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[drama 2007] By My Side 내 곁에 있어

Guest yeohweping

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Guest yeohweping

[MBC] Lee YoonJi, Kim JungMin, Choi MyoungGil, Park SangMin
Date of Airing : 12th of March 2007

Official Site : http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/nearme

Date of Airing : 7.50 am Korean time (30 mins each ep)

Cast: Lee Yoon Ji (Pure 19), Kim Jung Min (Surgeon Bong Dal Hee), Choi Myoung Gil, Park Sang Min (My lovely fool), Kim Jung Wook (Fantasy couple), Im Chae Moo (The person that I love)


Choi Myoung Gil plays "Jang Seon Hee" a heartless mother who abandoned her two young children and a husband "Seo Jun Suk" (Kim Gab Soo) that she deems useless to remarry another man. The young brother (Park Jong Min) and sister "Seo Eun Joo" (Lee Yoon Ji) grew up hating her for what she did. Seo Eun Joo works as a nurse while Seon Hee's second husband "Moon Yong Gi" (Im Chae Moo) is a doctor for children.

Lee Yoon Sub (Kim Jung Wook) is a student of a top university and he dislikes people calling him a house-helper's kid because his mom is one. Yoon Sub and Eun Joo are in love with each other. Because of his kindheartedness and maturity, he always tries to 'heal' Eun Joo's wounds and stands by her in times of need. Their love is challenged when Choi Dong Gun, the doctor whom Eun Joo is working for falls for her.

Park Sang Min plays "Choi Dong Gun" a plastic surgery doctor who is competent although he's an ophan and is the object of one-sided affection from "Moon Ji Ye" (Kim Jung Min), Jang Seon Hee (Choi Myoung Gil)'s daughter from her second marriage. He falls in love with Eun Joo instead, causing rivalry with the two half-sisters.

It's the story of one family that is divided into two on it's sense of family value and the selfishness of one woman who causes the love and hate between them.


21417.jpg Choi Myoung Gil 20061221163820197046172.jpg Lee Yoon Ji

20070122154257197060212.jpg Park Sang Min 20061219172400197744872.jpg Park Jong Min

20061215113548197095582.jpg Kim Jung Min

20061222150550197076722.jpg Kim Jung Wook 20070215175201197099682.jpg Im Chae Moo

OST - credit koreanwind


01 내곁에 있어 ÔÚÎÒÉíß…

02 Love, I Can Feel

03 왜 나를 žéʲôÊÇÎÒ

04 미워죽겠다고 Ó‘…’ËÀÁË

05 꿈에라도 ¾ÍÊljô

06 되돌리고 싶은 사랑 Ï뷵߀µĐÛ

07 말아요 ֹͣ

08 바보처럼 ɵ¹Ïһ˜Ó

09 미안하다고 미안하다면 Œ¦²»Æ𣬌¦²»Æð

10 Love, I Can Feel (Guitar Ver)





* Notice *

Sorry, if it sounds rude. But don't ask me for the vids, as this is a morning drama. Even if there are, they are really rare to find.

I just do my summaries from the previews at the official site or watch it live at 6.50 am which means I don't have any vids at all to share.

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Looks interesting.

Love Lee Yoon Ji, she is funny and Kim Jung Min is pretty.

Looks like it could be a emotional one

Thanks for posting it yeohweping

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Guest Redrac

Not long till it airs

Thanks for the update yeohweping

Jang Seon Hee sounds not a nice person at the start but hopefully she will redeem herself in the end.

Sounds like there is going to be triangles

I though Lee Yoon Ji was taking a break to study, glad she isn't.

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Guest yeohweping



MBC morning drama "By my side", the value of the true feelings of one's family to be thought over

MBC morning drama "By my side" which will air on the 12th of March at 7.50am korean time after 'Do well' with a rating of 20% ends.

"By my side" is a story about a mother who abandons her first love and children for money and power. But these people meets again like fate. Their discords, antagonism, tears and forgiveness come to open from this process. The production is to reflect the recent time, family egoism against the value of the true feelings within one's family.

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Guest Redrac

Thanks for all the pictures yeohweping

Got to say all the cast look great on them pictures.

Hope people give this one a chance.

As they say your past always catches up with you

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Guest yeohweping


Eun Joo went to the train station to look for her dad, finds him drunk and lying against the walls instead holding the photo for her mom who had abandoned their family years ago.

The mom, Jang Seon Hee is now telling Ji Ye, her daughter from her second marriage to get some exercise as she lays causally on the chair by the pool.

Eun Joo's boyfriend, Yoon Sub askes her to go on a trip with him, she agrees but regrets her decision later and wants to back out as she's worried for her dad who drinks to forget his sorrows and her brother who's now in jail. But her dad insisted that she goes on the trip as he feels guilty of burdening her all the time. In the meanwhile, Seon Hee,her second husband and Ji Hye also go on a trip to the same place. At the exit, while Yoon Sub is kissing her on the cheeks, Eun Joo recognizes Dong Gun in shock when Ji Ye came to pick him up alone.

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Guest yeohweping



Yoon Sub takes Eun Joo for a meal at a restaurant but she hurries out of the place when she finds it too expensive. She bumps into Seon Hee who was there with her family and Dong Gun to have a meal and accidentally tears the sleeves of Seon Hee's shirt. Being sorry for she has done, she kept apologizing to Seon Hee. Seon Hee who recognizes her daughter goes into a sudden shock while Eun Joo finds her strangely familar. Seon Hee uses an excuse to get away and kept complaining that she feels unhappy during dinner. When Yong Gi and Dong Gun were having drinks after dinner, Yong Gi tells Dong Gun that he knows that he likes the girl whom they had bumped into just now although Dong Gun says that Eun Joo was just his junior in school.

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Guest Redrac

Thanks for the summaries yeohweping

I hope we get to see all the family.

Wonder what the brothes in jail for

Just need somewhere to download it :mellow:

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Guest Wow!!!!!

Hi! I really like Lee Yoon Ji. She's pretty and funny.

This drama also looks interesting.

Do you know where I can download it?

BTW thanks for the pics and the summaries. ^_^

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Guest yeohweping

I don't know where to dl either as I sometimes watch it live or just do the summaries from the previews if I misses the ep. as it starts 6.50am at my place. :sweatingbullets:

Ep.03 & 4

Yoon Sub's mom made Yoon Sub to go on a matchmaking after he returns from the trip at the persuasion of Eun Joo's grandma.

Seon Hee askes her husband if he would still like her if she had done anything bad and kept it from him.

Dong Gun becomes upset of the fact that Eun Joo is already engaged to someone else as he still has feelings for her.

Seon Hee returns from the trip with guilt and she tells her mom that she met Eun Joo. Her mom tells to keep quiet about it and not to say out anything.

Although Yoon Sub agrees to go to the match making, he ends up screaming at his mom for getting him into a fix because of her greed.

Yoon Sub ensures Eun Joo that she's the only one that he loves no matter what happens at the park. But Eun Joo who had been hurt before at her mom's betrayal, finds her trust in Yoon Sub swaying as she looks on as he leaves.

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