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[drama 2006] Thank You Life/ Gracias A La Vida 인생이여 고마&#50


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[KBS] Yoo Ho Jung, Kim Yoon Suk, Oh Ji Ho, Park Ye Jin
Starts January 7th on KBS, replacing Goodby Sadness/Farewell to Tears from the writer of KBS The Second Proposal... Official homepage: http://www.kbs.co.kr/drama/thankslife CAST a9wu.jpg

Yoo Ho Jung::Han Yeon Kyung / Kim Yoon Suk::Kang Yoon Ho / Kim Yoo Suk::Lee In Suk Oh Ji Ho::Yoon Jin Soo / Park Yeh Jin::Choi Yoon Suh


Go Jung Min::Nah Yoon Sook / Kim Sung Joon::Kim Jong Hyuk / Kwon Hae Hyo::Kim Ki Ho Kim Min Hee::Woo Yeon Shil / Lee Do Il::Nah Man Chul


Suh Yeon Joo::Jang Mee Lah / Kim Jung Nan::Han Kyung Sook / Jung Jin::Wang Bong Soo Park Hyo Joo::Gah Eul / Kim Eung Soo::Gong Shin Boo


Ban Hyo Jung::Nah Kyung Soon / Lee Byung Joon::Kang Min / Park Da Bin::Kang Joon Kim Yoo Jung::Yoon Hyun Ji / ::YoonHyunHo

Han Ji Hye (the little girl from The Second Proposal, and one of the 2004 KBS Drama winners in the Young Actor category) will also be in this drama CHART


cast translation provided by purpletiger86

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wow! thanks for starting the thread creidesca! I wanted to watch this drama bcoz of the writer, Park Eun-ryeong who wrote the 2004 KBS Drama, The Second Proposal, one of my fave dramas of that year. many familiar faces from that drama too like Oh Ji-ho, Kim Yoo-seok, Kim Min-hee, Ban Hyo-jung and the child actress Han Ji-hye! another hit KBS Weekend Drama in the making I hope :D

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Yay...another new drama :D

I'm glad Yoo Ho Jung plays again... I like her in Rosemary ^^


PREVIEW for episode 1 & 2 (can someone please translate?)


연경은 가정과 직장생활을 병행하며 눈코뜰새 없이 바쁘게 살고 있는 워킹맘으로, 철없지만 사랑많은 남편과 귀여운 아이들 사이에서 평범한 행복을 누리며 살고 있다. 그러던 어느 날 회사 건강검진을 받으러 간 병원에서 가슴 아픈 첫사랑이었던 인석과 마주치자 크게 놀라 뛰쳐나오는데.....


도망치듯 뛰쳐나온 것이 못내 자존심 상하는 연경, 그만 잊어버리려고 노력하는데... 한편 내원하지 않는 연경의 건강검진결과를 보고 찾아온 인석은 연경을 찾아와 암인 것 같다며 충격적인 검진결과를 전한다.

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reposting news about Thank You Life from the Celebrity News thread

1/3/06 – On 1/3, Oh Ji Ho, Park Yeh Jin, Yoo Ho Jung, Kim Yoo Suk, and Kim Yoon Suk (오지호, 박예진, 유호정, 김유석, 김윤석) attend the press conference of the weekend drama “Thanks for Life (인생이여 고마워요)”. The drama is scheduled to be aired by KBS2 on 1/7 following the final episode of “Goodbye to Sadness”.

The drama portrays that the heroine Han Yun Kyung (한연경, played by Yoo Ho Jung) overcomes cancer and searches for a new life. It shows a warm and happy couple’s hopeful minds in the course of healing from cancer. Park Yeh Jin plays the role Choi Yoon Suh (최윤서) who is an internal medicine residency doctor and falls in love with the role Yoon Jin Soo (윤진수) played by Oh Ji Ho. Kim Yoo Suk plays the character Lee In Suk (이인석) who is an internal medicine doctor and uncontrollably loves Yun Kyung. Kim Yoon Suk plays the husband of Yun Kyung. Yoo Ho Jung’s last drama was “Rosemary” aired in 2003.

here are pics from the press conference which was held last January 3



Oh Ji-ho


Yoo Ho-jung

credits to CindyW88 for the article

pics from hankooki.com, mydaily and goodday.co.kr

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this drama did well on its first and second episodes.they got 20% ratings for their first week. I hope this drama would do really well. anyway, thanks again for the CB links creidesca :D

TV Rating (1/2/06 – 1/8/06)

1. Peculiar Man, Eccentric Woman (KBS1) -- 34.8%

2. The Sky (SBS) -- 24.0%

3. My Girl (SBS) -- 23.1%

4. The Ballad of Suh Dong (SBS) -- 22.0%

5. Happy Together-Friends (KBS2) -- 21.9%

6. Highly Ambitious (SBS) -- 21.5

7. The Instantaneous Capture of the World (SBS) -- 20.8%

8. Thanks to Life (KBS2) -- 20.7%

9. GAG Concert (KBS2) -- 20.1%

10. Idea Plus (KBS2) -- 19.9%


credits to CindyW88 for the news

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Guest xx-outsider-xx

i dont know who's the lead but one of the casts have played the same role before in 'rosemary'. and i stopped watching that drama coz it kinda drag after a few episodes.

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