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Lee Soo Hyuk 이수혁 [Drama 2022 Tomorrow]


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Lee Soo Hyuk



Actor Lee Soo Hyuk To Enlist In Military Today | Soompi




Lee Soo Hyuk (born - 이혁수 Lee Hyuk Soo)

Model, Actor

DOB:  1988.5.31

Hometown:  Gwacheon, Gyeonggi Province

Height - 6'1"~6'2"

Instagram: leesoohyuk






White Christmas (KBS2 2011)

Deep Rooted Tree (SBS 2011)

What's Up (MBN 2011)

Vampire Idol (MBN 2011)

Shark (KBS2 2013)

High School King of Savvy (tvN 2014)

Righteous Love (tvN 2014)

The Scholar Who Walks the Night (MBC 2015)

Local Hero (OCN 2016)

Lucky Romance (MBC 2016)

Sweet Stranger and Me (KBS2 2016)

I'm Sorry, I Love You/ Gomen Aishiteru (TBS 2017)

Born Again (KBS2 2020)

Handmade Love (tvN 2020)

Hello, Me! (KBS2, Netflix 2021)

Doom At Your Service (tvN 2021)

Tomorrow (MBC, Netflix 2022)



My Boss, My Teacher (2006)

The Boy From Ipanema (2010)

Runway Cop (2012)

Horror Stories 2 (2013)

Pipeline (2021)



Seven Models - Special Edition (2007)

Style Log (2013)

Like Likes Like / Birds of a Feather (2020)

Bistro Shigor (2021)



XXX "Monorail of Night" (2009)

Gavy NJ ""A Love Story" (2009)

2NE1 "It Hurts" (2010)

EXID "Whoz That Girl" (2012)

2NE1 "Falling In Love" (2013)





Korea Fashion Photographers Association - Best New Model (2007)

Korea Best Dressed Swan Awards - Best Dressed, Model Category (2008)

Korea Best Dressed Swan Awards - Best Dressed, Actor Category (2014)

MBC Drama Awards - Best New Actor (2015)



SBS Radio Interview from June 30, 2020 - no English subs


NewsenTV Clip December 4, 2019



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Guest lavitadolce

who is this ???

lee sooo h...ott! lol ok that was cheezy ^_^

for a minute he reminded me of shin er, jihoo ..er goong! lol

him & gd thats double hottness

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Guest kiut_me

WAAH he's good looking *drools*

we share the same birthdate! only i'm 3 years younger.

he looks even better in the non runway pics

gd boy, you look cute too =)

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Guest bloated_stick_figure

wow he's sooo skinny...

can't really see his face but i like his style and the pics w/ gdragon is cute...thanks for posting!

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DAMN, he's PRETTY :x His normal selfca pictures are cute and he looks nice but his model pictures are kind of scary. He looks older than GD, a lot older than 18 (: Hmm he's cute, I wonder if he'll start acting soon.

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i dunno but for some reason he reminds me of the vocal for the indie band prana.... maybe it's cuz of the modelling style of his photoshoots... O_o?

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