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[drama Japan 2007] 星ひとつの夜/ Hoshi Hitotsu No Yoru

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Guest t3n5h1_chu_k015h173


* Title: 星ひとつの夜

* Title (romaji): Hoshi Hitotsu no Yoru

* Genre: Human Drama

* Format: Tanpatsu

* Broadcast network: Fuji TV

* Broadcast date: 2007-May-25

* Air time: Friday 21:00


The story unfolds as Hiroji Nonoyama,a loner staff of a janitorial services, finds a coat with 500,000 yen in a concert hall.


* Watanabe Ken as Hiroji Nonoyama

* Tamaki Hiroshi

* Kuninaka Ryoko

* Sasano Takashi

* Ishida Ayumi

* Fukuda Saki

* Akaza Miyoko

* Igawa Hisashi

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Guest dadedum

with ken watanabe? is this an SP only or a real drama? as far as i know the summer season doesn't begin until july, and the spring season has already started..

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Guest cpopbaby19

^probably an sp.

but anyway, i'll be looking forward to this too! :w00t: tamaki hiroshi is backk~ <3

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Guest Solly

tamaki hiroshi <33333333333333

love him! [x i'm definitely going

to watch this! :DDDDDDDDDDD

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Guest jade_frost

From Japan Times:

Ken Watanabe, Hollywood's favorite Japanese actor at the moment, plays against type in the original two-hour drama, "Hoshi Hitotsu no Yoru" (A Night of One Star; Fuji, Fri., 9 p.m.), as a concert hall custodian named Nonoyama.

One night after a performance, Nonoyama is cleaning the auditorium when he finds a man's coat with 500,000 yen in cash and an envelope. He brings the coat and the money to the address on the envelope. The owner, a man named Taiki (Hiroshi Tamaki), is a day trader who didn't really notice that he was missing all that money. When he offers Nonoyama 200,000 yen as a reward, the custodian says, "Don't insult me," and walks away.

Taiki spends all day in front of the computer and has almost no human contact. He can't stop thinking about Nonoyama, whom he recognizes as a fellow loner. The next day he goes to the concert hall to seek him out, and he later discovers why Nonoyama has cut himself off from society.

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