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  1. For those of us whose classes have switched to all online, what are your professors/teachers doing for class and how are they handling it? What problems is this causing that you wouldn't have thought of? Considering the circumstances, can you think of any better ways to conduct classes and modes of learning/teaching. (I'm writing this as I'm "in class", which is something I could never have done in the classroom)
  2. I'm tired of working hard. Advise what the idea for business.
  3. does anyone have experience using custom essay writing services? There are several tasks that I would rather pay 50-60 bucks for than write myself. Although I have no idea what place to choose, a cursory google search gave a lot of different results for different places, but I couldn't find any reviews of different sites Does anyone have a good experience with one of these places and can recommend a site? Does anyone have any unpleasant experiences?
  4. What is your attitude to woodworking? have you ever tried it??
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