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  1. people who sleep around a lot on online dating.. easily get diseases.. that's why i'm not going to look for someone who sleeps around
  2. I don't want to do online dating because the men there are more prone to diseases. Like my ex did online dating and he got a disease. He probably picked it up from random girls. I don't want men who are too into it. Not too flirty more honest and does like me a lot. I miss having a bf right now that talks to me daily. Feels really brutish without someone to hold hands and cuddle with.
  3. Thanks I've been posting for a year now and you've been telling me to leave him. I finally did. But it hurt me a lot physically and emotionally. I find it very difficult to leave someone you really like. But in the end he was just a guy looking for seex. There was nothing more to him.
  4. I broke up with my bf last week after seeing my counsellor. I was really upset with him talking and snapping his previous hook up. I asked that girl and she told me it's nothing, she invited him to go dragon boating. That totally means she wants to see him again. My ex told me she's ugly and won't go back. I don't believe him, I think he would go back for a hook up. I told my counsellor everything and he gave me an infection. He knows I like him. But bc he gave me this infection I am more scared of him cheating and reinfecting me again. I don't trust him. My counsellor told me when you find out he's cheating on you, you will get angry and do bad things. You will go to jail. You met him while he was cheating. He doesn't seem to change. He cheats. You like him more than he likes you and he's doing whatever he wants. What's the solution? You can stay and get cheated on & get reinfected. Or give him the benefit of the doubt, he isn't cheating. Can you be with someone who doesn't want children. Do you want to live your life being a police seeing if he's cheating. I was so angry when I left the counselling room. I know she is right. She was right before. I still gave him the benefit of the doubt and ending up with an infection. When I broke up with him after seeing my counsellor. I told him I talked to that other girl. I am done. He said we're done, you petty --- and swore. I knew he wanted it to end but he wanted me to end things with him. It was getting too tiring.. He didn't like me as much as I liked him. I have to accept that. But what is the attraction my counsellor said. His pros: cute, funny, athletic, and comes to see me. His cons: cheats, harm, mean, cheap, and cruel. The cons outweight the pros. My counsellor told me he was exactly the same as my ex from 4 years a go. I just want to take care of my health right now. I have deep regrets I didn't listen to anyone who told me to leave. I stayed until he gave me what I feared the most. I am accountable for my own actions. I was upset over this poor and hot tempered... cheating man for a year. I do believe God punished me for my consequences because I have sinned. I am talking to someone that likes God but we believe in different Gods. Again, I don't think God will bless me. But I want to go out and date. I want to see new people. I want to meet someone that makes me feel worthwhile. I am closing the chapter of my ex. He was a little older. He looked at me with attraction. But he was unstable. Cruel to his mother. Crazy.
  5. I'm just angry of what happened to my body bc of this man. I hope I heal soon and the antibiotics will work. I am so angry right now. He was a dirty nasty moron. I learned my lesson it's not about looks. I'm upset I got this.. We tested for everything and it was good. But IDK how he picked this up. They don't normally test for this. It's like God kept warning me and I won't listen. So I kept getting deeper and deeper. He looked good just like my ex. But he was so cruel and garbage. He doesn't care about his health. I think he has turned insane. Smoking vape and driving.. making fun of people.. He is insane like my other ex. I hate them both. I hate the things he said to me. I feel like kicking him in the face
  6. At one point I really liked my boyfriend but because I got an infection from him, I started to hate him. Resent him every day that I took him back and he doesn't change. Still talking to girls that like him. It got to a point I talked to the other girl and she was just someone who would go for anything. When my counsellor told me he is just like my cheating ex. I felt so defeated. I asked the counsellor, can he change? She's like you been with him for 6 months, his behaviour shows no change. In the end you will find out he cheats on you and you will get angry. You will go to jail this time. When the police comes all you can say is your bf cheated on you. I was so angry. So angry at that moment that I yelled at him through text and there was no way he can budge. Anyways, I'm trying to heal my infection right now and clean up my stuff. I was really close to my bf one point but even when I gave him the benefit of the doubt, I wasn't sure if I wanted such a poor life. I knew when I was with him in bed at his parents house. I was thinking wow, I worked so hard in life. I have to settle for such a poor life and always worried about getting infected. He buys expired groceries and counts every penny. He was vaping in the car , smoking like my ex. I was like they are the same person. Crazy and doesn't care about health. Crazy and cruel. It wasn't a relationship I felt confident about. I am happy it's over and I can see a life of opportunities with people who love God. I am currently still suffering with the infection but I will take care of myself at this moment. I am talking to another guy right now, I don't know what's going to happen. But he seems like a nice guy that wants a gf. He is busy though but I'm okay with it, he lives close. This time I have to see them for who they are. Not try to change them. I am glad I didn't stay til the end and fully watch him cheat like my ex. I don't want to operate like that anymore. I need to change the way I do things. I also need to lose weight. I am on my last days of antibiotics. I hope it works this time. I'm praying to God that I can be healthy again and find someone who loves me. I like being in a relationship.
  7. My bf told me to get an abortion, I minus well cheat on you since you always feel that way, and told me he checks out other girls when I'm not around. My health is bad because of him, he gave me an infection. I called the doctor for him, he has an infection for so long now. He never got treated and he's out cheating on me. I told him and he said sorry. But I realize.. it's over.. I'm sad and shocked.. But it's over. There's no good future being with someone who says mean things to you. Always scared of cheating and bringing diseases and pain. I am leaving for good this time. I have to take care of my health and I have to continue to survive. He was just like cheating ex. People who don't care about you, will do all kinds of bad things to you.
  8. I keep going back but this is an important decision my mentor told me. I'm looking for a husband that can give leadership to the house hold. Him and her husband wished me a life time of happiness. Why am I forsaking that? Even if I don't marry a religious man. I should be with someone I can look upto. I really hope God will help me. Deep inside I do want him to change and be nicer to me. I don't know. I wish there was a miracle.
  9. He told me he didn't cheat and it was all in my head. He told me when he told me he cheated in the past
  10. He keeps saying he didn't cheat on me. Told me the other girl added him on Instagram.
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