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[THE OFFICIAL] RM (알엠) / Kim Nam Joon (김남준) Thread ♪♫ “Smoke Sprite” by So!YoON! (feat. RM) OUT NOW!! ♫♪


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Sep 21, 2020  (From Weverse Magazine)

RM described his sense of loss [of not being able to perform] on stage as, “There’s a saying ‘if you take away a brush from a painter, it’s like taking his soul.’ I don’t think of myself as such a noble artist, but COVID-19 made me realize that there is little for me to do except work.” © charts_kWeverse Magazine




© on watermark

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May 15, 2014


BTS’ Rap Monster Gets Real on Mnet Star Documentary


In the Mnet Star Documentary, “4 Things Show: Outrageous Interview,” aired on May 13, BTS leader Rap Monster bared his honest thoughts about his love for hip-hop and his idol status.


Rap Monster, who has debuted as an idol after working the underground rap scene, says, “It’s still very different from the world I knew. It’s not easy.”


“I always think that I have to keep it real (and continue to do hip-hop) but there are times when I can’t do that. However, it’s nice that I can come up the stage and make even more people listen to my music,” said Rap Monster.


One of the trade-offs of leaving the underground rap scene and choosing to be active as an idol is giving up some of his freedom when he entered the entertainment business. He also has to face some criticism for being a rapper who has become an idol. “There’s a part (to their criticism) that is somehow correct but there is also a part that is biased,” he said.


However, Rap Monster shuns all these and tries his best to achieve his goal. “The truth is, there’s only one reason that I joined BTS. It’s my voice. I want to have my voice heard by as much people as possible.”


In this episode, BTS, who’s preparing for their debut in Japan this coming June, is seen recording with popular Japanese rapper KM-MARKIT.


KM-MARKIT, who has worked with m-flo and Zeebra, said of the BTS leader: “Rap Monster is an idol but he’s a real rapper. He has his own thoughts and opinions and personally writes his lyrics. He personally expresses them. That’s hip-hop.”


The “4 Things Show: Outrageous Interview” is a documentary show that aims to show the true personality of the star by presenting the views of the artist himself and three of his friends or acquaintances.


In the May 13 episode, the hip-hop crew Dae Nam Hyup that Rap Monster worked with in the underground scene, the BTS’ members, and producer Bang Shi Hyuk honestly talked about the Rap Monster that they knew from their time. (Soompi)


✔️✔️  Video  ✔️✔️


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I find this from Soompi features. (Jan 1, 2015)


VOTE! K-Pop Idols That Should Do a Collaboration Together


Rap Monster (BTS) and G-Dragon (BIGBANG)


The first time I heard BTS, I literally felt my mind being blown into a million pieces! It had been a long time since I had seen such ferocity in performances. The dances were strong, the vocals were strong, the rap was strong. When I investigated the group more, I became fascinated with Rap Monster-a sort of modern-day, musical genius with hip-hop. I haven’t witnessed that kind of talent in the business since G-Dragon! I still think G-Dragon is absolutely brilliant (as evidenced by his song “Who You?”), but I respect the effort and hard work of Rap Monster as well (especially when you consider he was already writing songs like “Where U At” when he was still in high school). I think Rap Monster could definitely benefit from the guidance and inspiration of the legendary G-Dragon, while the legend himself would benefit from a fresh view and a younger touch to things. The combination would be fantastic and I vote they do a collaboration right now! Go, go, go! Now, boys! (Soompi)


RM and GD got the most votes!!

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On Feb 26, 2020, Cardi B tweeted: ‘Me homeless cause hobi & joon took my job.’

Cardi B jokes she’s homeless thanks to J-Hope and RM as BTS slay Finesse on Carpool Karaoke. Source (1) (2)





-------------  A few months later  -------------



At BTS Festa, Namjoon rapping to CARDI B verse “finesse” on top of EGO’s beat. And CARDI B retweeted. Video (1) (2)





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RM and Lyrics


✿✿✿  July 1, 2020  ✿✿✿


Famous Lyricist Kim Eana chose IU, Tablo, and RM as singers who are really good at writing lyrics. “RM of BTS also has a great musical aura.” (Source)




✿✿✿  April 23, 2019  ✿✿✿


RM - Map of the Soul: Persona Behind


[ ... ] These days most people don’t listen to lyrics anymore. Even for myself, listening to pop, I only take extra care to listen to lyrics when it’s a song I really like. We simply enjoy the vibes or melody of the song. That’s no problem, and looks like that’s the trend. I think it’s the trend of music. But in such an era, I want to buck the trend. As I said earlier, in the era of music streaming, I want to focus on albums, to make an intro with structure, and to make substantial tracks. Something unconventional. Not sure what people would think, but I want to do something unconventional.


