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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2024] Blossoms in Adversity (aka Hua Zhi) 惜花芷


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credit: Youku



Title: 惜花芷 / Xi Hua Zhi
English title: Blossoms in Adversity
Also known as: The Story of Hua Zhi
Genre: Historical, family, business, farming, romance

Director: Zhu Rui Bin, Lan Zhi Wei, Gu Zhi Wei
Screenwriter: He Fang, Cao Ting Yue (曹听月), Zhang Wei Wei
Producer: Yan Bei, Yang Fan Ru (杨凡入), Dong Xiu Yuan (董修远)

Episodes: 40
Broadcast network: Youku
Broadcast period: 2024-Apr-02



Main Cast
Hu Yi Tian as Gu Yanxi, son of Prince Ling. Head of the Security Bureau
Xiao Bo Chen as Gu Yanxi (young)
Zhang Jing Yi as Hua Zhi, eldest daughter of Hua Manor
Chen Zi Xuan (陈子萱) as Hua Zhi (young)
Wu Xi Ze as Shen Qi, eldest son of Shen Manor
Lu Yu Xiao as Shao Yao, daughter of Prince Ling
Cao Yan Ning (曹晏宁) as Shao Yao (young)
Bian Cheng as Shen Huan, second son of Shen Manor


Hua Family

Eddie Ko as Hua Yizheng (voiced by Zhao Ming Zhou), head of Hua family. Imperial Censor. Hua Zhi's grandfather
Guo Jia Qi as Hua Yizheng (young)
Liu Jia as Lin Wan, old madame
Chen Jing Yang as Lin Wan (young)
Zhang Zi Xuan as Hua Jing, eldest daughter
Lu Yan Bei as Hua Xian, second daughter


First House
Jiang Kai as Hua Pingyu, eldest son. Hua Zhi's father
Tian Miao as Zhu Yingzhen, first madame. Hua Zhi's mother
Zhang Shu Yan as Madame Qiu, concubine
Wang Zi as Hua Bolin, eldest son of Hua Pingyu & Zhu Yingzhen
Huang Si Rui as Hua Rong, daughter of Hua Pingyu & Madame Qiu

Second House
Wang Bin as Hua Pingyuan, second son
Yang Ming Na as Qi Huilan, second madame
Jiang Yu Chen (姜雨晨) as Hua Boli, eldest son of Hua Pingyuan & Qi Huilan


Third House
Song Zong Xuan as Hua Pingyan, third son
Myolie Wu as Xia Jin'e (voiced by Liu Qian Han), third madame
Chen Heng as Madame Qin (Qin Ergui), concubine
Wang Qiao Xi as Hua Ling, eldest daughter of Hua Pingyan & Xia Jin'e
Zhang Zi Han as Hua Boyu, eldest son of Hua Pingyan & Xia Jin'e
Zhao Shi Han as Hua Duo, youngest daughter of Hua Pingyan & Xia Jin'e
Liang Zhi Jing as Hua Qin, daughter of Hua Pingyan & Madame Qin


Fourth House
He Lei as Hua Pingyang, fourth son
Chang Jia Ming as Hua Pingyang (young)
Fang Chu Tong as Wu Yuniang, fourth madame


Royal Family
Hai Yi Tian as Emperor of Qing Kingdom
Wang Li Yun as Empress Dowager
Feng Yi Ran as Empress Dowager (young)
Wei Wei as Gu Yangong, Prince Xian
Zhai Xiang Yang as Gu Yanrui, Prince Hui
Fu Bo Han as Gu Chengjian, Sixth prince
Ren Wan Jing as Consort Chen


Gu Manor
Lu Xing Yu as Gu Yanxun (Prince Ling), Emperor's younger brother. Gu Chengqian & Shao Yao's father
Zheng Yuan Yuan as Princess Consort Zhou, Gu Yanxun's wife & Gu Chengqian & Shao Yao's mother
Lin Jing as Princess Consort Xiao, Gu Yanxun's concubine
Feng Xiang as Dong Da, servant



The play is adapted from the novel of the same name by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang. The summary below is taken from the novel, not the drama.


The ancient gods have died, and there is only the last god in the world - Hang Zhi. Rumor has it that this dynamic God has lived alone in the heavens for tens of thousands of years, with no feelings and no desires, indifferent to the world. In the battle of the immortals and demons, he turned the tide by himself, and since then, has chosen to distance himself from the world.


Hundreds of years go by in the blink of an eye. On the occasion of her thousand-year-old birthday, Shen Li, an accomplished and powerful general in the Demon Realm, who holds the honorary title Prince Bi Cang, is forced into a political marriage to the thirty-third grandson of the Celestial Emperor, Fu Rong (a notorious casanova). While escaping from her marriage, she is injured and transforms into her original form - a phoenix. She then falls into the human world. Seriously injured and comatose, a human hunter picks her up, plucks all the golden feathers from her body, and sells her to a chicken seller who locks her in a cage for sale. When Shen Li wakes up, she is furious at the situation, but there is nothing she can do. Just as she falls into total despair, a handsome man (Hang Zhi) dressed in blue and white passes by. After staring at her for a long time thoughtfully, he smiles: "I want this one."  And just like that, a seemingly casual transaction seals their fate. 


credit: MDL, Dramawiki, Baidu





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For any Issues and Abuse @SC2019


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We are in a phase where producers are not shying away from strong female leads. After The Legend of Shen Li, here's another one, Hua Zhi. And though she can't wield a sword or fly to the heavens, her brains, courage and resilience, indeed put her on an equal footing with Shen Li.

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What I like the most is that the main couple resolves all misunderstandings quickly. 

When Yanxi told Zhi his true identity she didnt push him away. That was mature. :approves:






The sibling's scenes are one of my favorites...





The first encounter between ShenHuan and Shayao was so hilarious...:lol:

Their chess scenes were so lovely....



The actor (Shenhuan) is pretty good looking. 






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6 hours ago, rocher22 said:

What I like the most is that the main couple resolves all misunderstandings quickly. 

When Yanxi told Zhi his true identity she didnt push him away. That was mature. 



Hi @rocher22.  It's good to see you here.   I hardly come here myself.  


There are a lot of good C-dramas out there.  But there is no  thread  for them here. :(  


For "Blossoms In Adversity", the F and ML are only average in their performance.  But this is a light story.  Easy to enjoy.  Because there is nothing too heavy. In short - "entertaining".


There is another Great C-Drama called :



"Shooting Stars".  Are you watching it?  If not then I would recommend it.  Every ep is so interesting.  And the Child Actress is so Lovely !



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ep 33

The King is so cunning...now he accused the Shen family...I wonder how long Yanxi will be loyal to the King.

Im glad the Shen brothers were released...and Shenhuan and Shaoyao can be together again. 







4 hours ago, hush puppy said:


There is another Great C-Drama called :

  Reveal hidden contents


"Shooting Stars".  Are you watching it?  If not then I would recommend it.  Every ep is so interesting.  And the Child Actress is so Lovely !





I watched the first two episodes and it is a very good drama, different from the other Republican dramas.

The plot is unpredictable and interesting.

I saw the ML for the first time and I like him.

And yes, the little girl is so adorable and smart.  


Their scenes are so fresh and something new in Cdrama.  






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  • SC2019 changed the title to [Mainland Chinese Drama 2024] Blossoms in Adversity (aka Hua Zhi) 惜花芷

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