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This year I stumbled upon one program from Channel A, Vocal Play, that aims on Acapella style musical program. Contestant were chosen via live performance, that were judged by 100 live audience. If they manage to score 70 out of 100 votes, the draft wall will open, and they will be presented to 4 main coach. Contestants are divided into their own specialties, like Vocal Solo (Singer), Beatboxer and Acapella. Then they will be mixed with each other under each coach.


Vocal Play will return in October 2019 for season 2


Season 1 Host







  • Khan
  • Hiss
  • MayTree
  • VRomance
  • EXIT
  • G2
  • Bae Dae-hae
  • Paradise
  • Han Hae
  • Mighty
  • Kwon Hyuk-soo
  • Wings
  • Greg
  • Park Ji-min
  • Yoo Sung-eun


okay, these are key performance for season 1. I actually learned about several of them through this show!








As for now, Vocal Play Season 2: Campus Music Olympiad is coming maybe on October 2019 with new coaches like Ailee, Lee Seok Hoon, Kim Hyun Chul and Sweet Sorrow will maintain as coaches from season 1

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