In a time where the melody and good vibes are important, as someone who wanted to become a poet, as I wanted to become a writer, the audible feel of the words and the beauty of the lyrics are more important. [ ... ]






✿✿✿  March 2018  ✿✿✿


A professor in studies of Korean Linguistics and Language sent BTS 3 of his books! One book for RM.



Professor Han wrote → To. RM :

“Thank you for good songs and lyrics. I am going to quote them in my next book about dialectology. I’m looking forward to your good songs and activities.”




He analyzed the lyrics of ‘Paldogangsan’ and praised BTS in his new book recently. Professor Han said this part (by RM) is what he exactly wanted to say.


“Why keep fighting
In the end, it’s all the same Korean
Look up, we are all under the same sky
This may make you cringe a little
But everyone is awesome
We can all communicate.”


Source (1) (2)

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- Namjoon and Yeontan -


Unreleased Rap Track  (Posted. Sep 6, 2020)


OP's (original poster) friend that they've known for a long time did music together with Namjoon and Supreme Boi when they were young. So OP's friend sent them this unreleased rap track from their hard drive that Namjoon and Supreme Boi did around 2009.


OP thought that it would be nice if Army heard this, so OP decided to upload Namjoon's part after a long thought. OP's friend also told them that Namjoon was hardworking and was a kind friend that was rare to see around the underground scene.


OP's friend also mentioned that they were good at music and were very serious about music, and Namjoon was really a kid that worked hard making music.


“Honestly when people know your name and famous at a young age, they tend to be arrogant and trashy but he (namjoon) didn't. The amount of work he has done is countless.”


“Was he 14 years old? 15 years old? Kim Namjoon is a kid who only worked hard on making music.”


Source (1) (2)

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A former trainee of Big Hit Entertainment shared a story of RM and BTS on YouTube channel (181123)


Jihoon was a trainee for about a year.


[ ... ] There is one big story. It was when I was still new as a trainee. Namjoon gathered every trainee together and he spoke in front of everyone there.


Namjoon said, “I might fail to be a BTS member, and it might be Jihoon that becomes a BTS member or another friend that could be one. We don't know who is going to become what. But when we are competing each other, let's have a competition in good faith.”


He had this kind of mindset. Have the competition, but don't be dirty and build walls in between. Help each other and be successful together by competing well.


He continued, “If we become another team rather than BTS and make debut separately, we should still support each other. Even if the debut team gets divided into two, we must make ourselves debut together. If there is anyone falling behind from practices, practice together and help them.”


He was talking about these in front of everyone. And he also said, “Don't give up but endure till the end as our best. Let's not leave because we are not good. If there is anything insufficient, practice harder and survive till we make our debut.” I remember him talking about this. [ ... ]


Source (1) (2)



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Feb 23, 2015


MFBTY (Tiger JK, Yoon Mi Rae, Bizzy) Announces March Comeback with Album Featuring Rap Monster


Hip-hop group MFBTY (Tiger JK, Yoon Mi Rae, Bizzy) is set to return to the music scene with a new album, which comes a year and six months after “The Cure.”


The album is slated for release in mid-March, and is expected to feature a number of talented artists, including male group BTS‘ Rap Monster.


Just yesterday, fans were excited to see music video director Lumpens post a photo of MFBTY and Rap Monster hanging out in the studio on his Instagram, and the rumors about a possible collaboration have now been confirmed.


A representative of MFBTY revealed to news outlet OSEN, “Rap Monster will feature on the album. I’ve been told that [MFBTY] has kept a keen eye on the talented industry junior. When they met up for the recording session, they were even more surprised at the level of [Rap Monster’s] rapping skills. Please look forward to their new music.”


While the group has yet to choose their title track, they are said to be putting final touches on the overall album. (Soompi)




March 16, 2015



Offering a taste of their upcoming album, MFBTY (Tiger JK, Yoon Mi Rae, Bizzy) just dropped the music video for their epic pre-release track “Buckubucku.”


The three legends of Korean hip-hop are joined by up-and-coming talent EE, Rap Monster of BTS, and Dino-J in this edgy and catchy number. The simple black-and-white music video allows the listener to focus on what’s important – the music – and it’s clear that MFBTY is not joking around. If this is just a preview, then we can only imagine what their title track, let alone the whole album, must be like. (Soompi)

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BuckuBucku wasn't the first project between RM and MFBTY.

MFBTY and RM along with Eun Ji Won, Zico, Bang Yong Guk, and Baro once performed together for the first time at 2013 SBS Gayo Daejun.






RM also appeared as a cameo on MFBTY's “Bang Diggy Bang Bang” MV.

