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Found 5 results

  1. Looking for Lee Seung Gi Actor news? WELCOME to this thread ♥ ♥Looking for Lee Seung Gi Kpop news? PLEASE CLICK HERE. Name: Lee Seung Gi 이승기 Profession: Multi-talented entertainer - Singer / Actor / Host Talent Agency: Hook Entertainment Debut: 2004 as a Singer Birthdate: 13 January 1987 Family: Parents and Younger sister Education: Graduate School: Dongguk University; Media's Department of Cultural Contents Program, Majoring in contents planning (current) College: Dongguk University; International Trade and Commerce major (2005-2009) Instagram account (OFFICIAL): https://instagram.com/leeseunggi.official/ [2005] MBC Sitcom - Nonstop 5 Character: Lee Seung Gi Co-stars: Park Jin Woo, Han Hyo Joo, Goo Hye Sun, Tablo Summary (order from newest to oldest) 2017 tvN Hwayugi 2014 SBS You are all surrounded 2013 MBC Gu Family Book 2012 MBC The King 2 Hearts| 2010 SBS My Girlfriend is a Gumiho 2009 SBS Brilliant Legacy 2006 KBS2 The Infamous Chil Sisters [Soompi Thread] Spoiler YAS recap with comments & screencaps: Couch Kimchi [Soompi Thread] Spoiler All episodes with English subtitles: http://sensen.tv/gu-family-book/ GFB recap with comments & screencaps by Joonni Ep 1 http://joonni.com/tag/gu-family-book/ Ep 2- 7 http://joonni.com/tag/gu-family-book/ Ep 8 -10 http://joonni.com/tag/gu-family-book/ GFB recap with comments & screencaps by Softy: Ep 11-finale - http://soulsrebel.wordpress.com/category/gu-family-book/ [soompi Thread] Spoiler Complete episodes of "The King Two Hearts", with English subtitles: http://sensen.tv/the-king-2-hearts/ [soompi Thread] Spoiler Summary of lsgfan's MGIAG blog entries: http://lsgfan.wordpress.com/my-girlfriend-is-a-gumiho-wrap-up/ [soompi Thread] Spoiler All episodes here, with Eng subtitles: http://www.gooddrama.net/korean-drama/shining-inheritance#videos Spoiler Hwang Tae Ja Story Cut: Watch Online [2004 - 2006] SBS Real Situation Sunday X-man [soompi Thread] [2006] SBS Realtime Saturday Loveletter [soompi Thread] Spoiler All LSG Appearances in Love Letter: Watch Online [2006] KBS Happy Sunday Heroine 6 [soompi Thread] [2007 - 2012] KBS Happy Sunday 1 Night 2 Days Co-hosts: Kang Ho Dong (main MC), Lee Su Geun, Eun Ji Won, MC Mong, Kim C, Kim Jong Min [soompi Thread] [2009 - 2012] SBS Strong Heart (Talk Show) Co-hosts: Kang Ho Dong [soompi Thread] [2013-2014] Noonas Over Flowers With Yoon Yeo Jung, Kim Ja Oak, Kim Hee Ae, Lee Mi Yeon [Soompi Thread] LOVE FORECAST - Starring Lee Seung Gi, Moon Cha Won, Hwa Young, Park Eun Ji, Lizzie, Jung Yoon Yong, Lee Seo Jin, Hong Hwa Ri- PREMISE: A romance movie depicting relationships between men and woman as being as delicate and complex as the weather.As there are all kinds of weather, the couple's relationship might have to weather tumultuous storms, heat waves or a chilling frost.- Official release date: 15 Jane 2015- Distributor: CJ Entertainment Spoiler Fan Cartoon: When God Made Lee Seung Gi… Posted on Dec 10, 2013 by tryp96 God: Let me see… First, add singing ability, and variety sense… Acting ability… This guy is an all-rounder… God: Then, a visual that men and women of all ages like… I should add that, right?… God: Hmm… A smart brain, and personality should be good too~ I'm the one making this, but I think this is a total masterpiece, isn't it?… God: There is just so much to add… God: Ah, I almost forgot… Lastly, a few drops of heodang talent… ㅋㅋ English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com Source: http://tryp96.wordpress.com/2013/12/10/fan-cartoon-when-god-made-lee-seung-gi/ - On Hiatus till October 2017 Thread starter…………. XXX Update initiator………... Star+roll Drama banners below from……. Strawberries34 KBS Infamous Chill Sisters SBS Brilliant Legacy MBC Gu Family Book Drama banners below from…. LoveSG SBS My Girlfriend is a Nine-tailed Fox MBC The King 2 Hearts SBS You're All Surrounded Variety banners below from… Strawberries34 SBS Happy Sunday 1 Night 2 Days SBS Strong Heart TvN Noona Over Flowers Other pictures……………………... All credits to the original posters and uploaders Content info taken from…… Wiki Lee Seung Gi sunjjang.wordpress Leeseunggiworld.wordpress leeseunggi-thailand.com Everything Lee Seunggi LSGfan :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x Reminder: Please follow Actors & actresses forum rules Thanks! Last update: 23.12.2017
