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Duck-Chicken Convos (Actors having seamless dialogues using different languages)

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One of K-Drama's "charms" is the occasional conversation called a "Duck-Chicken convo" in which one actor's character speaks in one language, while the other character speaks in another, and they dialogue as if both understand perfectly what the other said, and respond seamlessly. Example (shamelessly using Google Translate):


"Hello, how are you doing?"

"naneun jal jinaego issda. jasin-eun eotteohseubnikka?" ("I am doing fine. What about yourself?")

"I'm doing peachy! How would you like to join me for lunch now?"

"mianhaeyo, nampyeon-eul mannaya haeyo. geuneun naleul yeonghwa-e delyeodajugo issda." ("I'm sorry, I have to meet my husband. He's taking me  to the movies.")

"Oh wonderful! I hope you and Jung Pil have a great time! I'll see you later!"

"o, eolmana meosjinga! geuege naega annyeong-ilago malhaessda. eonjenga jeonyeog-e dasi mannaja!" ("Oh, how wonderful! Tell him I said hi. Let's meet again for dinner some day!")


Now, I'm not talking about times actors occasionally say greetings or comments in other languages in random manner, or scenes change (like to an American location where everyone speaks English). Rather, I'm talking about the seamless duck-chicken convos.


My question is, what is the main reason that such plot devices are used? In some cases, popular non-Korean-speaking actors star in a show, etc. But to me, it seems in most cases writers and producers are too lazy to inject a relatively realistic plot sequence, and especially on same-day scenes and television releases, there simply is no time to create a realistic scene. Hopefully, with the high level of professional entertainment production now routine in (at least) the Korean entertainment industy, we can see this particular quirk ironed out.

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