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Good Hong Kong Dramas?

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I've been watching TVB since the day I was born... and while TVB still has pretty decent ones today, I have to say the best ones are still the ones from the late 1990s to 2000s. I'm 16 btw!
My absolute childhood favourites (in chronological order)

Healing Hands 妙手仁心 (1998) - One of the most realistic portrayals of hospital life I've ever seen. Some of the more recent medical dramas don't even compare. I'd say the Paul and Jackie (the lead couple) steal the spotlight of the show, but most wish they had more time together. A moment of silence for me to reminisce how much I ADORED this couple. (Side note: I watched HH2 and 3, but I wouldn't recommend it to loyal and devoted PaulXJackie fans) 
Golden Faith 流金岁月 (2002) - I had mixed feelings about this one. Wasn't a huge fan of the corruption and business and yadahyadah, but there were cute family moments between Gallen Lo and his sister and the sideline romances were also cute. Well, you be the judge!
Fate Twisters 黑夜彩虹 (2003) - If you can't tell already, I'm a huge fan of the LawrencexAda couple, even back when they were in Healing Hands (see above). They are a couple here, and thankfully this time it didn't end in tears!
Triumph In The Skies 冲上云霄 (2003) - A peek in the life of pilots, stewardesses, airport staff.  40 episodes might seem daunting - but screentime is fairly well divided among the several leads that you won't feel too suffocated by the lead couple. 
To Catch The Uncatchable棟篤神探 (2004) - A comedic cop show. A love story between a very clever, but asthmatic policeman and a sassy insurance agent. Hilarity ensues! I LOVED THIS ONE TOO!!!
The Last Breakthrough 天涯侠医 (2004) - Doctors and volunteers travel to Africa on a regular basis to help out the less fortunate. Along the way, lives are saved, humanity is preserved, and hope is in the air. A great watch!
The Academy 学警雄心 (2005) - About a bunch of young adults who join the Police Force. A story about the hardships as they work towards graduating from "The Academy". A good pick for teenagers in my opinion!
When Rules Turn Loose 识法代言人 (2005) - A family of lawyers, with the exception of the father, a very reknowned author. A show about law but mostly focuses on the importance of family. Sammul Chan is SUCH a cutie here. Loved his romance with Myolie Wu!
Under the Canopy of Love 天幕下的恋人 (2006) - An innocent family drama, with lots and lots of romance. The most lovey-dovey drama of all among this entire list. A must watch for teenagers! 

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