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Guest autumnstar

Hi.. guys.. :)

anyone know where i could download the jmovie Love my Life with eng sub?.. :rolleyes:

i've seen it before in youtube but unfortunately it was removed.. :fury: already search the net for hundred of times but still no luck.. and you guys here are my last HOPE!.. :tears:

i really wanted this movie coz im a bit fan of yuri stuff.. :rolleyes:

so if you guys know a link to where to find it or even the name of group that sub it,PLEASE inform me.. i would GREATLY appreciate it.. :D

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Guest hatsawoo

first, sorry if this topic is not in the right section :wub:

i'm looking for the jdrama Xmas Nante Dai Kirai or 'I Hate Christmas' (It stars Kyoko Fukada and :w00t: Akanishi Jin :w00t: from KAT-TUN)

I found the 2 first episodes in Japaneseguy's clubbox but now, there are not anymore :cry:

do you know any clubboxes where can I find the 2 last episodes of this drama ?

oh, I want raw not english hardsubbed

Thank you for your help :sweatingbullets:

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This will really be a longshot, but might as well try it...does anyone know where i can find links or torrents to a movie called Never Forever? I've been dying to watch it, and i don't live in New York nor South Korea. Its a movie created by Gina Kim. Ever since i heard about it, i want to watch it badly...please help. Thank you.

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Guest HeroesFan

:) that's amazing work you guys are doing here. Let me support you by adding a very useful link.

A site which works great for:

- American TV Shows

- American Movies

- Appz and E-books (mainly tutorials)

is this one: www.warez-bb.org

People offer their stuff mostly as rapidshare links, sometimes you might find megaupload links as well.

A huge plus is that many people offer DVD Rips of movies days before the official release

;) enjoy!

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Guest briatrix kiddo

Matthew's Best Hit TV


Not sure if there is a thread for this yet...but I was wondering if anyone knows if the episodes are available for download with subs and if not would anyone be willing to help do so?

I know there are a few on veoh but I'll continue to search around......

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Guest babossagaji

Can ANYONE recommend me any Mandarin audio movies/dramas? I'm fine if there are links online (not to dl, just to watch) but at this point, I can't tell the difference between Mandarin and Taiwanese. I'm wanna watch Mandarin movies/dramas to practice my mandarin for class. Thanks !

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Hi, does anyone know what happens to http://www.tv-links.co.uk/ ? It's been down these past 3 days.

And I was just wondering if anyone knows any site similar to that?

TV-Links.co.uk owner arrested site shut down

TV-Links (now dead) is a site which links to sites like Google Video and YouTube, which host clips of TV shows. Today, the Gloucestershire County Council, in association with a group called the FACT, raided the site’s servers and arrested the 26 year old man from Cheltenham who ran the site.

A man is now in prison because he runs a site where other people can link to low-resolution tv shows, hosted by Google. FACT did not raid Google, they raided a site which merely links to TV shows.


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