If you listened to “BuckuBucku,” you know that Rap Monster’s part mentions something about jasmine. Well, the line from the song, to put it in slightly more respectable terms, is that his excrement smells like jasmine. So the scene depicts Rap Monster using the restroom (which subsequently explodes in a cloud of green powder), and then a shot of “jasmine” written on toilet paper. Quite an amusing allusion. :lol: (Seoulbeats)










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BTS 5th Muster: Magic Shop (2019)

RM changing Pied Piper lyrics from “your parents and boss hate me” to “your parents and boss like me”  :kiss_wink:




2016 BTS Festa (dance practice RM)  :flushed:


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Sep 28, 2020


Fans create 2nd forest in Seoul in celebration of BTS leader RM's birthday




A second fan-made forest named after RM, the leader of the popular K-pop boy band BTS, in celebration of his birthday opened in Seoul on Monday, an environmental group said.


At "RM Forest No. 2," located on the Ichon side of Han River Park, three hackberry trees and 200 stocks of spirea were planted to celebrate RM's 26th birthday, which fell on Sept. 12, according to the Korean Federation for Environmental Movement.


It said RM's fans donated a total of 20 million won ($17,000) for the project this year.


The tree planting was held only by a few organizers due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the group added.


Last year, RM's fans built "RM Forest No. 1" at the Han River Park in Jamsil to mark his 25th birthday, with some 250 fans gathering to join hands in planting trees.


"I'm pleased to create the second RM Forest following the first one," an RM fan using the Twitter account @HoneyJoonie94 said. "I feel regretful that many fans could not participate in the project in person, but hope that RM Forest No. 1 and 2 will play a role in dealing with climate change." (Yonhap)



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BTS In the Soop (Behind)


This is so cute :lol:  Taehyung singing to namjoon passionately while rowing. Namjoon was painting at the time. Video/Source (1) (2)




V : namjoon-ah! namjoon hyung! namjoon hyung!
RM : yeah, taehyung-ah!
(taehyung start singing to his hyung)
V : ~ namjoon hyung, call me whenever you need me ~ i’ll always run to you ~
RM : come quickly!
V : ~ even during the day and night ~ i’ll run to you whenever ~
RM : you’re really good at canoeing on your own
V : ~ namjoon hyung, when others call me ~ i’d think about it first for a long while ~ namjoon hyung, but if you call me ~ i’ll always run to you ~
J-Hope : what is he doing? :lol:
RM : i don’t know, but i feel like i need to respond :wub:
V : ~ my love for you is unconditional ~ namjoonie, my love for you is very special ~
(taehyung stop singing a while)
V : please look at me
RM : taehyung, you’re so cool
V : ~ even if i must cross the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Indian Ocean ~ namjoonie, i’ll run to you if you call me ~ i’ll always run to youuu... ~
(namjoon finds taehyung adorable :wub:)



© gif_namjoon

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© 912blues


Stray Kids leader, Bang Chan talked about RM after he had listened to “Seoul” on his VLive (200929)


“RM sunbaenim is really good at writing lyrics. He’s earned to be best leader. He’s a role model as well. He’s the coolest guy out there. He’s really smart. I watched his show (“Problematic Men”) and saw him solve the problem. I may not be, but he is one of the best leaders out there, so please put that in mind.” Source (1) (2) (3)


I love Bang Chan’s expression when he said RM is the coolest guy. His little smile is so sincere. :)


https://www.vlive.tv/video/215656  (RM’s part starts at 55:27)




People who choose RM as their favorite


- Male -


✔️ John Cena : “RM and J-Hope, for their rapping skills.” (Source)


✔️ Nick Jonas of Jonas Brothers : “RM’s my favorite. He’s the leader of the group. He’s the tallest one. He’s charismatic and handsome. He also speaks multiple languages.” (Source)


✔️ Question : “Who’s your bias?”

Blackbear : “namjoon.” (Source)


✔️ BM of KARD : “Huge fan of RM, his raps are insane. I listened to a lot of him when I was building myself as a rapper as well and learning Korean.” (Source)


✔️ Lee Joon Gi (actor) : “My favorite is V. V and RM.” (Source)


✔️ Jungkook : “My first and last role model, Namjoonie hyung.”


I think Tiger JK, Steve Aoki, Honne, and Wale love RM too.

✔️ Steve Aoki : “Whenever I see him (RM), I light up like fireworks. Next time, I’m going to tackle him, because I love the guy so much. We’re definitely brothers from different mothers.” [ ] “RM, you the realest from my brother.” Source (1) (2)


- Female -

✔️ KARA leader Park Gyuri. (Source)
✔️ Tennis player Naomi Osaka
✔️ Golfer Kim Ha Neul. (Source)
✔️ Volleyball player Kim Yeon Koung. (Source)
✔️ Indonesian actress Luna Maya


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