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Meet S.Coups: The South Korean Rapper Among SEVENTEEN Members

Hana Min

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Hey there, young friends! Today, let's discover someone super cool, S.Coups, a South Korean rapper, and one of the talented SEVENTEEN members. Let's explore more about him!


S.Coups's Hometown
S.Coups hails from Daegu, South Korea, adding to the diversity of SEVENTEEN members' origins.


S.Coups's School Days
Just like you, S.Coups attended school. He graduated from the Seoul School of Performing Arts in 2014, a unique institution where students delve into performing arts, including singing and dancing.


S.Coups's Love for Kpop
After completing high school, S.Coups pursued further education at Hanyang University. Here, he studied Practical Music, specializing in K-pop, gaining skills in creating and performing the music that we all adore.


So, there you have it, my young friends! S.Coups isn't just a skilled rapper but also an industrious student who has become a shining star among the SEVENTEEN members. Who knows, perhaps some of you will aspire to be as remarkable as S.Coups one day! Keep dreaming big and working hard, and you can achieve your aspirations.

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