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[drama 2006] Sharp#3 Bahn Nol Lim3 반올림3

Guest Solly

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[KBS] Seo Jun Young & Seo Min Woo

fmity.png credits to: K-popMiko (thanks hun!) Number of Episodes: Unknown Airing Time: Sundays at 8:50pm Broadcast Company: KBS 2TV Genre: light comedy drama Must Read New Forum Rule: click here cast9kr.pngcastinfo2ur.pnglinks8uu.pngOfficial Homepage: CLICK Clubboxes: http://clubbox.co.kr/mandyquyen http://clubbox.co.kr/silvergal1004 http://clubbox.co.kr/sylver http://clubbox.co.kr/NowNForever YouTube: episode 1 Other Links: (all LQ unless stated otherwise) **PLEASE DO NOT HOTLINK THESE LINKS! **MANY THANKS TO THE UPLOADERS! Episode 1: MU 1 MU 2 WITH SUBS Episode 2: MU yousendit Episode 3: MU sendspace Episode 4: MU 1 MU 2 yousendit 1 yousendit 2 Episode 5: MU sendspace Episode 6: MU Episode 7: MU Episode 8: filefactory (HQ) MU (LQ) Episode 9: MU 1 MU 2 Episode 10: MU Episode 11: MU Episode 12: MU Episode 13: MU Episode 14: MU Episode 15: MU Episode 16: MU Episode 17: MU Episode 18: MU Episode 19: MU Episode 20: MU 1 MU 2 Episode 21: sendspace MU Episode 22: MU filesend Episode 23: n/a Episode 24: MU Episode 25: MU Episode 26: MU Episode Summaries/Translations: (Summary) Episode 1 (Translation) Episode 1 pictures7xk.pngPage 1 Page 2 Page 3 -S0LLY ^3^

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Guest hershy kissez

^ ahh~` yea im gonna miss them so much too >_<

but im excited to see new faces. ^^

btw solly unnie! its hyunjungee keke, u know seo minwoo like... know him know him? O_O maaan so lucky lol >_<

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Guest Sarang^DBSG

Seo Min Woo is my fav uhlzzang!!! I'm goping to have the time of my life watchin this!!!! Oh ma! I juz cant wait! u know Seo Min Woo?

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Guest makemyday

:( i dont know any of these people.

haha i cant imagine bahn-ol-lim without go ara haha weird.

anyways, looking forward to this and how it will go.

know when it starts?

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Guest xrosee;

do u really recommend this drama??

i've never seen it~`

but i heard kim ki bum was in the 2nd one and i really regretted not watching it~

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Guest june1ov3

whoaa, seo minwoo like personally EMAILED you?

anywayy; interesting casttt; new faces for sure.

i havn't really watched banohlim 2 but ehh, i'm gonna miss kim kibum.

i'll definitely watch banohlim 3 to make up for 1 and 2 =)

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Guest flyfany89

never saw ban ohl lim 2..but

i want to watch ban ohl lim 3..ooo and seo min woo..so HOT!!!

wow you know seo min woo??

thats awesome

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Guest banana_milk

aw, i saw this on Daum news. I was surprised that Seo Minwoo was in it.

Hopefully, their acting is decent :P

I'll really miss my kibum and go ara. They were cooooooool.

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i don't "personally" know him, but we've (as in me and the high members of his cafe site) emailed him couple of times, and he emails us couple of times on how he's doing, what's going on with him lately, etc. the cafe owner/creator emails it to the regular active members the emails he wrote us [: so yeah, i guess you can say that we "know" him, just not personally detailed about him. [x

-S0LLY ^3^

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Guest hyunbin_sweetie

well i havent watched sharp 1 or 2 but maybe i will

i will start with this oen since seo minwoo is in there lol

cant wait to see it =D

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