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Singing Tips & Recording Questions

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I have a few questions I hope someone can help me

1.how do you arrange a song or learn how to arrange one?

2.how do you sing a guide for a song?

3.how do you produce and compose music or how to learn to?

4.how do prepare a song for an audition?

5.whats an EP?

6.any tips for a very new singer(never sung before. warm ups, exercise, etc,)?

7.basics about music and making music?

8.any tips for a very new rapper?

9.how to play the guitar with long nails(like Dolly Parton)?

10.online links for companies(online auditions) and how they work?

11.how to use soundcloud and youtube to make covers or my own music?

12.equitment I need a beginner and where to find them or if any can be found online(mics,softeware,etc)?

info about me if it helps answer or find the answer. Im a Texas native of non Asian decent. im 18 years old and I do not have any experience with music but willing to learn. I still live in Texas but would like to move to Korea hopefully with my music.

If I can find any of this myself please let me know where to look or if any of these have online lessons that work well please let me know.(books and links would be very helpful) thank you for your time

Are there music schools in Korea that an international student can go to and how would I apply?

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מישהו מכיר תוכנה שניתן לשדרג דרכה את הטון של הקול?

אנחנו צריכים את זה לחגיגת אירוע משפחתי בקליספרה אולם אירועים

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