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[Drama 2018] Today’s Detective/The Ghost Detective, 오늘의 탐정


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Well, can't believe that it's already 1 yr since the 1st ep of The Ghost Detective aired on Sep 5, 2018! I still remember how impatient I was to see Daniel on-screen again after Jugglers. I knew it that he'd totally rock the world. And the same thing exactly happened as well. I think no one was imagining that the series would be a super hit among the international fans amidst the lowest ratings. So I feel extremely happy for all the cast. And still definitely miss all of them. :) Thanks a lot for giving us such a wonderful story...



Happy 1st Anniversary! :heart:


You are so welcome here, dear @parkeunbinchoidaniel darling...


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A Starter Guide to K-Dramas

11/19/2019 - by christinembruce


With the rise of K-Pop, more and more people are interested in watching Korean Dramas. However,  limited episodes,  single seasons,  and a high production rate can make them quite overwhelming to start watching.  Because of the large number of options available, there are  many lists of K-Drama recommendations that include ‘iconic classics’ that are over a decade old. This can be off-putting to potential new fans. Especially due to the fact that before 2014, the quality of K-Drama wasn’t exactly what most westerners might consider good. With overacting, two-dimensional characters, poorly written plot twists, and even worse female characters older K-Drama can make for some really uncomfortable viewing.


However, there’s been a shift in K-Drama in recent years. Acting, writing, cinematography, even special effects have improved immensely over the past five years. Despite this, the recommendation lists have remained mostly unchanged. Alienating a large number of those with no interest in a TV history lesson or the pain of second hand embarrassment that comes from watching overacting.  Therefore here’s an updated list of K-Drama recommendations for anyone wanting to dip their toe into the wonderful world of Korean television.

The Ghost Detective (2018) – Crime/Horror/Mystery



Jung Yeo-Wool (Park Eun-Bin), a young woman trying to convince someone that her sister’s bizarre suicide was actually a murder. She enlists the help of Private Detective Lee Da-Il (Choi Daniel) who is investigating a slew of strange murder/suicides. Together, they connect it all to a mysterious woman in red (Lee Ji-Ah). A woman only he can see. It’s equal parts humor, mystery, and angst and it fills every part of a horror/thriller’s soul.


View the full article here


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9 K-Dramas That Deserve Second Seasons

Mar 24, 2020
by kaityv

These days it’s hard to find shows with multiple seasons that don’t start to drag at some point. That’s why K-dramas can be so appealing. You’re introduced to well-written characters who get their stories introduced, developed, and wrapped up in a nice little bow in one season. There’s usually no worry for painstaking cliffhangers or thinking that your favorite character deserved better.

However, sometimes one season can be too short and you just want to spend some more time with your favorite characters. Or tragedy happens and you end up with a sad ending, an open ending, or perhaps the drama never finished the mystery it had been trying to solve all along. It’s times like these when a second season is wanted. Here are nine K-dramas that deserve a second season.


Warning: spoilers for the drama endings below.

The Ghost Detective

With the allure of a ghost being connected to a string of murders, “The Ghost Detective” is a drama that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. When the ever-charming private investigator Lee Da Il (Choi Daniel) finds himself trying to solve the disappearance of three children with the help of his new assistant, Jung Yeo Wool (Park Eun Bin), the drama reveals that he is actually not alive. It also turns out the case leads back to the woman in red, Sun Woo Hye (Lee Ji Ah), who was involved in the death of Yeo Wool’s younger sister. Unraveling the mystery of Woo Hye’s crimes leads the pair and their investigative team into a spooky tunnel of chaos as they try to figure out how to stop a ghost. Da Il faces even more conflict as the longer he stays outside of his body, the more prone he becomes to turning into a full-on evil being like Woo Hye.





YW: So don’t go anywhere alone. Even if you change again suddenly, I can…protect us.


Ultimately, in the end, Da Il sacrifices his body and his chance to be alive again to end Woo Hye’s evil reign. However, not all hope is lost, as he does eventually reappear to Yeo Wool in the end. While the show did imply that Da Il would have to leave Yeo Wool’s side, the supernatural genre can open many possibilities. Who wants to accept a seemingly tragic ending for the pair? It would be amazing to have a second season that explores how the pair will begin working together again alongside their team and other public officials who implemented their own ghost detective units to solve supernatural cases. Perhaps, they could also hunt for a new way to bring Da Il back from the dead.




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