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Chinese Xianxia idea for Chinese writers to take? Switch the demon and heaven realm? Historical one too.

Kim Yunmi

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There are Chinese writers around, I think. Yeah. So anyone want to steal the basic idea of this?


What would the mythology of why Gods need to cultivate on Earth/Human realm look like? And what would a total switch between heaven and hell look like?

Following MC's sign other gets taken by a demon, [Human, MC] faces, the Demon Lord (Can be male or female), who tells her that their [boyfriend/girlfriend] has been mistreating MC. [MC] after finding out it's true, gets mad, and decides to cultivate to be a demon, especially after boyfriend escapes to heaven.


The Demon King has been trying to defeat Heaven's Gods who have turned corrupt as they party, build lavish palaces, and ignore the plight of people on Earth being so removed from them and say all of the evil done to humans is due to the demons. Demon King has to hear the plight of humans all of the time and has been trying to fix it. The Demon King has been trying to cultivate all demons to replace the Gods of Heaven and become pure to help the plight of the people on Earth since he has no power to really help as King of the Demons. [MC] becomes determined to help him, even though she knows nothing about cultivation.


The point is to switch it so all of the Demons cultivate and become Gods, and All of the Gods, through their evil acts and ignoring the plight of humans become demons. 100% reversal. Can play with what empathy and sympathy means and the difference between them. Maybe one can create a mythology of WHY Gods cultivate on Earth--maybe even making the earthly realm forbidden to enter. Most dramas, and things I've read said, it's always been this way, but what if it wasn't always this way--what if someone decided that it had to be this way because the Gods were all corrupt and took over to fix it? Created the system, and then allowed demons, if they really wanted to, cultivate to become Gods? What if Demons were stuck being demons no matter how hard they tried before these events and didn't want to do their destruction and they are fighting the Gods for the right to cultivate into Gods and do better by humanity? And Gods were wasting their time making money off the sweat of humans and didn't really care as long as humans built their palaces for them, supplied silk, etc? What is empahty and what is sympathy? And why do Gods need to suffer a Love trial when they come to Earth? Someone had to set those rules up.


Widows need love.
^^;; Personally I disliked in Destined 长风渡 when the widow in that wasn't paired with the general. I thought Zhou Ye and Ye Yun should have been a couple before she was dragged off and most of her family killed. (My ship never left port), but then I realized there's no love stories starring widows in historical dramas. I get that in the Song Dynasty, marriage of widows was limited, but Chinese history has a lot before Song? Also, widows had a lot of freedoms too, from what I read, so that's something to play with.



But doesn't this make for a rich background, even if it was discouraged? Makes the Zhuan part pretty easy, no?

I would 100% watch something about a widow, say in early Song Dynasty, as this stigma is arising, escaping her husband and was accused of his death, but then was acquitted of all charges. And then there are doubts about her acquittal. But she meets a general/soldier/junior general, who teaches her self-defense, and likes strong women, so isn't attracted to her. But through their lessons about self-defense, because she doesn't know how to defend herself against the slander and attacks to her character, she becomes stronger. And he has an overbearing family, which she helps him mentally manage. They grow closer over time as the lessons about how to defend herself, turns into love, but they are afraid of the growing stigma and rumors she killed her husband~~ Tada. All of the drama you need in the world. And should pass by censors pretty easily since that stigma isn't in present China. Time period, place, characters, background, and character arcs. Easily able to stretch it to 40 chapters/episodes? And you can infuse the flavor of things like New Life Begins and Destined where they work together to get more sweetness out of it--despite the struggles and the chaos, there is peace found with *this* scholarly person, who is also a general, but hasn't learned how to stand up to his family yet. And on the widow side, you have her own blood family--maybe they want a reason for her to give up her riches. And the family she married into where she's viewed with suspicion. Both characters are weak in different ways, but can support each other so they become stronger for themselves. What is a widow to do? Plus you get a murder case, don't you?

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Certainly, it seems like you have a detailed and intricate concept for a story with a rich background and complex character arcs. Here's a summarized version of the mythology and storyline you've described:

Mythology: In this world, the mythology explains that Gods need to cultivate on Earth to purify themselves and empathize with humanity's struggles. Initially, the earthly realm was forbidden to enter, but an individual, recognizing the corruption among the Heavenly Gods, established the system allowing demons to cultivate and ascend to become benevolent Gods. The demons, previously stuck in their destructive roles, now strive to replace the corrupt Heavenly Gods to bring about positive change to humanity.

Storyline: The protagonist, [MC], experiences a significant turning point when her loved one is taken by a demon. Upon confronting the Demon Lord, she discovers the truth of her partner's mistreatment and decides to cultivate as a demon to seek power and justice. The Demon King, who hears the plight of humans and aims to replace the corrupt Heavenly Gods, becomes [MC]'s ally as she learns about cultivation.

As [MC] embarks on her journey, she encounters challenges and learns the difference between empathy and sympathy. She aims to reverse the roles of Gods and demons, with the ultimate goal of making demons into benevolent Gods and holding the corrupted Heavenly Gods accountable for their actions. The story explores themes of empowerment, love, and justice as [MC] and her allies work together to bring about a total reversal of the divine hierarchy.

Additionally, your idea of incorporating the struggles of a widow in a historical context adds depth to the narrative. The widow's journey to clear her name and find love amidst societal prejudices provides a compelling subplot, intertwining with the broader theme of societal change and personal growth.

Overall, your concept offers a captivating blend of mythology, character development, and societal commentary, making it a promising foundation for a thought-provoking and engaging story

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