  2. Hello lovelies! So I've been wanting to start a kpop group of my own since about 2010 and I'm hoping this helps! I'm really serious about it and we would be doing singing and dance covers on Youtube with an official channel, logo, etc. My ultimate goal is to eventually "debut" in the kpop industry. To give you an example, I'm thinking of CocoAve.^^ We'll cover all types of concepts and songs within our range. PLEASE be devoted and passionate about this. I know it's a lot to ask for but I really would like to travel and perform as a group eventually. If you're interested, feel free to leave your email (or message me here~) and we'll go from there. =] Below I listed a few "requirements" and I'll give you a briefing about myself lol. Requirements Location: Atlanta (or within an hour range. I'd feel bad for anyone traveling more than that...T_T) If you have a car that would be awesome, otherwise not required lol. Age: 18-28 (if under 18 I'll consider it with parent's permission) Experience: Any! =D But if you already have a musical/dance background that would be a plus. If you have any experience with a camera/audio that would be amazing. =] Language: If you can speak some Korean that would be great. If you get the gist of Korean, that's fine too and we'll work on pronunciation. =] Audition expectations: 1-1:30 clip of either singing or dancing (or both!) You can send in multiple clips with a maximum of 3. Singing covers must at least have some Korean so i can hear pronunciation, otherwise feel free to sing in whichever language is comfortable. Dancing can be a cover or a freestyle. Also brief intro about yourself! Lol Mainly why you want to join, hobbies, etc. Schedule: Be free at least one day on the weekend. That will probably be the times we'll meet up most and we'll figure it out from there if not.=] About me: Well, I'm 24 years old and I was introduced to kpop in 2010 ironically to help my friend do a dance performance haha. Um, I've done a few performances in college with friends and I've taken chorus in high school as well as college. Although I haven't practiced in awhile I'm getting lessons to improve my singing and hopefully dancing. =] I'm initially shy at first but once I get comfortable I'm full of energy. I like so many kpop groups and during college I've taken the highest level of Korean there so I can read, write, and speak Korean pretty alright. I think it's hilarious when I use it at work sometimes haha. My favs are still Min (Miss A), Taemin (SHINee), Tao (ZTao), and I've somehow fallen in love with BTS lol. But yea if you've gotten this far, yay! Thanks again for reading and if you're interested leave your email below or message me! =] Sorry if I asked for too much lol.
  3. Hello everyone! I am looking to create a new cover group that is more vocal based, but will do dance covers from time to time. I did attempt to make a dance / vocal cover group more than a year ago, but unfortunately things did not work out although it was a great experience and I made new lasting friends. I would love to be able to sing and dance with other serious, passionate, and positive fans. This group will have practices / meet-ups in the San Bernardino County / Inland Empire area only. If you're from out of the area; fine by me as long as you can travel. Unlike my last group I'm not willing to travel to L.A. just for practices as it's a big hassle. Please understand. Feel free to apply whether you're a boy or girl. I would prefer if you're at least 16. We will be singing in Korean as well as English. It's ok if you're pronunciation is not the best; I am always willing to lend a hand, but I will ask for a short singing clip from everyone interested. We will also be posting our covers on youtube so please be okay with that as well. ^^ If you're interested please comment down below or message me and I will get back to you with more details and we can talk about it further. Thanks!
  4. Hello please check out our DAY6 - Shoot Me cover! We are Everyday, a DAY6 cover group! This is our third cover as a group and we hope you enjoy it along with our future covers! Please feel free to subscribe, comment, and leave a like and let us know what you'd like for us to cover in the future~ ^^ Please support DAY6 if you are not familiar with them~ You can watch their awesome Shoot Me MV below!
  5. A new collab after all of us have been on a long collabing hiatus. Please please DO watch it. Personally, I think it's super sweet and a healing collab of some sorts~ Hehehe Or am I just being biased? Would really appreciate it if you could watch it. Feedbacks are more than welcome! Thank you! CLICK HERE
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