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Ha ha ha dear @Lawyerh chingu, it's more like only we two are active in this thread! But never mind! This guy is definitely not feminine so I am hoping to dropping by here more often!!!!  And Oh gosh.

More hotness for you, dear @Lawyerh chingu...     Gosh!! We need more fans here! Looks like only you & me lurking around here... And this time he looks a bit like Rain to me in the last

i get the information from his thread on k-music

just check it out

bcoz at that thead there are more information and more people sharing information...

i have given the link at previous page

oya just check out my youtube channel too

bcoz i just send his performance in star golden bell

huhuhu..his english just so brilliant


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  • 2 weeks later...

tomorrow ill be back to my office..no internet access again...huhuhu

one more week to go to see this thread...

please someone can translate what was he say during his first concert

i've already watched his concert..and I realized that he talk to his fan really much...

seems like he is so closed to his AIREN..

could someone translate it...please..really wanna know what is he saying all about...

if someone already have his album, please PM me...

really wanna hear his voice soon..

bcoz i've watched the trailer of his MV, and hummm really sad...just 30s but wanna make me cry

seung gi oppa is really amazing...his voice can make anyone feel the same way like he feel....

I think we should keep this thread like this...

dont make this thread like the time before...(just a few people visit and posting message)

keep contact and keep share all your information

so his thread always on top (so i shouldnt search his thread till page 7, like i did the time before hiks2)


oya dont forget visit my youtube channel bcoz i already uploaded 4 more files

all his dancing on XMan..really cute and funny to watch


keep this thread crowded...

luv u all!!

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Guest antinh85

glad there are devoted fans for Seung ki.. this is a stupid question but Does Seung ki still goes to college or just singing now?

sorrie i dont know korean either so i can't help..

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someone inform in his thread on k-music

that he is still in college

he take social subject

but it tells that he wanna switch the subject that he is studying now

oya just wanna inform that now there's 70 files on my youtube channel

all about him

just visiti my channel and have fun guyz..

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  • 3 months later...
Guest antinh85

Just wanna inform you all that our beloved hwangtaeja will be take a new drama

the tittle is ILJIMAE (historical story) about 30 epi

and he will be a main actor there..

congratz for our namja

good luck..

i thought that Lee Jun ki is the main actor.. i dont think this will be a good drama for Seung Gi... historical dramas are not that well known.. i wish he would act with LEe da hae..

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btw why his thread in kdramas just like a graveyard...

already a year from when someone start this thread..but this thred just only has 2 pages

cmon..he will take a shoot for new drama

and he will be a main actor there..

please support him


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I guess because he is a singer ,but rarely acting, that's why people might now know him as a actor, I personally like him as a singer, but never watched his drama, 7 princesses was too long to watch, maybe when I serious have some free time, I would like to finish it all. hehe.

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Guest baqinardo


i dunno this cute guy has thread in Soompi k-dramas & movies.. :unsure:

if i knew it absolutely i'd be regular in here..

so what's up about this cute pie?

any other drama he's gonna do??

thanks god he's regular in 1 night 2 days.

i love him..

especially with Kang Ho Dong.. :wub:

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  • 2 months later...
Guest baqinardo

he is going to filming a drama

but why this thread just so calm??

May be bcoz the drama is not confirmed yet.

i mean, not much articles about that.

just wait n see :)

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  • Guest changed the title to Lee Seung Gi ❤❤❤ 이승기 - Current Drama 2021: Mouse ❤

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