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I'm going crazy the last few days bc of my exbf


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I'm just angry of what happened to my body bc of this man. I hope I heal soon and the antibiotics will work.

I am so angry right now. He was a dirty nasty moron. I learned my lesson it's not about looks. I'm upset I got this..  We tested for everything and it was good. But IDK how he picked this up. They don't normally test for this. It's like God kept warning me and I won't listen. So I kept getting deeper and deeper.  He looked good just like my ex. But he was so cruel and garbage. He doesn't care about his health. I think he has turned insane. Smoking vape and driving.. making fun of people.. He is insane like my other ex. I hate them both. I hate the things he said to me. I feel like kicking him in the face 


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