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Kandis: The K-Pop Girl Group Duo

Hana Min

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Kandis kpop is a 2-member K-pop girl group duo that made their debut on August 27, 2023, with their catchy single "BF" under the label SXTYDGRS.


Hello, Kandis Members!

The members of Kandis kpop are known as HELLO and NINE. These two talented girls are the heart and soul of the group.


Their Journey Begins

Before becoming the amazing K-pop stars they are today, both HELLO and NINE were trainees at Mystic Entertainment. This means they worked really hard to learn singing, dancing, and performing before they could debut.


The Exciting Debut

On December 31, 2021, a new agency called SXTYDGRS announced that they were going to debut their very first girl group. They shared this exciting news on Instagram and later created social media accounts for the group.


Get Ready to Dance!

With their debut single "BF," Kandis kpop is all set to make us dance and have a great time. You can listen to their songs and watch their cool music videos on the internet.

So, if you love K-pop music, don't forget to check out Kandis kpop and support them on their musical journey!

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