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  1. I respect the guitar it's the only thing that relaxes me after work
  2. I prefer a different type of investment. I believe there are many better investment funds. For example, alternative investments at the institutional level. I don't know any lofts of such funds, but I can say that I still remember it. But investments make a profit when they are large. A similar situation was with me I needed money I was given a loan only ...,and for this I am grateful to them. Because I have my own firm now
  3. My pool is 18 years old, around 20,000 gallons with a spa that spills into it. I do have solar panels (used only 3-4 months per year) and a DE filter. My current pump is a Purex Triton Whisperflow 1.5 HP. It is 9 years old. Is that about the age where one thinks of just replacing it? It's gotten heated up from sucking air a couple of times, currently it has a tiny, tiny occasional leak. I'm just getting tired of this thing losing it's prime so I'm thinking of replacing it. Due to the age of the pool I keep getting tiny leaks in the PVC pipe where it's joined together. Is there anything I can do to patch it? Tired of spending $100 a pop to have someone come fix it. What brands of pumps are considered good? I've scanned through some of these topics and see I'm in the dark ages as I've never heard of a variable speed pump. Leslie's pool supply has a special through 9/7 in which they will install the pump for free. I'd love to save energy but I'd mostly love not having to worry about the pump losing it's prime. Thank you for any input you have for me as I'm pretty clueless. Lately my house has been fix and repair ($500 refrigerator repair yesterday).
  4. Just found out that my due date is my birthday! Here's to seeing if I'll be sharing my parties with the stinker to be.
  5. You can write your own websites for yourself or for someone else. I think this is a good way to make money. It's not as difficult as everyone thinks. You will need a host and domain name, and to protect your site, it would be nice to get an . You can get it here wildcard ssl, and you're all set. Good luck with that
  6. Creating a site is very simple at first I was also afraid of even for earlier, but it turned out that everything is not so difficult. First you can create a site in Jira, then you will need a host and domain name, and to protect your site, it would be nice to get an ssl certificate. You can get it here ssls.com, and everything is ready. Good luck with that!
  7. I want to do everything right and follow the latest trends in employee protection legislation and attend various courses. For example, recently I was on https://alertforce.com.au/can-you-do-the-riiwhs204d-working-at-heights-course-online/ where different standards and VOC were followed retraining of personnel
  8. Yep, this is the right answer. I had to follow the asterisks and read the fine print, they will hit you up to renew the cert every 2 years. However, the wording on their marketing copy is very deceptive, they specifically use the term "5-year certificate" Seems like a way to keep unaware folks on the hook for as many years as possible. Especially lame considering the second time you renew the cert you only get a single year, and will therefore be more likely to re-up the subscription to get the convenience of a 2-year cert. It's a hotdog / hotdog bun scam.
  9. I'm tired of working hard. Advise what the idea for business.
  10. does anyone have experience using custom essay writing services? There are several tasks that I would rather pay 50-60 bucks for than write myself. Although I have no idea what place to choose, a cursory google search gave a lot of different results for different places, but I couldn't find any reviews of different sites Does anyone have a good experience with one of these places and can recommend a site? Does anyone have any unpleasant experiences?
  11. Are you planning on doing the same flooring throughout the entire house or are you open to multiple floors? For instance a tile in the kitchen and hardwood everywhere else.
  12. I myself often use a VPN for Netflix. But a good VPN is hard to find some with limited traffic others slow down the Internet. But I found that the Netflix VPN output here is only a good VPN
  13. What is your attitude to woodworking? have you ever tried it??