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Pool Pump Replacement Questions

Black Star

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My pool is 18 years old, around 20,000 gallons with a spa that spills into it. I do have solar panels (used only 3-4 months per year) and a DE filter.

My current pump is a Purex Triton Whisperflow 1.5 HP. It is 9 years old. Is that about the age where one thinks of just replacing it? It's gotten heated up from sucking air a couple of times, currently it has a tiny, tiny occasional leak. I'm just getting tired of this thing losing it's prime so I'm thinking of replacing it.

Due to the age of the pool I keep getting tiny leaks in the PVC pipe where it's joined together. Is there anything I can do to patch it? Tired of spending $100 a pop to have someone come fix it.

What brands of pumps are considered good? I've scanned through some of these topics and see I'm in the dark ages as I've never heard of a variable speed pump.

Leslie's pool supply has a special through 9/7 in which they will install the pump for free.

I'd love to save energy but I'd mostly love not having to worry about the pump losing it's prime.

Thank you for any input you have for me as I'm pretty clueless. Lately my house has been fix and repair ($500 refrigerator repair yesterday).

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