I don't like slim woman, but some men say women must be slim.

But I don't lie as a lookig is not important at all.

Well... beauty of both outside and inside would be most beautiful.

But.. this is also too obvious answer. (laugh)

Q: Are you careful to your girlfriend ?

A: I'm not very careful but not blunt at all.

My dream is... if I have girlfriend, holding hand in hand,

going amusement park or department store for shopping, going to see a movie together.

I have no idea when it comes true.

Q: What do you do in you free time ?

A: I just stay at home, watching DVD, listening to music, web surfing.

I find all pleasure inside home.

Q: When do you feel happiness?

A: Suddenly... when I'm working, when I see my fan cafe. I realize 'Ah I'm such a happy guy!'

Also I feel happy when I eat delicious food.

Happiness is not a what I feel, it's what I make.

If I define happiness should be this and this, life would be very dry.

Q: If you have ability for changing one thing of you perfectly.

A: May I not change anything? I have lack of many, but I like myself as I am.

Q: After 10 years, what will be 38 year-old of you ?

A: My biggest ponderer these days. I have no idea how many things will happen to me for 10 years.

But in any case, I hope I can be satisfied to myself.

(credit: Saturn, Soompi)

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Guest ramcee

credits to my good friend rmc who first posted these in the old SJS thread of soompi :)

NOTE: kindly make into thumbnail sized pics when quoting...thanks! :D

iameeh is that you? if not for the avatar and the thumbnail reminder, i would have not guessed who lee ji woo is ;) miss you chingu, so nice to see you post in here!

hi ladies!!!!

this is rmc checking in... im using my nickname this time.. though i was tempted to use Jisubluvsme as my new username HAHAHA! :lol: but i fear that rotten eggs and tomatoes will be thrown my way so...

What happened to soompi was quite a shocker... our 600 pages of sweat, tears and love all gone.. but no worries.. we just have to rebuild this thread and contribute as much as we can right? All for our MAPO guy who'll be celebrating his Birthday in less than a month!

I dont have articles like thunder and prisci, but i do have a lot of pics and yes, i will repost all the gifs that i have...

For the meantime, let me shower our new thread with these...






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Guest lee ji woo

ramcee chingu!!! so nice to finally chance upon you after such a long time...

:D how do you like my new name? :lol: :blush: it contains all my four khunks and a kbabe ;) your idea for your new nick would've gotten so many reactions, violent ones that is! :lol: HAHA

sharing more of my Ji Sub collection

:wub: :wub: :wub:





credits to original posters at the old SJS thread

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Guest *pocky*

hi......jisub fan and p'goy and p' kangaroo

i'm pocky or old name is Susubi ....hope u remember me :P

and i miss luckycarrienew,izzat,thunderand all fan in board soompi....

specially : Saturn .... i'm so sorry that i can't to contact with u last week

hope u..saturn to contact me soon. i waiting......

i contact to u in u mail hope u read it and answer to me......

u can contact me by mail all Pm

isubsubi@yahoo.co.th or pocky_1984@hotmail.com

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Guest thunderbolt


(credit: Giving, Soompi)

News clip of Jan/8, 9 sign event.

Jisub's manager left a message to fans.

Title : I'm Jisub's manager. (written at Jan/15th)

Hi... I'm Jisub's lazy manager. My greeting has been late.

The sign meeting was already many days ago, I'm so sorry.

At 8th of sign event day, Jisub and I were worrying.

I am a little bit narrow minded. The weather was too cold, so there may be few people.

But we arrived at Cheung Ju city, it was more than a surprising, I was puzzled.

The event was started, I saw each fan who is entering the shop.

I felt so sorry and thanks to all people. All were with freezed hands and faces.

Some were hurt and bleeding.

Were your wound closed? Jisub is still worring about it.

(If it's not OK yet, why don't you claim a damage suit against Jisub ? )

The next day is Dae gu!!

We were hearing already many people are waiting all night long.

It was early time, but we could see so many people. Again, we felt so sorry and thanks.

Jisub did his best, but so many people couldn't see Jisub.

Usually 200 people receive autographs, but Jisub insisted more, so he wrote 270 autographs.

(Later Jisub said, this is his first time he feels pain while writing autpgraphs.)

Ah~~ a ma'am of Dae gu city.

3 years ago her daughter passed away, she was having Jisub's photo,

so the mother wanted to have Jisub's autograph for her daughter.

We heard this story after came back to Seoul.

If we had known there, we should have bowed politely.

The weather was too cold, Jisub said that we should give 'hot packs' to all people.

So we prepared them, but too insufficient...

The autograph may be not enough for many people, so we prepared cell phone stripes.

But they are not enough either... but many people were happy with it, we felt sorry and thanks to them again.

After event, at the car on the way to Seoul, Jisub said, " Hey manager! Never have sign meeting again in winter.

Our friends suffer too much. Never again in winter.. Never!!!"

His next schedule is Jo Seung Mo's music video. He visits Yokohama Japan from Jan/24 to 31.


(credit: Saturn, Soompi)

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Guest thunderbolt

Wow, I can really feel the LOVE FOR JISUB in this thread. All of us chipping in to rebuild it. *muark!*

hi 9ucci

I've removed the quote marks from the biography in my first post (page 1) so now you should be able to just click reply and the entire post will appear in your text box. Then you need not copy and paste the links one by one.



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Guest thunderbolt

Not sure if all these old links are working but we can still read the articles.

VOD: [Jan 2004] Star Special- So Ji Sub


Reposted at Chinese Fan Forum by Cindymoon

The interview's translation is as follows (translated by Saturn).


[About SSH]

He is talking about his first time as model, his hard past life and Inwook of WHIB. He was drunk a lot.

Jisub : Sometimes we had no car to use. We went around by subway and taxi.

After work, at midnight, my manager lived at Seoul, I by myself had to go home by taxi. But the taxi fee to Incheon city home is about 35,000 won, 70,000 won for round trip. I couldn't spend such big money as taxi fee. So I called to brother (Song Seung Heon) and said, " Hey brother, I just finished, may I stay your home tonight ? "

SSH said " Yeh, I'm still working, I'll call to mom, go my home! "

Editor : Did you manage your family from that time ?

Jisub : Yes, from 3rd year of highschool. I'm not sure it can be aired or not, I paid back huge debt. We used a lot of daily-refunding debt.

At that time, mother's daily income was 30,000 won. Our house was 5,000,000 won for deposit and 300,000 won for monthly paying. We had no way out.

[About Inwook and Mom]

Jisub: Comparing myself and Inwook, we have many things in common. I live with mom only, I can't treat mom tenderly,I don't say a word back in home, so the personality is same. My mother complains it. But I have lived in that way for over 20 years. I never hugged mom warmly. The most hearbreaking experience was...Sometimes I drink with mom, one day she said, " We have lived like this till now, but I want to know about you more. How your work is going on, what you're doing,how should I say to people, shoudn't I know that at least ? "

While saying this, she was crying. I realized, " Ah I did so ", but I still can't change. My style is too old.

People say, my past life and relationship with mother are same as Inwook of WHIB. I wonder how people think about that. I don't like to talk about my past life. I just want people think that I am cool, live in Apgujeong(rich town), enjoy girls, like to play. I feel more comfortable if people think so.

Now.... I feel hard to act Inwook. I feel pain, I'm afraid people may notice my real shape. I hope people don't know it.


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