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  1. that little su mui of his is killing me, that girl need to grow the hell up and understanding what is going on. the rest of the drama was decent.
  2. I am sad that they only release 2 ep mom-wed, it not fun to wait like that they should have a strike and comment to the broadcast station and complain so they broadcast weekdays!
  3. Got to watch the ep 24 preview and it show that both of them at the airport the main girl ask the guy to buy refreshments drink when he return the main lead disappear! ( until now I still don’t remember there name sorry)
  4. It a complicated love story. I will have to wait for it to release all 20 ep it going to be a long run! It suck that they only release 2 ep each week not not 4 ep per week! Why are they messing with our emotional heart!
  5. So my guessing from the beginning was right! It not a happy ending and it didn’t flip the story either!
  6. That one of the reason I haven’t started this drama yet I want to release it all and then binge watch it!
  7. Thanks didn’t see that! Omg then there going to be 2 season do you know they going to be back to back or we have to wait for the second season?
  8. Any one have the schedule airing date for this drama i’ve look up on Weibo and they don’t have it I am interested in this drama!
  9. I am watching ep 15 the way that she begging WQ for her crush to get a personal interview w WQ, to get the job is kind of mess up! Even through WQ explain to her it not fare for other that are have more experience then her crush she still begged him hope she know that she is using his friendships for her crush!
  10. Give it a try the plot might be better then part 1. I am waiting for it to release all!
  11. Yeah that going to be i am off the next 4 days I am going to finish it in 2 days with out sleeping
  12. Still don’t understand what is the matter with the mother and father of the WQ treating that way! Guest have to wait and find out then can’t wait for this drama to fully release all episodes love to binge watching the drama.
  13. So I am a little confused is it 24 episodes or 48 even the schedule show as 24 ep! Any update regards on this matter?
  14. Hey friends I am looking for those heel that she have on it cute any pic or resources that I get from y’all
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