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... for all k-drama addicts
MBC mms://live.imbc.com/imbctv/MBC%20TV.wmv mms://live.imbc.com/imbctv/MBC TV.wmv mms://live.imbc.com/imbcTV mms://jinju.pusanweb.co.kr/tv mms://live.imbc.com/imbctv/MBC TV.wmv SBS mms://live.tbc.co.kr/tbctv/ks_c_5601-1987.wmv 청주 SBS (CJB) ★★★ mms://live.cjb.co.kr/cjb_live mms://vod.cjb.co.kr/cjb_live 강원 SBS (GTB) ★ mms:// 전주 SBS (JTV) ★★★★ 화질 가장 좋음 mms:// 울산 SBS (UBC) ★★ mms:// mms:// 대구 SBS (TBC) ★★ mms:// mms:// 대전 SBS (TJB) ★★★ mms:// 부산 SBS (PSB) ★★ mms:// JTV:  mms:// KBC:  mms:// GTB:  mms:// UBC:  mms:// SBS1(KangWon)=mms:// SBS2(DaeGeun)=mms:// SBS3(WoolSan)=mms:// SBS4(WoolSan2)=mms:// SBS6(DaeGu)=mms:// KBS mms:// mms:// mms:// mms:// mms:// mms://livet.kbs.co.kr/H_2TV mms:// mms://livet.kbs.co.kr-H_2TV mms:// mms:// mms:// mms:// mms:// mms://livet.kbs.co.kr/H_2TV How to connect ??? 1. Copy the link 2. Paste the url into your windows mediaplayer or real player If it does not play, try the next one. If it still does not play, it means that all the links are taken/broken/ ... :o I can only say better luck next time <_<
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