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[movie 2007] Flower Boys' Series Of Terror Events 꽃미남연쇄&#5358


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Super Junior
꽃미남연쇄테러사건 Flower Boys' Series of Terror Events



Will be released on July 26, 2007

A trailer will be shown at the SMtown Summer Concert on June 30th and July 1st.


Kim Kibum

Choi Siwon

Kim Heechul

Kim YoungEun (Kangin)

Lee Donghae

Lee Hyukjae (Eunhyuk)

Shin Donghee (Shindong)

Kim Ryewook

Lee Sungmin


Kim JongEun (Yesung)

Park Jungsoo (Eeteuk)

Brief Synopsis:

The storyline of 'Beautiful Flower Men Terror Event Series' is to be surrounded around a blogger by the name of Kibum who blogs all the terror events on the 14th of each month. It will involve the leader of a 3 member student beautiful flower man group called Siwon, a Judo trainer, Kangin, and the leader of a dance group Heechul who is determined to keep the pride of the beautiful flower men. These, along with other stories are what will occur in the movie.

Credits: Junior Source














Credits: Bestiz, Alexiel@soompi


TRAILER - Youtube

Trailer - English Subbed


Clubbox: http://down.clubbox.co.kr/twoasone/yyc2e


.001 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=MWOODLHI

.002 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=7SKG0V1R




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Wow. Just think about how much money S.M can save by using all their trainees as extras >.<

Anyhow, it looks like it's gonna be a fun summer flick! Even if the story sucks, at least you get plenty of eye-candies. ha!

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Guest peanuts

my god, i really can't wait for this to be released ^^....thanks for the pics!! keep us updated... The quality looks very professional(acting).

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YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!! i just wrote a reply and it all got deleted =..= ERGH im too lazy to write everything in the same excited fashion over again so here i go.. less excitedly.

heechul cant dance but hes the leader of the dance team. (ironic) anyways heechul is not that great at acting but w/e hes funny lols shiwon is by far the best actor in super junior (from what ive seen) and kangin is okay too but i havent seen him do any major roles. kibum is a horrible actor so the character might be too complicated for him to portray, but w/e. donghae is so pretty lols since hes my favorite i'll endure w/e he has in store for me. im excited to watch this for the eye candy but not so much for the movie itself. i have no expectations for this at all, but if this turns out better than i thought, then props to suju. but for now zero expectations. cant wait though~ think of 13 (well 12 is it?) hot guys in one movie *drool city*

i'll be in korea when its released and im tempted to watch it, but i want to go with someone instead of myself lols.

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Whoa! My expectation for this movie went up a level after seeing the pictures. Such major eye candy! XD I can't wait for this to come out!

Sungmin with that huge pile of presents! Ahaha, cute! And Ryeowook! Ahaha, is he part of Choi Shiwon's handsome guy club? That cute nerd. Looking at the pictures, it seems like each member isn't stuck to a group. Shindong is in both the judo and dance club? ^^ I wonder where Hankyung's at. Maybe he's the hot foreign exchange student. XD

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this will be...


cause HEECHULLie is in it. <3

`chyeahh. can't wait for it! ^_^

OMGSH. shiwon looks soo hot in a uniform. puahahha :]

--SM is really going all out. but i want EVERY single SUJU to be in it. [coughKYUHYUNcough]

suju fightinggg~ <3

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Guest trammieu

omg i can't wait to watch it

i've been waiting for it since i heard the news a few weeks ago,

it's really gonna come out soon!!!

by the way, does anyone know which channel like sbs or kbs, is hte smtown summer conert going to be shown on?


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Guest battleuphoria

can't wait for the official release and for me to actually watch it! haha this is going to be exciting!

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Guest flyhearts

Yea...I heard abt this movie...

Waiting to see all SuJu mem acting together...Woow

I can say that the film is amaizing from these pictures^^

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